Another cousin at work

Nadie: Welcome to our showroom, honored sir.

Nadie: I see this fine tool has caught your eye! Would you like a demonstration of our latest Jessica 3000 model?

Nadie: Of Course you would.

Nadie: As you can see, it ... is ... ah ... grrgh ... (*cough*)

Boss: Err, what has happened here? Associate Nadie? Oh. Well, good sir, I hope you that like this model enough to purchase it - dear Sales-Assistant Nadie shall never get another opportunity to earn a sales commission, will she?!!

Boss: Note To self: instruct new employees NOT to demonstrate the merchandise ... especially if they are cute, eager, lithe little elf-babe's willing to give the boss blow jobs freely. Oh well, at least well cooked elf-meat sells for a pretty sum .... sigh, I better place another help-wanted ad!

Credits [P8 and GIMP][Nadia for V4/A4,RDNA][Cindy Short Hair][Basic Wear, DAZ3D][Hell's Kitchen by Davo]

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