Formspring Questions XII

Q & A time!

Q: My gf has transformed me into a bimbo slut... I cannot get enough.

A: That's nice. At least you're enjoying it.

Q: How dark are your deepest fantasies in comparison with your captions?

A: Some of my deeper fantasies are far darker. Will they ever show up in the captions I write? Most likely not. They don't fit with the TG themes I want in my captions.

Q: Can you make more captions that involve pregnancy?


Q: Any chance you'll do some pregnant TG caps?


Q: Have you done any pregnant captions?

A: If an idea comes along for a good pregnancy caption I will write it.

Q: Hello isobelle! :) I'm starting to crossdress at home recently, and I'm always been attracted by girly jeans. Which ones would you recomend to wear also in public? (Maybe not too obviously girly to start... or not?) Ciao. Daniele form Italy.

A: Hi Daniele! I would say if you want to go with something not so obvious that they are girl jeans, just check out your local department store. The selection they have in stores like that are not really all that different from the men's jeans and I really don't think anybody would really notice unless they got up close. Best of luck to you! :)

Q: Do you think one day there will be a sickness turning me into hot bimbos?

A: No, but that would be totally sweet.

Q: Do you ever dream about being a lesbian?

A: It has passed through my mind, but I really don't think I could confine myself to just being with women, or men for that matter, if I were a woman.

Q: Who's your favorite female pop singer?

A: I'm not really a fan of pop music, although I have heard quite a bit of it. I couldn't tell you the names of the songs or artists of what I've heard, but my friends love to listen to it in the car. I will say though that Lady Gaga is pretty interesting, but I kinda like this a bit more. :)

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