Happy Easter!

Well...ummm tbh i totaly forgat about easter.
If i would remember i would make somthing related:(
But i made somthing to make up for it :)
Still doing some summer themed elfs stuff.

Allso somthing to get your imaginations going :P

On other topic a friend of mine showed me this amazing drawing of Tinkerbell
done by Joe  Randel.
I didnt draw this and all copyrights bellong to Joe Randel
I hope  i wont get sued for posting this here.

As she was kinda my childhood toon crush looking at this pic was like lightning would
struck me.
I cant belive how amazing it is!
So as a tribute i tryed my best to make 3DCG version of it.

I tryed to contack mr Randel and let him know about this but he didnt reply :(
Meaby someday he will get to se this.

Thats it for now and happy holidays evryone!

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