Anita Didi Ka Pyar

Anita Didi Ka Pyar 

I am Vinod 35 years old and my father died long back in my family we are three people only. Me and mother and my didi and didi's name is Anita and she got married three years back but that did not work out for her and she divorced her husband. It was mainly because of dowry and abuse related issue and she was not treated well in her husband's home. So after trying to adjust for three years she finally quit. Filed for divorced a got it.

Now she lives with us and she was well educated before her marriage too. She has llb degree so after divorce she started her own practice from our city itself. This way she was self independent and helped the family too. My mother used to teach in a local school it was a small school and not much was paid to her. We were brought up in a poor financial condition.

I was studying in and have good skills with accounting. So I also started working as an accounts manager. I used to contact rich individuals and offer them my services. I was so good at it that I could make fake accounts and no ca would catch them and so I soon enough made a name for myself people used to call me discreetly and asked me to make their account our family now have two earning members.

I and my didi and we made mother leave her job and rest at home and our conditions were not great on financial terms but we were able to manage our lives pretty well on one of my jobs for a doctor he told me that he has another business and he wants me to make account for him and do it so good that ca will pass it off as white money. I said ok and then he took me to his other office. Once there I got to know that he actually takes donation from rich people in the name of treating poor people free of cost.

But he never uses that money for any poor people and e invested all the money in share market and some money he lent to other people on very high rates. I could not believe that such a respected doctor would do anything like that but he was pretty cool with it at first my mind didn’t allow me to work for him. He offered me big amount but still I was not convinced that I should work for him.

What he did was unethical. I have made accounts to make black money become white for other people but none of them have cheated the way this doctor has and so I came back home. He said I have two day's time to think and then I should answer him. I kept thinking about it and decided that I did not want the money. I won’t do that job and I called him and said that I won’t work for him.

 So he asked me to meet him in new office once more and he almost requested me to come so I went there. It was a new office and very small one from outside once I went it and I was shocked to see the lavishness of the office. I noticed that there were two people in there one was an old man and the other was the same doctor. I went near them. The old man said he has something very great for me.

I asked what and he said he knows I am not a man and I was shocked and angry. I said how you dare say something likes that to me and he was very calm and said I didn’t mean anything insulting but I know that your sexual organ is not strong enough. I know that you are not man enough for your future wife. I know that you will never be able to make your wife pregnant. I was shaken totally and what he was saying was true.

I had a very small and thin dick and I was always worried about it but I never told anyone about it so I was shocked how did he get to know and I asked him how do u know about this? He said he is a Vaidh the old school Indian medicinal doctor. He works in jungles and brings out rare herbs and uses them for treatment and just by one look at me he could read my whole personality and he got the idea that I may some sexual problems so he took the shot.

The shot was bang on for sure and I asked what he can do for me? He said if I make their accounts he will give me some herbs and some treatment free of cost and that will make such a big man that I will be able to satisfy any lady. I didn't believe him. Because i had already wasted a lot of money on such doctors and pills so I didn't want to waste any more. He said I don’t have to worry about payment. He will treat me for free and give me my money for the accountant work too.

Now the deal looked just fine. I was getting a big money for making their accounts and also I was getting this treatment which may make me a big man. I thought I should do it. I was always very worried about my sexual power and this looked like a solution and I accepted the deal. It took me 14 days to make their accounts. What I did was an art work. Their accounts were messed up and got them in line and they know I had saved them a big money.

Then the doctor took me to his home and gave me three bottles. Each had a powder in it. He said these are ashwgandha shilajit and some other very rare herbs. I have to consume them one by one and this whole dose will last me about three months. I have to eat them and sleep at least 10 hrs a day and eat lot of honey and milk. I was shocked that something as simple s this can work for me. So I told him I have doubts. The old man knew that I don’t believe him. He opened his pant and then I saw a shocking thing.

His un erected dick was around 6 inches long and very thick. He said now u imagine how big it will be once it gets erected. I was stunned and I took the meds and came home up till now all was normal in my life. I started taking those powders and made a resolution that I will not masturbate so that the meds will have maximum effect on me and six months later I was a different man altogether. I was more confident and happy and strong.

The reason was that his medicine have worked. I now have a 10 inches long dick which is abnormal. Sometimes even I used to get scared that where will I get a girl to fuck with such a big dick anyways and my family started looking for a wife and soon I was married to a girl. She was a common middle class family girl just like our family. We were very happy with the wedding. All things went well Didi was in charge and she took care of all things very well.

Since we are not very rich we didn’t go on any honeymoon. My family knew that Suhagrat is a special night so they both planned to stay in a hotel in the night giving me and my wife full privacy at home. I thanked my didi and mother in the night when I dropped them at the hotel and came back home I saw my wife in a complete way before that I only had seems glimpses of hers. She was not a miss world but she was beautiful. She wants any sex goddess but was sure a nice girl for my family.

I wanted my family to have to a nice bride and she was just like that and her name was Sweta and we sat and she gave me food. This was the first time we were alone like this and our hearts were beating fast. I had bought some condoms and I was looking forward to having sex with her. We talked about some normal things and she said I’m feeling tired. I could understand said it’s ok and you don’t have to be awake all night.

She looked at me and smiled. She went to our bedroom and said she will be awake all night if I want her to. I was very sure that she was a virgin and so was I and even after getting a big lund i didn’t fuck anyone. I couldn’t do that and I couldn’t get the courage to get laid before marriage. I had food and then milk and then I went in. The room was dimly lit and she was in bed already.

Me-mujhe is raat ka kayi salon se intezar tha. Tum mere sapno ki rani jaisi ho.

Sweta- mujhe aur jyada shy mat kijiye na please. Waise hi main sherm se sikudi ja rahi hoon.

Me-tum sikudi ja rahi ho aur mera kuch khada hua ja raha hai.

Sweta- haye ram aisa mat boliye mujhe bahut sherm aati hai.

Me-ab tumhen shermane ki jaroorat nahi hai. Mere sath tum bilkul tension free ho jao aur khud bhi maje kero aur mujuhe bhi maje do.

Sweta- to kya wahan gate pe khade khade hi maje le lenge yahan bed pe aayiye na.

Main bed pe gaya aur apne shirt aur pant utar diye. Main sirf underwear main tha usne aakhen neeche ker li usne shadi wali sadi to pahle hi utar li thi. Khana banate time wo salwar suti main thi maine uska kurta uthaya aur uski salwar ke naade ko hath se pakad ke kheecha woh khul gaya maine dheere se uski salwar ko utara usne apni kamar utha ke help ki aur salwar khiskta hua utar gaya.

Woh sirf kurte main thi aur pair sikod ke baithi thi.jisse uski jhanghe dikh rahi thi bahut hi sexy. Main soch raha tha ki dheere dheere maje le le ku suhagraat manauga. Lekin mera control khatam sa ho raha tha. Maine jab uska kurta utara to uske bra ke under se chuchiyon ne mer swagat kiya aur yeh mere sabar ki inteha ho gayi. Maine use chuma bhi nahi.

Chata bhi nahi, seedhe apni underwear uteri mera lund to pahle h khada tha aur bahut hi bhyanak lag raha tha usne dekha to uski saans ruk gayi. Usne kaha bhi ki jaldi mat kijiye please main virgin hoon bahut dard hoga lekin ab main kuch bhi nahi sun pa raha tha. Mere dimag ne kaam kerna band ker diya tha. Mera lund aur meri meri hawas mujh pe hawi ho chuki thi maine uski taange faila di.

Woh apne hath se apni chut chhupa rahi thi aur mujhe dheere dheere kerne ko keh rahi thi.maine jindagi main kabhi kisi ladki ko nangi nahi dekha tha. Aur aaj to mera dimag bilkul hi band ho chuka tha. Maine uski ek na suni aur uski panty utar di. Aur seedhe uski tangon ke beech aa gaya woh mana kerti rahi ki dheere kero dheere kero. Lekin main nahi mana. Maine ek dhakka mara aur mera aadha lund ghus gaya uski chut main.

Woh itni jor se chillayi ki mujhe laga mere kaan fat jayenge.mere under ka haiwan itna hawi tha ki maine uske dard ki jara bhi parwah nahi ki aur lagatar dhakke marta raha. Uski chut bahut hi tight thi aur mera lund bahut hi mota tha.main dhakke mare ja raha tha aur woh cheekhe ja rahi thi. Kareeb 10 minute ki dhuanhar chudayi ke baad maine paani nikal diya uski chut main. Ab mera lund kuch dheela pada.

Maine chut se lund nikala to khoon ki dhar bah nikali use bahut hi jyada dard ho raha tha. Ek bar jhadne ke baad mera dimag kuch thikane pe aaya to mujhe ehsaas hua ki maine use bahut dard diya hai. Maine mafi mangi lekin woh kuch n boli. Waise hi bejan padi rahi aur roti rahi. Mujhe uske halat dekh ke bahut dukh hua. Main turant pani garam ker ke laya aur kapda geela ker ke uski chut ko senkne laga.

Woh chupchap roti rahi, main baar baar usse baat kerne ki koshish kerta raha lekin usne munh nahi khola. Uske aansoo dekh ke mujhe bahut hi jyada dukh hua. Maine uski chut ko senka jisse uski chut ko aaram milna chahiye tha lekin aisa kuch nahi hua. Uski chut buri tarah sooj gayi thi aur rah rah ke khoon nikal raha tha. Maine uski tarf dekha to paya ki woh so chuki hai.

Mujhe thodi shanti mili. Mujhe laga ki shayd kal tak uska dard kuch kam ho jaye. Woh bina kapadon ke hi so rahi thi. Aur uski taangen faili hui thi. Use is condition main dekh ke mera lund fir se khada hone laga. Mujhe abhi bhi bahut guilt tha ki maine use is buri tarah se pela.lekin lund kuch aur hi soch raha tha. Maine uski chut ko dekha to usme se ab khoon nahi nikal raha tha.

Mera lund ka pani dheere dheere uski chut se baher ris raha tha. Mera lund poora tan gaya. Maine bahut control kiya ki ab main ise aur nahi chod sakta. Main bathroom main aaya aur mutth mar li. Mera dimag fir se shant hua. Lekin dil hi dil main is baat ki khushi thi ki jindagi main pahli baar chudayi ki hai aur ab to main jab chahe apni biwi ko chod sakta hoon. Main chupke se uski side main let gaya aur so gaya.

Badi gehri neend main the ham dono tabhi doorbell baji.meri neend khuli to maine dekha ki uski aankhen bhi khuli hui hai aur woh fir se ro rahi hai. Maine kaha kya hua? To wo boli ki bahut kyada dukh raha hai.aap to pooore janwar hain. Maine fir se mafi mangi aur kaha ki agli baar main dhyan rakhunga ki use dard na ho. Usne kaha ki woh khadi nahi ho payegi to main utha aur gate kholne gaya. Maine ghadi dekhi to subeh ke 11 baj chuke the door khola to maa aur didi baher khade the.

Didi ne mujhe cheda aur kaha ki ijajat ho to under aa jaye ya fir se hotel min jaye? Maine muskara diya.woh dono under aa gaye. Tabhi under se sweta ki aawaj aayi. Main under gaya to uske kaha ki mujhe kapade to pahna dijiye.main abhi bhi nangi hi hoon. Maine kamre ka gate band kiya aur use kapade pahnaane laga. Main usse bar baar keh raha tha ki aage se aisa nahi hoga.

Aur woh kisi se kuch na kahe woh boli aap mere pati hain main aapke khilaf kisi se kuch kahne ka soch bhi nahi sakti. Main yeh sun ke bahut khush hua maine use dheer se chuma to usne bhi mujhe chuma. Main fir uth ke baher aaya to maa aur didi dono sofe pe baithi hui thi. Unhone ne kaha ki bahut ki bulao. Jara chai pani to de kuch.

Maine kaha main bana deta hoon woh abhi so rahi hai.didi ne mujhe fir se chedte hua kaha ki badi fiker hai apni biwi ki tumhen. Waise to kabhi chai nahi banate the. Aaj kya hua? Main bola nahi didi.aisa nahi hai. Bas woh thoda thak gayi hai isliye so rahi hai? Didi ne fir se chutki li aur kaha aisa kya kiya hai usne jo thak gayi hai? Ruko main dekh ke aati hoon.

Maine kahan nahi didi sone do na use thodi der. Thoda aaram ker legi to khud baher aa jayegi. Main janta tha ki didi mujhe sirf chende ke liye hi yeh sab keh rahi thi. Woh mere paas aayi aur boli to fir tu bhi to thak gaya hoga. Raat bher jo usne kiya woh tune bhi to kiya hoga. Wo to bas lete lete thak gayi to tu to aur bhi jyada thaka hoga. Chal baith ja chai main bana leti hoon.

Mere hosh ud gaye maare sherm ke main gada ja raha tha aur didi mere maje liye ja rahi thi main aake maa ke paas baith gaya. Maa ne pucha beta to khush to hai na. Maine kaha haan maa main bahut khush hoon. Hamne chai pe aur uske baad woh log apne room main chale gaye. Hamara gher sirf do hi room ka tha. Main hamesha drawing room main sotha tha aur ek ek bedroom didi aur maa ka tha.

Lekin shadi ke baad didi aur maa ek bedroom main shift ho gaye the aur ek bedroom mujhe de diya tha. Didi aur maa apne bedroom main the main naha ke baher aaya to didi mere bedroom ke door pe khadi thi. Door under se band tha. Didi bol rahi thi banno door to kholo.hamse mil to lo. Itna kya sherma rahi ho. Usne under se kaha hi pahle aap inhen bhejiye under please.

Maine suna to kaha ruko main jata hoon under. Main door pe aaya aur maine kaha ki haan main hoon door khol do. Usne under se door khola aur main bheetar chala gaya. Didi abhi bhi door per hi thi. Sweta ne mere under aane per kaha ki use bahut jyada dard ho raha tha aur woh theek se khadi nahi ho pa rahi halat main unke samne baher kaise jayegi. Maine kaha ki dekho din bher to under nahi rah sakti na.

Main kuch painkiller le aata hoon. Tum dheere dheere chalna dard apne aap theek ho jayega. Woh bahut jyada sherma rahi thi.lekin meri bat sunke maan gayi. Main market gaya aur uske liye kuch painkillers le aaya. Baki din normal hi beet gher main abhi bhi khushiyon ka mahual tha.raat main maa ne kheer banayi. Ham sab khana khane ke baad apne apne room main chale gaye. Main aur sweta dono bed pe the.

Me- ab dard kaisa hai?

Sweta-theek hai lekin abhi khatam nahi hua hai. Aapne kal theek nahi kiya.

Me- galti ho gayi. Aage se dhyan rakhunga. Lekin kal maja bahut aaya.

Sweta-hatiye ji. Aapko to apni padi hai meri to fat gayi thi.

Me-arre baba aage se oil laga lenge na.

Sweta-didi mujhase kitne sawal pcuh rahi thi.

Me-kya pucha?

Sweta- puch rahi thi kaisi rahi kal ki raat aur main theek se chal kyun nahi rahi hoon.maine kaha dard ho raha hai to mujhase pucha ki itna bada hai kya. Haaye ram main to sherm se gad hi gayi. Woh aapki didi hain aur aapke iski size puch rahi thi.

Me- arre nahi. Serious mat ho. Woh to bas tumhen ched rahi hongi.

Sweta-nahi ji,woh to puche hi ja rahi thi. Fir mujhse pucha ki kitne round lagaye kal.maine kaha ki sirf ek to boli ki ek round main hi yeh halat hai teri.fir to bahut bada hoga. Meri to maare sherm ke jaan nikali ja rahi thi.maine kabhi apni saheliyon se bhi aisi baat nahi ki.

Me-arre unhen laga hoga ki tu yana akeli hai. To teri saheli banne ki koshish ker rahi hain. Unhen bhi to fiker hai na teri. Tu naraj mat ho. Woh tere bhale ke liye hi puh rahi thi.

Sweta-main naraj nahi hoon.bas aisi baaten kabhi kisis se ki nahi to thoda ajeeb sa lag raha tha.

Me-ab jyada mat soch is bare main. Chal shuru kerne.

Sweta-lekin aaj dheere dheere plz.mujhe abhi bhi dukh raha hai.

Me-haan.aaj bilkul dheere dheere chodunga.

Sweta-chee aise gande words mat bolo.

Me-arre isme ganda kya hai. Abhi ham wahi to kerenge. Dekhna teri chut faila ke isme apna lund ghusedunga to tu chudegi hi na. Ise chudayi na kahoon to aur kya kahoon?

Sweta- aap bhi bade woh hain. Chalo ab kero aur jyada ganda ganda mat bolo. Maine use nagi kiya aur khud bhi nanga ho gaya.mera lund bhi khada tha poora. Maine uski chut main thoda sa oil lagaya aur fir ghusedna shuru kiya. Usne bada sahas kiya lekin usse sahan nahi ho raha tha. Jaldi hi uski aankh se ansoo nikalne lage.mera mood thoda off hua.

Maine kaha ab ro kyun rahi hai dheere dheere to chod raha hoon.woh boli lekin fir bhi bahut tight lag raha hai.bahut dukh raha hai.maine thoda aur oil lagaya aur fir se ek dhakka mara is baar to uski himmat toot gayi aur uske munh se ek jordar cheekh nikali.mujhe gussa aa gaya maine kaha kya hai? Chilla mat gher main sab log hain.kya sochenge.

Mujhe gusse main dekh ke woh thoda saham si gayi lekin rona nahi band hua. Maine fir se apna lund uski chut main thela aur is baar to poora ghused diya.woh lakh koshish ker ke bhi apni cheek nahi rok payi aur fir se chilla di. Is baar mujhe bhi jyada gussa aa gaya aur maine bina kuch soche hi dhakke lagane shuru ker diye. Ham logon nse jo bhi planning ki thi sab hawa h gayi.

Kal ki raat jaisa hi haal uske fir se hone laga. Woh dard se bilakh rahi thi aur main hawas main sab kuch bhool ke use pele ja raha tha.woh bahut chillane lagi.maine socha ki jaldi jaldi chod ke jhad jata hoon nahi to koi jag jayega gher main. Maine dhakkon ka force aur badha diya aur usne apni cheekhen aur tej ker di.maine uske munh main hath raha lekin usne mujhe chuda liya. Tabhi mere room ke door pe knock hua. Baher didi thi.

Didi-kya ho raha hai? Kya baat hai?

Me-kuch nahi didi. Aap so jao.

Didi- sweta kya hua re? Koi problem hai kya?

Me-koi problem nahi hai didi aap so jao.

Didi- pahle sweta se bol bolne ko. Sweta darr mat sach sach bata koi problem hai kya?

Sweta- didi mujhe bacha lo plz.

Me-yeh kya bol rahi hai chup reh.

Didi-tu darwaja khol bhai.

Me-didi koi problem nahi hai.aap jao plz.yahan sab theek hai.

Sweta- nahi didi.plz bacha lo.yeh to maare daal rahe hain.

Didi ne door pe jor se dhakka diya. Shayad theek se band nahi tha aur door khul gaya under ka scene dekh ke uske hosh ud gaye. Sweta bed pe thi. Poori nangi. Main uske uper chada hua tha main bhi nanga tha aur mera lund uski chut main fasa hua tha.maine peeche mud ke dekha to paya ki didi sweta ki chut ko dekh rahi thi. Use aisa scene dekh ke baher chale jana chahiye tha lekin woh bed ke paas aa gayi.

Didi-chhod ise.yeh mere sath ja rahi hai ab.

Me-didi plz jao yahan se ham dono nange hain. Tumhen sherm nahi hai kya

Didi- sherm to tuhe nahi apni didi ke samne bhi ispe chada hua hai.uter uske uper se aur jane de use. Dekh nahi raha use kitna dard ho raha hai.

Sweta-haan didi please bacha lo.kal raat bhi inhone aise hi kiya tha.mujhe bahut dukh raha hai.

Mera dimag kharab ho gaya. Main sweta ke uper se utha aur uski chut se lund nikal liya.mera lund jab baher aaya to didi ne dekha aur hairan reh gayi.

Didi-hey bhagwab tune yeh dala hua tha iske under. Tu to janwar hai poora. Jara raham hai ki nahi. Tera seena hai ki pathther.

Me- didi tum had se baher ja rahi ho. Yeh meri biwi hai.yeh mere aur iske beech ki baat hai. Tum jao yahan se.

Didi- chup reh tu. Suhagrat ka matlab yeh nahi hota ki biwi ki perwah kiye bagair tu use pel de apne sukh ke liye. Apna musal uski chut main dalne ke pahle ek bar uske baare main bhi to socha hota. Dekh kaise ro rahi hai.kitna dard hai use. Ab yeh sab nahi chaleg. Sweta tu uth aur chal mere sath.

Main shockd tha ki didi gusse main kaise words bol rahi hai. Sweta ne abhi bhi kapade nahi pahne the.aur main bhi nanga khada tha. Didi bina kisi jhijhak ke mere lund ko baar baar ghoor rahi thi aur uspe comment ker rahi thi. Woh fir se boli -

Didi- ab yahn khada kya hai. Ja baher ja ke sofe pe so ja. Main yahan rahungi sweta ke sath. Dekh bechari ki fool jaisi chut kaisi sooj gayi hai. Ise tune itni berhmi se pela hai ki theek se chal bhi nahi paa rahi thi. Arre kabhi kisi ne tujhe sikhaya nahi kya ki kaise chudayi kerte hain? Lund khad ker ke pel dene bher se aurat khush nahi hoti.

Me- didi bakwas band kero. Tum apne bhai se baat ker rahi ho. Yeh kya anap shanap bak rahi ho.

Didi- ab tujhe bura lag raha hai. Ek aurat ka dard ek aurat hi samjhti hai.tujhe to bas iski chut se matlab hai. Lekin main aisa nahi hone doongi. Ab tu khud chala ja yahan se nahi to main maa ko utha doongi.

Maa ke kahungi to maa tujhe kabhi ise nahi chodne degi. Samjha na. Ab mera dimag mat khrab ker. Baher ja yahan se. Aur kapade pahen le apne. Apni didi ke samne lund khada ker ke kahada haramkhor. Bhag ja yahan se. Main bhi jiddi tha maine bhi mana ker diya ki main nahi jaunga baher.

Me- tum baher jao yahan se. Miya biwi ke beech main aane ki jaroorat nahi hai. Aur ager tumhen thodi sherm hai to aayinda kabhi is maamle main dakhal mat dena.

Didi- yeh to nahi hoga is gher main. Tu mere hote hue iska belatkar nahi ker sakta.

Me- main iska belatkar nahi ker raha hoon.yeh meri biwi hai. Miyan biwi ek doosre se pyar nahi kerenge to kya karenge?

Didi- jo tu kar raha tha use pyar nahi kahte. Use belatkar kehte hain. Dekh sweta ki kya halat hai.

Me-tumhe usse kya lena dena. Tum apne kaam se kaam rakho aur jao yahan se.yeh mere aur uske beech ki baat hai. Main apna kaat ke chota to nahi ker sakta na.

Didi- haan lekin tu iski faad ke chaudi ker dena chahta hai. Aur tujeh to itni bhi sherm nahi hai ki apni didi ke samne kaise baat kerni hai.

Me- mujhe mt sikhao didi.main nahi gaya tha tumhen bulane ko.tum khud hi aayi thi yaha. Aur yeh sab gandi baatn tumhi ne shuru ki hain.ab tum jao yahan se nahi to kuch bura ho jayega.

Didi- kya bura ho jayega re? Tu bahut bada samjhne laga hai apne aap ko? Kya bura karega tu ? Tu paal pos ke bada kiya aur tu kisi aurat ke sath aisa behave kerta hai.apni biwi ko randi ki tarah chod raha hai aur mujhe keh raha hai main apne kaam se kaam rakhoon.yaad rakh yeh mera ghr hai yahan wahi hoga jo main kahungi. Aur tu kya bura karega re mere sath? Mujhe bhi pakad ke chodega? Meri chut fadega? Yahi bura karega mere sath?

Me- didi tum hosh main nahi ho.bakwas bole ja rahi ho jab se. Chali jao yahan se ham dono full loud voice main ek doosre pe chilla rahe the. Itne main door pe herkat hui hamne dekha maa door pe khadi thi. Maine turant apne kapade uthaye aur sweta ne bhi khud ko dhak liya.

Maa- kya laga rakha hai? Sone nahi dete. Tu yahan inke room main kya ker rahai hai anita?

Didi- maa dekho na isne sweta ko bahut dard diya hai. Sweta chilla rahi thi isi ne mujhe kaha ki bacha lo main aa gayi maa bhai ko sweta ke sath mt rahne do woh ise bahut dard deta hai.

Maa-kyun ri Sweta ? Kya baat hai?

Sweta-ji mujhe bahut takleef ho rahi hai. Kuch kijiye.

Maa- beti yeh takleef to hogi hi. Ise jyada sir pe mat chadne de. Thodi din ki baat hai fir sab ki aadat padh jayegi.aur yaad rakh biwi ka dharm hota hai ki miyan ki khushi ka khyal rakhe.aur yeh to pyar ka dard hai sahan ker le. Aur tu anita chal apne kamre main. In miyan biwi ko inke hisab se rahne de. Tujh beeche main dakhal dene ki koi jaroorat nahi hai.

Maa didi ko apne sath le gayi. Maine room ak door band kiya. Sweta ko to jaisa saanp soongh gaya tha uski kuch samjh main nahi aya ki is beech yahan kya kya ho gaya. Main ab wapis bed pe aa gaya.

Me- ab kya karegi bol? Ab kise bulayegi bachane ko? Main khud bhi tujhe dard nahi dena chahta tha lekin tune aur koi rasta nahi rakha ab mere liye.

Sweta-main khud bhi nahi janti thi ki yeh sab ho jayega maine to bas yunhi keh diya tha didi se ki mujhe bacha lo woh to khud hi door khol ke under aa gayi meri baat ka bura mat mano lekin mujhe lagta hai ki didi aapse jalan kerti hain.

Me-ab tum mat bakwas karna shuru ker de mera dimag pahle hi kharab hai.ab so ja chupchap.

Sweta- sorry ji. Mujhase naraj mat hona.maine yeh sab janboojh ker nahi kiya sab anjaane main ho gaya.mujhe maaf ker do. Ek baar pel to do theek se ab nahi chillaungi chahe jitna bhi dard ho.kasam se utho na pelo na.

Me-ab nahi main abhi so raha hoon tu bhi so ja. Teri chut khulne main time lagega. Main aaj nahi chodunga tujhe.kal se jyada oil le ke aana. Aur roj apni chut main nahane ke baad oil se malish kiya karna ugli daalna under baher dheere dheere khul tujhe itna dard nahi hoga.

Sweta-haye main kyun karungi yeh sab aap khud hi kerna na meri chut main ungli under baher kerna fir apna lund under baher kern dekho na tumhara lund to abhi bhi khda hai aao na chad jao na.chod do na ek baar please naraj hoke mat so.

Me- nahi main naraj nahi hoon bas ab chodne ka man nahi ker raha. Didi se maine kabhi itni badtamiji se baat nahi ki main kal subeh se usse mafi magunga maine bahut galat kiya aaj didi ne mere liye itna kuch kiya.main aaj usse theek se baat nahi ki.

Sweta- mujhe to abhi bhi lagta hai ki didi janboojh ke under aayi thi.

Me-chup ker ek to tere liye woh mujhe daant rahi thi aur ab tu khud uske khilf bol rahi hai.

Sweta- nahi aisa nahi hai dekho na abhi didi ki age hi kya hai 39 ki hongi. Unka pati nahi hai unki jawani abhi dhali thodi na hai. Unhen bhi to garmi chadti hogi na kabhi kabhi isiliye woh khud pe kaboo nahi rakh payi.

Me-ab tune ek shabd bhi bola didi ke khilaf to ek thappad padega. Hamesha ke liye aawaj band ho jayegi yaad rakhna meri didi ne meri jindagi main jo balidan diye hain woh ek maa bhi nahi deti apne bete ke liye woh under aayi thi hamari help kerne ko tu apni gandi soch ko khatam ker de.samjh gayi na?

Sweta- sorry. Aaj se aisa nahi bolungi ham dono so gaye. Lekin mere dimag main abhi bhi kayi sawal uth rahe the. Didi janti thi ki main under sweta ko chod raha hoon fir bhi woh under aa gayi.usne hamse kapade pahnne ke liye nahi kaha. Mere khde lund ko baar baar ghoorti rahi uski chut ke baare main bolti rahi usne bahut hi gande words use kiye.

Kahin sweta sahi to nahi kah rahi hai? Kahin didi ki jawani garmi to nahi pakad rahi hai? Main yeh sab sochte sochte kab so gaya pata nahi chala. Agle din neend khuli to dekha ki didi morning tea liye hue bed ke side pe khadi hui thi. Maine side main dekha to didi ne kaha ki sweta nahane gayi hui hai utho chai p lo. Didi ne bade pyar se mujhe chai cup main daal ke di.

Didi- bhai mujhe kal ke liye maaf ker do. Main bhi ek aurat hoon aur mujhase sweta ka dard dekha nahi gaya.isliye main apne hosh kho baithi.main chahti hoon ki tum ek bahut hi sunder aur aaramdayak jindagi jiyo. Tumhen married life ki woh sab khushiya milen jo mujhe kabhi nahi mil payi.

 Main kal ki galti kabhi nahi karungi. Tum uske husband ho aur ab is gher ke tum hi malik ho. Yahan sab kuch tumhare anusar hi hoga aur main bhi ab hamesha se tumhen hi bada manungi. Main kabhi tumpe koi hukum nahi chalaungi please kal ke liye mujhe maaf ker do.

Me- didi yeh kya kah rahi ho. Maafi to mujhe mangani chahiye. Maine kal aapse itni badtameeji se baat ki. Main bahut sharminda hoon.

Didi- nahi bhai. Tum sahi the tum dono ke beech mujhe nahi aana chahiye.woh tumhare hisab se adjust ker legi. Mujhe beech main bolne ki jaroorat nahi hai.tum bas uska khyal rakho aur ek bahut hi acchi life jiyo. Ab ham dono kal ki baat bhool jate hain. Main tumse naraj nahi hoon aur ummeed karti hoon ki tum bhi muhe maaf ker doge.

Me- didi aapse naraj hone ka to sawal hi nahi uthata.

Didi wapis jane lagi.main chai peene laga.tabhi didi door pe ruki peeche palti aur mujhe dekh ke boli ki waise bhi sweta bahut hi khushnaseeb hai. Itna bada hathiyar her aurat ko naseeb nahi hota. Dheere dheere woh ise chalana bhi seekh legi.tum ek sacche mard ho.use palang polo khelne main bahut maja aayega.

Didi yeh keh ke bina ruke baher chali gayimera dimag thanak gaya. Thodi der pahle woh mafi maang rahi thi aur fir unhone ne aise double meaning wali baat boli. Lekin main didi ke liye itna bhavuk ho chuka tha ki main yahi sochta raha ki woh majak ker rahi hongi aur shayad mood ko halka kerne ke liye unhone yeh sab kaha hoga. Uske baad ka din normal beeta.

Main office chala gaya aur sham ko jab lauta to dekha ki didi aur sweta dono tv dekh rahe the aur bahut hi gahri saheliyon ki tarah mil jul ker baaten ker rahe the. Maa apne kamre main thi. Mujhe dekh ker sweta aayi aur mera bag le ker side main rakh diya. Didi uthi aur kuch snack banane ke liye chali gayi. Main sofe pe baith gaya to sweta aayi aur usne mere jute utare aur mere pairon ko dheere dheere massage kerne lagi.

Mujhe to jaise jannat mil gayi tabhi didi aayi aur unhone ne mujhe chai ke sath kcuh snacks diye. Main aaram se baith hua the sofe pe pair samne faile hue the massage ho raha tha. Mujhe laga ki main koi maharaja hoon aur do auraten meri seva ker rahi hain. Kuch der ke baad main utha aur fresh hone ke liye chala gaya bathroom main aaya to dekha ki wahan pe 2 set bra aur panty sookh rahe the.

Main sweta ki bra panty to pahchan gaya lekin dooseri set maine pahli baar dekhi thi. Main wash basin pe jhooka aur munh pe pani maara. Jab utha to sheeshe main dekha ki didi peeche kahdi hui thi. Unhone mujhe side main hone ko kaha aur ek set bra panty utha li.aur chupchap baher chali gayi. Main munh dhone ke baad pant utar ker ab aaram se apne pair dho raha tha.

Maine sirf baniyan aur underwear pahna hua tha ki didi fir se bathroom main aayi. Aur boli arre galti se man sweta ki bra panty le gayi. Meri wali to yahin hai. Sweta ki bra to itni choti hai ki main pahan loon to saans bhi na le paun.aur ager ek saans le bhi loon to bra toot jaye aur uski panty bhi meri chupati kam dikhati jyada hai. Accha hua maine jake pahan ke dekh liye nahi to gadbad ho jati. Ruk main apni bra aur panty le loon fir tu aaram se naha le.

Didi yeh sab itni sahajta se bol gayi jaise main koi ladaki hoon. Woh apna kaam kar ke baher chali gayi. Maine dekha ki unki baat sun ke mere lund ne gadar macha diya tha. Meri chadi aage se fati ja rahi thi. Main chupa bhi nahi sakta tha us vaidya ki dawayi ka yahi side effect tha ki ager ek baar lund khada ho jaye to bina jhade baithata hi nahi tha ab to problem ho gayi.

Ab to mujhe mutth marni hi thi. Maine socha ki sweta ko bula leta hoon fir socha ki woh chillayegi to sab maja bigad jayega. Maine bahroom ka door band kiya aur laga ghisne apna lund. Thodi der main lund ne pani nikal diya. Aur ab main theek tha. Main baher aaya aur sweta aur didi ke sath baith gaya. Maa bhi aa gayi maa ke aane se mujhe rahat mili. Nahi to mujhe derr lag raha tha ki didi kahin fir se na shuru ho jayen.nahi to lund fir se tabahi machane lagega.

Ham sab bade pyar se baithe baten kar rahe the. Kisi ko kisi se koi shikayat nahi thi. Raat main khana khane ke baad main baher tv dekh raha tha. Aur sweta apne room main chali gayi. Thodi der baad maa bhi apne room main chali gayi. Main bhi soch hi raha tha ki jaun apne room main. Tabhi didi aayi. Tv wale room main sirf ham do hi the. Usne mujhe ek oil ki bottle di.

Aur kaha ki ise use kerna.nahi to tu sari raat maje leta rahega aur teri biwi ham logon ko sone nahi degi itna chillayegi. Laga lena theek se.khud ko bhi aur usko bhi.chal ab ja under kab se tera wait ker rahi hai. Kah ke didi ne mujhe sofe se utha ke khada ker diya aur mere room ke door tak dhakel ke le aayi. Main under aaya to dekha ki swets bed pe leti hui hai aur usne ek bahut hi sexy jhanghon tak ka gown pahna hua hai. Maine door band ker liya.

Me- yeh gown kahan se aaya?

Sweta-didi ne diya. Unhi ka hai.

Me-didi aisa gown to kabhi nahi pahnti.

Sweta -pata hai unhone kaha ki jab woh apne honeymoon pe gayi thi to unke husband ne khareeda tha. Didi kitna sad thi aaj ki woh hamare liye honeymoon arrange nahi ker payi isliye unhone mujhe yeh gown de diya.

Me-isme to tu kamal lag rahi ker raha hai abhi ghused doon poora ka poora.

Sweta- aap fir se shuru ho gaye. Dheere dheere kero na. Itna bada to hathiyar hai aapka aur woh bhi poora ghusa dete ho ek baar main.dheere kero.main kahin bhagi thodi na ja rai hoon.

Me-arre bhagegi to peeche se pakad ke peeche se ghusa doonga.

Sweta-peeche se kahan ghusa doge ji?

Me-teri gaand main.

Sweta-meri chut main to ghusta nahi yeh.meri gaand main to kabhi nahi ghusega.

Me-tu aaj bade mood main hai ri.bada chut lund gaand ker rahi hai.kya bat hai.

Sweta-kuch nahi.bas maine yeh realise kiya ki main kitni khushnaseeb hoon jo mujhe itna bada hathiyar mila hai. Thoda time lagega lekin main ise chalana seekh hi jaungi. Palang polo ki expert ban jaungi main dekh lena mera matha firse thanka.

Didi ne yahi baat mujhe morning main kahi thi.aur theek yahi baat aur yahi words sweta ne mujhase kahe kahin didi sweta ko chudayi ki training to nahi de rahi hai fir maine socha ki yeh sab baad main dekha jayega abhi to ise baja loon

Me- ohh to yeh baat theek hai chal tujhe hathiyar chalana sikhata hoon.

Sweta- suno didi ne kuch diya kya aapko yahan aate time?

Me-haan kyun tujhe kaise pta?

Sweta- unhone kaha tha ki aapko kuch dengi aaj raat main batao na kya diya ?

Me- yeh dekh. Oil ke sheeshee di hai.

Sweta- haaye raam tabhi didi keh rahi thi ki aaj main chahe jitna chilla loon woh to nahi aane wali.

Me- chinta mat ker aaj tujhe maje le le ke aaram se chodunga.

Ham dono nange ho gaye. Maine apne lund pe dher sara oil laga liya aur uski chut main bhi. Main aaj dheere dheere lund uske under dal raha tha. Woh bhi mera poora sath de rahi thi aur jo bhi dard tha use acche se seh rahi thi. Mera lund aadha gaya to usne kaha ki aaj ke liye itna kafi hai itne main dhakke maar ke jhad jao maine uski baat maan li.main kal rat jaisa natak nahi khada karna chata tha.

To maine aadhe lund se hi use choda aur kareeb 15 minute ke baad main jhad gaya. Woh to na jane kitni baar jhad chuki thi.hamari bedsheet poori geeli ho chuki thi oil se bhi aur hamare sex ke juice se bhi. Ham wahi bahone main bahen daal ke so gaye. Aaj ki raat ab tak ki sabse badhiya raat thi. Maine poora lund to nahi dala lekin usne mera poora sath diya aur maine uska.

Aise hi agle kuch din chalte rahe fir kuch dino ke baad sweta ka chota bhai use gher leke jane ke liye aaya. Uske yahan koi rasm thi aur use kareeb 10 dino ke liye apne mayike jana tha. Uska bhai ek din raha aur fir agle din woh use le gaya. Maine abhi tak sweta ki chut main poora lund daal ke chodna shuru nahi kiya tha.

Pahle do dino ke baad se main utna hi lund dalta tha jitna woh seh leti thi. Aur fir utne se hi chod chod ke jhad jata tha. Main poora satisfied to nahi tha lekin is baat ki khushi thi ki meri biwi mere lund se door nahi bhagti thi balki woh poori koshish ker rahi thi ki mujhe poora sukh de sake.

Sweta ke jane se gher soona soona sa ho gaya tha. Sweta ke jane ke doosre din ki baat hai main office se laut ke aaya to dekha ki maa apne kamare main so rahi hai. Maine didi se pucha ki is time pe kyu so rahi hai maa to usne kaha ki sehat theek nahi hai.  Main sofe pe baith gaya aur didi mere liye kuch snacks le aayi ham baithe tv dekh rahethe tabhi didi ne kaha-

Didi- tujhe sweta ki badi yaad aati hai na?

Me- aisa kyun bol rahi ho?

Didi- jab se gayi hai tu udas sa ho gyaa hai. Na kuch bolta hai na kuch hansi majak karta hai.

Me-nahi didi aisi bat nahi hai.kaam ka load jara jyada hai.

Didi-haan aur aajkal overtime kerne laga hai. Tujhe paison ki itni kami hai ki tujhe overtime kerna padta hai.main to itna kama bhi nahi pati ki tujhe ek sukhi jindagi de sakoon.

Me- aisi baat nahi hai didi. Mujhe bas gher jara soona soona sa lagta hai isliye office main jyada der tak rahta hoon.yahan aata hoon to sweta ki kami khalti hai.

Didi-haye ram yeh baat hai to tune mujhe kaha kyun nahi.main bhi kitni pagal hoon ki apne bhai ki fiker hi nahi kerti theek se. Chal abse main tujhe sweta ki kami bilkul bhi nahi khalne doongi. Tu gher se door mat raha ker.

Me-nahi didi.aap kyun takleef kerogi.main theek ho jaunga. Kuch hi dino ke bad to woh aa hi rahi hai.

Didi- haay re. Main itni bhi buri nahi hoon ki mere bhai ko dikhayi hi na doon. Chal ab tu fresh ho ja. Aur main poori planning kerti hoon ki kaise tera man bahlaya jaye jab tak teri palang polo ki partner nahi aa jati.

Main uth ke apne room main aaya. Kapde utare aur bathroom main chala gaya. Gher main ek hi bathroom tha. Maine jate hi notice kiya ki waha fir se didi ki panty aur bra sookh rahi thi.maine ignore kiya aur munh hath dhoker baher chala aaya.maa abhi bhi so rahi thi. Baher aaya to didi ne sofe pe baithane ko kaha.

Didi-chal ab bata mujhe tujhe sweta kyun itni yaad aati hai.

Me-jane do na didi.kyun isi baat pe atki hui ho.

Didi-nahi tu bata mujhe. Usme aisa kya khas hai jo teri dil jeet liya usne.

Me-didi aap to janti hain ki meri kabhi koi gf nahi rahi aur ek mard ki life main aurat ka to bahut bada hath hota hai.woh meri jindagi ki pahli aurat hai aur mere liye best hai.mera itna khyal rakhti hai.

Didi- haan woh teri jindagi ki first aurat hai lekin aakhiri to nahi hai na. Tu uske alawa sab ko bhool jayega to yeh to bura lagne wali baat hai na.

Me-nahi didi yeh baat nahi hai aap aur maa to mere liye hamesha bhagwan ke samaan ho. Per biwi to biwi hoti hai na uski jageh to koi nahi le sakta. Jaise woh aapki jageh nahi le sakti.

Didi-haan sahi kaha biwi to biwi hi hai mai bhi thi kisi ki biwi lekin us bhadwe ne to mujhe theek se dekha bhi nahi kabhi.

Me-didi yeh itni galiyan kahan se seekh li?

Didi-sun sun ke seekh gayi re office main raah chalte na jane kitne log kitni kitni baaten suna dete hain. Sab kuch to ignore nahi ker sakti.kuch reh jata hai dimag bas kabhi kabhi bol deti ki bhadas nikal jati hai warna kisse kahoon ki mere under kya kya toofan chalte rahte hain.

Me- didi aapne apne aapko akela ker liya hai.main hoon na mere samne aapko kisi prakar ka koi lihaj nahi kerna chahiye. Jo aapke man main aaye woh bolo.khul ke bolo.main aapke itna kaam to aa hi sakta hoon.ham dono ek doosre ke best friends ban sakte hain

Didi- haan bhai mujhe bhi ek dost ki bahut sakht jroorat hai. Pata hai mere ofice main sabhi log mere samne to theek se bat kerte hain lekin meri peeth peeche mujhe bahut hi ganda ganda bolte hai mera wahan koi dost nahi hai mujhe wahan bilkul bhi accha nahi lagta.isiliye main jaldi se jaldi gher aane ka rast dhoodh leti hoon.

Me-bas didi kuch dino main mera kaam chal niklega aur fir aapkio kaam karne ki kabhi jaroorat nahi padegi.meri dili tamanna hai ki aapko aur maa ko sab sukh doon.

Didi- aur teri biwi ka kya hoga? Use kaun sukh dega re?

Me- kya aap bhi na ghuma fira ke meri biwi per hi aa jati ho janti ho ki mujhe itni yaad aa rahi hai fir bhi.

Didi- are mere devdas main to majak ker rahi thi.

Ham log kafi der tak baat kerte rahe.fir didi ne khana banaya. Maa bhi utha gayi thi lekin use bahut weakness thi to didi ne use kuch goliyan de di woh khana kha ke so gayi. Main aur didi kuch der tak tv dekhte rahe aur fir apne apne room main chale gaye.  Maine bed pe leta hua tha lekin mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi.mera lund khada ho ke biwi ki chut ke liye tadap raha tha.finaly maine socha ki bina mutth mare to saari raat neend nahi aayegi.

To main dheere se apne room ke baher aaya aur bathroom main chala gaya. Wahan fersh pe baith ke maine maje se mutth mari.kareeb 15 minute lage honge. Jab jhada to laga ki waterfaal se pani gir raha ho itna ras nikala mere lund ne. Main utha hath dho ker jaise hi bathroom ka gate khola to baher didi khadi thi.mujhe dekh ke jor se hans di. Maine sirf underwear pahna hua tha aur kuch bhi nah aur mera lund abhi theek se baitha bhi nahi tha.didi ko samne dekh ker main chaunk sa gaya.

Didi- kya kar raha tha?

Me- kuch nahi bas

Didi-chal jane de mujhe pata hai kya kar raha tha. Abi aur karna hai ki bas ho gaya?

Me- nahi bas ab main sone ja raha hoon.

Didi-theek hai.badi der se tere nikalne ka wait ker rahi hoon ab tu ja sone ab meri baari hai karne ki.

Me- kya kaha?

Didi- tu sone ja.

Me- nahi tumhari kis cheez ki bari hai?

Didi- to isme itna shock kyun ho raha hai? Tu ker sakta hai to main nahi ker sakti kya. Chal ab time mat waste ker mujhase aur raha nahi ja raha mujhase ab aur raha nahi ja raha bada pareshan ker rahi hai aaj yeh.

Me- theek hai.

Meri kuch samajh main nahi aaya maine khud ko yeh soch ke bahla liya ki didi mootne ke baare main keh rahi hogi main yeh nahi accept ker paya ki didi under bathroom main apni chut main ungli kerne gayi hai.main apne room main aa gaya lekin curiosity ke karan fir se baher aaya aur bathroom ke door ke paas khada ho gaya. Under se koi aawaj nahi aa rahi thi.

Main thodi der khada raha fir door ko dheere se knock kerke dheeme se kaha didi tum ho kya under? Under se didi ki dheemi si aawaj aayi haan mujhe thodi der lagegi.disturb mat ker aur fir uske baad didi ke moan kerne ki aawaj aayi aah aah see see aisi kuch aawaj aayi to mera lund fir se khada ho gaya maine yakeen ker liya ki didi under chut main ungli ker rahi hai main baher hi khada raha mere lund ne fir se tufan macha diya tha meri underwear fatne ko thi maine dheere se chaddi main hath

Dala aur maslne laga tabhi didi ne bathroom ka gate khola ab yeh scene to aur bhi ajeeb sa tha didi ne ab ek bra pahni hui thi aur neeche peticot tha jo ki kamar ke kafi neeche tha unka gown unke hath main tha aur doosre hath main unhone ne apni panty pakadi hui thi means didi petticoat ke neeche nangi thi aur uske samne main khada tha sirf underwear main aur mera ek hath mere lund ko sahla raha tha didi ko samne dekh ke main peeche mud gaya didi ne kuch kaha nahi fir mere paas ayi aur boli.

Didi- fir se jana hai kya tujhe?

Me-nahi.main to sone ja rhaa tha bas.

Didi-jana ho to chala ja nahi to raat bher so nahi payega mujhe bhi ab acchi neend aayegi tu apna dekh le main to chali sone. Didi ne koi aisi baat nahi ki ki jaise unhen koi pareshani ho woh bade se yeh accept ker chuki thi ki ham dono ke beech aisi baten karna usual hai aur theek hai. Maine socha ki ab mutth nahi marunga so main bed pe aaya aur so gaya.

Agle do din bhi aise hi beete.didi bade aaram se mere apni merji ke kapade pahan ke rahti thi. Maa to bas apne kamre main hi rahti thi sara time to didi ko koi rokne wala bhi nahi tha. Woh taang faila ke baithati thi.pallu ka jara bhi khyal nahi kerti thi. Main bhi uski jawani dekh dekh k pagal hua ja raha tha lekin mujhe laga ki abhi inki umer hi kya hai. Aur akeli bhi hain. To inhen yeh sab karne se rokna nahi chahiye. Jaise bhi rahna chahen rahne dena chahiye.

Aur fir ek din khaber aayi ki sweta aaj rat ki gadi se wapis aa rahi hai. Main office se lauta to didi ne mujhe chai di aur jab ham baithe tv dekh rahe the tab unhone ne mujhe yeh khaber di. Mujhe to jaise jannat mil gayi. Itne dino se apni biwi ki yaad main mara ja raha tha. Aaj woh wapis aa rahi hai yeh sun ke bahut hi accha laga.

Didi mujhe dekh ke ajeeb dhang se smile ker rahi thi.use bhi pata tha ki aaj raat main to bad jordard chudayi hone wali hai meri biwi ki. Hamne khana khaya. Sweta abhi tak aayi nahi thi. Woh kareeb 10 baje aane wali thi.abhi 2 ghante baki the. Khane ke baad main aur didi tv dekh rahe the. Maine didi se kaha...

Me- woh us din sweta ko jo oil diya tha woh aur hai kya?

Didi- kaun sa oil?

Me- arre woh diya tha na use oil aapne?

Didi- mujhe yaad nahi. Kaun sa oil? Kis kaam ke liye diya tha?

Me-arre samjho na please diya to tha oil.

Didi-pagal mujhe nahi yad aa raha bata na kaun sa oil tha kis kaam ke liye tha?

Me- woh use sewta ko usme problem woh diya to tha aapne use.

Didi- arre tujhe yad hai to theek se bata na kaun sa oil tha.mujhe sach main nahi yaad aa raha hai bhagwan kasam.

Me-woh sweta ko dard hota tha na to aapne woh pyar wala oil diya tha.

Didi- accha accha tere dande ke dard wala oil. Arre to pagal aise bol na ki palag polo wala oil. Main to soch rahi thi ki na jane kis oil ki baat kar raha hai achcha aaj sweta aane wali hai isliye chahiye tujhe kya irada hai tera?

Me-kya didi aap bhi main to aise hi puch raha tha ki oil aur hai kya?

Didi- haan hai na lekin tujhe kya karna?

Me-arre woh sweta ko jaroorat padegi na to isliye maang raha hoon.

Didi- lekin abhi to aayi bhi nahi jab aa jayegi to usse kah dena mujhase aake maang legi. Main kal de doongi use.

Me-nahi aaj de do na main maan to raha hoon. Use sharm aayegi aapse mangne main.

Didi- aur tujhe nahi aayegi sherm? Chal accha hai tu mujhse sharmayega to mujhe bhi accha nahi lagega main tujhe de doongi kal sham ko le lena.

Me- nahi aaj de do na please

Didi-arre pagle woh itni door se safar karke aa rahi hai ek din aaram to kerne de aaj hi chadhh jayega kya uske uper?

Me- kya didi? Aap to kuch bhi bol deti ho please de do na oil.

Didi- chal theek hai de deti hoon lekin sun tu jara hamen sone dena nahi to sweta sari raat chilla chilla ke hamari neend haram ker degi khoob sara oil de deti hoon.

Me- puri botle de do na baar baar mangne ka jhanjhat hi na ho.

Didi- haan baba de deti hoon ja ke abhi se apne uper laga le. Didi ne mujhe oil de diya. Bade katil andaj main mujhe dekh dekh ke didi muskara rahi thi. Aur mujhe ab sach kahoon to sherm bhi nahi aa rahi thi. Mujhe bada comfot tha ab maine socha didi hi to hai woh to yeh sab janti hai.

Usse kya chupana to maine oil liya aur apne room main aa gaya fir didi thodi der baad apne room main chali gayi. Maine apne kapade utare aur apne lund pe oil lagana shuru ker diya. Khoob malish ki lund aur gotiyan dono hi oil se bhiga li thi. Ab to main ready tha ki sweta jaise hi aayegi use pakad ke khoob chodunga.

Kareeb aadhe ghante baad gate ki ghanti baji aur main fanfanate hue lund ke sath gate pe gaya aur gate khola. Tab tak didi bhi baher hall main aa gayi thi. Gate khola to dekha ki sweta ke sath uska chota bhai bhi aaya hua tha. Use akele nahi bheja uske gher walon ne. To main apne sale ko dekh ke khush hua. Un dono ko under le ke aaya. Abhi ham baithe hi the ki saale ne saale jaisi harket ker di.

Usne bade itra ke kaha ki didi mujhe neend aa rahi hai main thak gaya hoon mujhe sona hai. Sweta ne bhi usse keh diya ki tu mere room main ja ke so ja. Saala utha aur seedhe mere bed pe chala gaya. Main aur didi sweta ke sath hall main the yeh dekh ke meri jhante jal gayin iska matlab yeh tha ki aaj Sweta ki chut nahi milegi Sweta  ne to ispe dhyan bhi nahi diya lekin didi ko sab samjh main aa gaya aur woh jor se hans di.

Woh meri halat pe hans rahi thi, main to tel laga ke baitha aur uspe mere saale ne chot ker di. Kuch der baithane ke baad didi apne room main chali gayi maine hall ki light band ki aur sweta ko jakad liya.

Sweta-aaj nahi Rajiv under hi hai. Accha nahi lagta.

Me-woh to so raha hai.hall main sirf ham dono hain please ek round chod lene de.main to mar gaya tere bina,

Sweta-mar to main bhi gayi meri bhi poori gili hai lekin aaj nahi rajiv under so raha hai please aaj nahi kal woh chala jayega kal chahe to poori raat mujhe ragad ke chod lena bina tel lagaye lekin aaj nahi please

Me-mera mood mat kharab ker yaar ek round ker lene de bad dhere se karunga.jaldi ker loonga please

Swets- aapka ek baar under gaya to meri cheekh nikal hi jayegi aur aap bhi itni jaldi to jhadoge nahi. To please aaj mat kero yeh soch lo ki main kal aaungi aaj ki raat aur kaat lo mere bagair.lekin aaj nahi please Sweta itna kah ke uthi aur bedroom ki taraf chal di. Main abhi bhi peeche peeche aa raha tha uske ki shyad uska mood ban jaye. Lekin bhai ka pyar aur dar mere lund ki pyas se jyada strong the woh seedhe room main gayi.

Aur usne kaha ki woh room under band ker rahi hai taki main raat main aake use chod na sakun.maine kaha ek chumma to de de. Usne kuch nahi kiya.mujhe room se baher dhakel aur room under se band ker liya. Ab main hall main tha. Akela.light band aur mera dimag bhi band tha. Mera man ker raha tha ki abhi gate toad ke jaun aur rajiv ke samne hi uski bahan ki chut fad ke bhosda bana doon. Lekin kuch nahi ker sakta tha.maine gusse main mutth bhi nahi mari aur sofe pe aake late gaya.

Lekin neend kahan aane wali thi. Kareeb 2 ghante baad didi wale room ka gate khula. Main to jag hi raha tha didi bhi haal main baher aa gayi.mujhe dekha hall main zero watt ke teen bulb the.usne teeno chaloo ker diye. Kafi roshni ho gayi maine didi ko dekha.kuch kaha nahi woh to janti hi thi ki mere dimag main kya chal raha hoga. Woh chupke se gayi aur sweta wale room ko baher se bhi band ker diya.

Main thoda surprise hua ki aise kyun kiya. Lekin kuch kaha nahi. Aur chupchap sofe pe leta raha didi aayi aur side wale sofe pe baith gayi apne sath do glas pani bhi layi thi. Ek mujhe diya aur ek glas khud peene lagi thodi der tak ham aise hi baithe rahe. Bina baat kiye main uper ki taraf dekh rha tha aur didi na jane kahan dekh rahi thi. Thodi der baad boli.

Didi- tere saale ne to tere khade pe chot ker di aaj

Me-aapko sona nahi hai

Didi-maine kaha tha ki tel kal lena.mujhe pata tha ki woh apne bhai ke sath aa rahi hai.

Me-mujhe bat nahi kerni didi aap please ja k so jao.

Didi-mujhape kyun apna gussa nikal raha hai.jisne teri jalayi hai ja use bol na.

Me- aap bhi to jala hi rahi ho na abhi. So jao ja ke.

Didi-tu bhi pagal hai ek raat ka wait ker lega to mer thodi na jayega.

Me- please didi aap jao na yaar yahan se.

Didi- tu to aise ker raha hai jaise koi baccha ho ki khilauna aaj hi chahiye. Kal se tera khada nahi hoga kya?

Me- aap ko kya pata main abhi kya feel ker raha hoon? Kitne dino se wait ker raha tha. Mera dimag pahle hi kharab hai.aap jao yahan se.

Didi-mujhe pata hai re ki tu abhi kya feel ker raha hai. Main kitne hi salon se her raat aisa hi feel kerti hoon. Mujhe bahut acche se pata hai.isiliye keh rahi hoon ki jyada gussa na ker. Sweta ne kuch galat nahi kiya uska bhai aaya hua hai. Tuhjhe khush hona chahiye. Aur apne bhai ke rahte hue woh tujhase door hi rahegi. Hamara gher bhi itna bada nahi hai ki ek gues room banwa saken. Mujhe badi chubhati hai yeh bat ki teri shadi shuda jindagi main itni problems hain.

Me- aisa nahi hai didi.main bas gusse main na jane kya bol gaya.m sorry didi.aur aapko bilkul bhi sad nahi hona chahiye.main is gher main khush hoon.aur aap bas dekho ki main ab is gher ko kitna bada bana doonga. Mera bas thoda mood kharb tha. Ab main theek hoon.

Didi- very good ab jyada mood off mat ker nahi to mera bhi khoon jalega. Chal ab uth ke bathroom main ja ke hila le aur fir so ja chupchap. Jo karna hai kal ker lena. Woh kahi bhagi nahi ja rahi hi kal se uska chhed band ho jayega. Itni jaldbaji na ker. Balki khush ho ja ki woh aa gayi.ja ja ke bathroom main hila ke aa jaldi.

Me-kya? Kya kaha?

Didi- kyun ek baar main samjh main nahi aaya kya? Fir se kahoon?

Me-nahi lekin aapne itni asani se kaha jaise kitni normal bat ho to jara shcok sa ho gaya.

Didi-tu kab tak baccha bana rahega re teri didi ki bhi shadi hui thi kabhi uska bhi ek mard tha kabhi woh acche se janti hai mardon ke baare main. Samajh gaya ab ja aur apna kaam kahtam ker fir mujhe bhi jana hai badi raat ho gayi soungi kab.

Me- haan baba ja raha hoon didi ek baat puchun?

Didi- sab bad main puch lena pahle ja jaldi.

Mere bina kuch kahe hi didi ne muje hath pakad ke sofe se uthaya aur bathroom ke gate tak dhakka deti hui le aayi is daurna woh meri peeth se chipaki hui thi aur usne apne chuchiyon ko meri peeth se bilkul chipak rakha thi mera lund ab ready tha. Main bathroom main ja ke gate band kiya aur aaram se baith ker muttha mari bada maja aaya. Kareeb 15min lage aur fir main baher aa gaya didi abhi bhi sofe pe baith hui thi mujhe dekh ke muskarayi aur boli

Didi-tujhe badi der lagti hai re.

Me-aap mera kitna majak udati ho.

Didi-haaye ab tera mood thik hua hai itni der se gubbara jaisa munh fula ke baitha hua tha tu ek nomber ka rondu hai Hamesha se.

Me- nahi didi lekin jab aisi chot hoti hai to dimag to fir hi jata hai na

Didi- haan mujhe pata hai tu kya puchane wala tha mujhase?

Me-haan woh main puch raha tha ki woh aap matlab kab se.


Me-puch raha hoon na ruko to main aap jaisa bold nahi hoon

Didi-teri shadi ho gayi lekin tu hai poora baccha hi yahi puchna chahta hai na ki main raat main bathroom main kya karti hoon?

Me-kya karti ho woh main janta hoon.main to yeh puch raha tha ki mmm matlab kaise kahoon rahne do mujhe kuch nahi puchna.

Didi- tu kab mere sath free hoga itna to main nahi sharmati jitna tu sharmata hai. Chal tu baith aaram se ya neend aa jaye to so jana.main bathroom se ho ke aati hoon.

Didi uthi aur chali gayi main sofe pe leta raha neend to aa nahi rahi thi. Didi ne ek gown pahna hua tha jab woh kareeb 20min baad bathroom se nikali to maine dekha ki usne gown utar diya hai fir se. Ab uper wahi black rang ki bra hai aur neeche ek loose bandha hua petticoat navel se bhi kafi neeche bandha hua. Uske ek hath main uska gown tha aur doosre main uski panty.

Pal bher ko hamari najaren mili.maine uske kapade dekhe jo pahne hue the aur jo hath main the didi ne bhi muje dekhte hue dekha unhone kapade wahi side main fersh main daal diye aur mere sofe ki taraf aayi.

Didi-mujhe laga tu so gaya hoga isliye maine kapade bhi change ker liye lekin tu to jag raha hai abhi sona nahi hai kya?

Me- neend nahi aa rahi hai aapko sona hai kya?

Didi-neend to mujhe bhi nahi aa rahi.

Me-to baitho na baaten kerte hain.

Didi-theek hai.lekin main pahle kapade pahen leti hoon kuch.mujhe laga main sone chali jaungi nikal ke isliye apne kapade utar diye the.lekin ab baaten karni hain to main pahle kapade pahan leti hoon.

Me-abhi to bada mujhase keh rahi thi ki main bold nahi hoon ab khud ko kya hua?rahne dio. Kuch pahnne ki jaroorat nahi hai aap aaram se baitho.

Didi-theeek hai lekin ham baat kya karenge.

Me-kuch bhi jo aap kaho.

Didi-mujhe kya pata tu bata

Me- arre main koi meeting thodi na karne aaya hoon ki mujhe pata ho kya baat kerni hai bas baitho mere sath.

Didi-theek hai tu apna suna kuch

Me-kya sunaun?

Didi-hmm bata tujhe heroine kaun si pasand hai?

Me-aayesh takiya.


Me-acchi heroine hai acchi acting kerti hai.

Didi-chal jhoota. Mujhe pata hai tujhe kyun acchi lagti hai woh.

Me- accha? To batao.

Didi-uske bade bade hain isliye.

Me-nahi nahi. Aisa nahi hai.

Didi-kisi aur ko chalana mujhe nahi. Main janti hoon merdon ko sabko bade bade wali hi acchi lagti hai. Jinke chote hote hain woh aurat nahi hoti kya? Tera jeeja mera mard uska bhi yahi haal tha use main bhi nahi pasand aati thi.

Me-lekin aapke to

Didi-haan mere bade hain lekin uske hisab se nahi use to aur bade bade chahiye the sala haram ka jana mujhe aise tane marta tha ki main bata nahi sakti.

Me-didi yeh sab galiyan kahan se seekh li?

Didi- mujhe sab pata hai re maine bhi badi jindagi dekhi hai.

Me-kya isiliye aap dono ka divorce ho gaya?

Didi- nahi re uski to kuch aur hi vajah thi lekin tu uske baare main mat puch main abhi ungli ker ke aayi hoon mera mood theek hai isi mood main mujhe sone jane de warna bekar main mood off ho gaya to fir saari raat roti rahungi.

Didi uthi main kuch keh bhi nahi paya mujhe laga maine galat topic utha diya lto mujhe bhi thoda guilt feel ho raha tha maine unhen roka nahi woh sone chali gayi next day main theek mood main tha. Ab mujhe apni biwi ko na chod pane ki jalan kuch kam ho gayi thi. To maine socha apne saale ki kuch khatirdari ker di jaye. Use shaher dikhaya.

Uske liye kuch shopping ki.use acche hotel main khana khilaya main yeh soch raha tha ki aaj raat ki gadi se wapis chala jayega. To sham tak main use aur sweta ko leker market main raha. Rajiv bahut khush tha use bahut accha laga yahan aa ke. Sweta bhi mujhase bahut khush ho gayi ki main uske bhai ka itna khyal rakh raha hoon aankhon hi aankhon main hamne ishare ker liye ki aaj raat to ham apna bed toad hi denge lekin kismat ko kuch aur manjoor tha.

Sham ko jab ham market se wapis laute to sweta ne rajiv ki jane ki taiyari shuru ker di. Rajiv thoda udas sa baitha tha fir bola ki didi main kuch din aur yahan ruk jaun kya? Mujhe bahut accha lag raha hai please mujhe abhi gher jane ka man nahi ker raha uski yeh baat sun ke mere man main aaya ki use utha ke patak doon fersh per saala to chipak hi gaya mujhe kya pata tha ki meri khatirdari use itni pasand aa jayegi aur is baar to sweta ne bhi thodi problem mahsoos ki.

Uski bhi chut ne khalbali machayi hui thi aur use bhi yeh ummeed nahi thi ki uska bhai aur din ruk sakta hai. To use bhi thoda frustration hua lekin woh kuch boli nahi itne main maa ne under se aawaj di Rajiv ko jab tak yahan rahna hai woh rahega.aur tum dono miyan biwi milke bahut khatirdari kero uski. Tera sala hai woh uska acche se khyal rakh use ghumane le ja use gher mat bhej itni jaldi. Samajh gye dono log?

Ab to koi aur rasta hi nahi tha ab to Rajiv ko koi nikal sakta tha maa ne keh diya maane baat final ho gayi. Mujhe apne saale se koi dikkat nahi thi. Ham dono ki acchi banti thi lekin ager bhookhe lund ko chut na mile to fir rishtedari nibhana jara mushkil ho jata hai. Sweta bhi apne bhai se bahut pyar kerti thi lekin use bhi chudayi ka chaska tha woh to kuch nahi boli na hi maine kuch kaha.

Rajiv fir se khush ho gaya aur mere sath aa ke bith gaya aur mujhe apne shcool ki baaten batane laga. Thodi der tak to main khija hua tha lekin fir maine socha ki ab yeh yahan hain to iske samne koi drama na hi kiya jayeto behtar main bhi uski baton ko interest le ke sunne laga. Thodi der main didi gher aayi.

Rajiv ne unhen apne din bher ki baat batayi poori shopping dikhayi aur fir kaha ki woh kuch din aur rahega. Didi ne mujhe dekha fir sweta ko dekha kuch nahi boli apne room main chali gayi. Thodi der baad unhone sweta ko apne room main aane ko kaha. Dono under hi kareeb 30 mins tak baat kerti rahi fir Sweta baher aayi to didi ne mujhe under bulaya.

Me-haan didi bolo?

Didi-tu naraj hai rajib se? Woh khush hai bahut.aur kuch din rahega ab tu kya karega?

Me-pata nahi didi. Usse naraj bhi nahi hoon chota sa baccha to hai khush hai hamare sath to use bhagne ko kah bhi nahi sakta lekin biwi se dooori bhi nahi sahi jati. Sweta bhi chahti thi ki aaj raat ko ham sath rahen.

Didi-haan pata hai woh bhi yahi kah rahi thi. Lekin ab dekh Rajiv yahan hai to tum dono ek sath nahi so sakte. To tum Rajiv ko mere room main bhej do woh maa ke sath bed pe so jayega main baher sofe pe so jaungi fir tu sweta ke sath so sakta hai.

Me-arre nahi aap yahan aaram se so jao Rajiv ko uski didi ke sath hi sone dete hain. Use bhi yahan aapke aur maa ke beech shayad accha na lage.

Didi- to fir tu kya karega?

Me-wohi jo itne dino se karta aaya hoon.kuch din aur ker loonga soch loonga ki sweta abhi nahi aayi hai.

Didi- Sweta tujhase bahut khush hai ki tu uske bhai ka itna khyal rakh raha hai yahi mauka hai jeet le uska dil uski jawani to tune jeet hi li hai. Ab uske dil bhi jeet le jab aurat tan aur man se kisi mard ko swami sweekar ker leti hai to use bahut sukh deti hai tu bhi sweta ke man ka swami ban ja aur rajiv ki khoo khatirdari ker.

Me-haan didi kal aapse baat ker ke mere mood theek hua tha maine bhi socha ki na to sweta k chhed band ho raha hai na hi mere danda kahin bhaga ja raha hai to kuch din saber ker lene main koi burayi nahi hai.

Didi-hmm dekha mujhase baat kerne ka fayda chal ab main kuch kaam kar leti hoon tu Rajiv ke paas baith raat main jab neend nahi aayegi to ham dono sath main baat kerenge main didi ke room se baher aaya aur rajiv ke sath khelne laga. Sweta mujhe thodi sad dikh rahi thi to main uske paas gaya aur dheere se usse bola tera bhai gher aaya hai pahle uska swagat ker len theek se fir apni chudayi to jindagi bher chalti rahegi tu dukhi mat ho main tujhase ya rajiv se naraj nahi hoon.

Raat main sab log khana khane ke baad apne apne room main chale gaye. Main baher sofe pe let gaya aur tv on ker di. Aaj mera lund bhi kal jaise tufan nahi macha raha tha. Mujhe pata tha ki ab chudayi kerne ka koi chance nahi hai Kareeb 2 ghante beet gaye. Main yeh hope ker raha tha ki didi aa jayegi to baithegi mere sath unse baaten kerunga lekin woh bhi abhi tak nahi aayi thi. Mujhe thodi thodi neend aane lagi thi ki tabhi Sweta ne apne room ka gate khola aur baher aayi.

Main use dekha lekin socha ki pani peene aayi hogi ya mootne aayi hogi lekin woh dheere dheere chal ke mer paas aayi aur bina kuch kahe seedhe mere lund pe hath laga ke boli jaldi khada kero ise aur bathroom main aa jao. Mujhe to jannat mil gayi lund bhi ek second main poora khada hoke taiyar ho gaya chut ke liye maine bina der kiye bathroom main entry ki to sweta ne pahle hi apni sadi aur petticoat kamar tak utha liye the gaadn aut chut dono nangi thi.

Maine dekha ki uski chut se tel tapak raha tha woh poori ready ho ke aayi thi meri to khushi ka thikana nahi tha maine bathroom ka gate band kiya woh deewar se tik ke khadi ho gayi maine uski ek taang uthayi aur apne hath main le li ab uski chut thodi khul gayi main uske samne aaya thoda sa jhuka lund nishane pe lagay aur ek jordar dhakka mara lund uski chut ko cheerta hua aadha under ghus gaya usne apni

Cheekh rokne ke liye apne honth daba liye the maine bina parvah kiye usi pose main dhakka lagana shuru rakha abhi tak lund poora under nahi tha maine socha ki itne main hi kaam chala liya jaye bathroom chota sa hi tha aur usme bhi balti aur baki sab saman rakha hau tha to hamare paas jyada option bhi nahi the maine usi pose main use dhakke lagaye woh mujhase chipak gayi meri seene main uski chuchi ghusi ja rahi thi aur main uski ek t

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