Aunty ne Chodna Sikhaya

Aunty ne Chodna Sikhaya 

 this is Samar 22 years old from Mumbai. This is my first story which happened 2 months before between me and Sangeetha aunty. I am an average looking guy slim having 8 inch dick. Sangeetha is a fair lady with good pair of boobs 36 D and nice round ass. Let come to the story I am doing my under graduation staying with my friends.

We took a flat in an apartment for rent on the first day morning I heard some sweet voice it was Sangeetha oh my god what a beautiful scene, Sangeetha was busy in making her child to school her pallu fell down those melons were clearly visible and her cleave was awesome immediately I got a bulge in my pant. I stare at those huge melons for a while at that time she noticed me and gave a strange look. I was scared and I went inside after that day.

I was so mad about her I want her in my bed. Days passed but my sexual desire has increased. one day I was not feeling well so I stayed in my room after 9 I woke up and I prepared breakfast at that time someone knock the door as I was busy in making breakfast I said come in. I was shocked it’s Sangeetha I said vanga aunty come in aunty' she asked me a favor to take some albums from top shelf.

I went inside her house and she got a stool I stood on that she hold the stool by leaning down when I give the album to Sangeetha I saw those melons clearly through the nighty immediately my brother wake up as I was n burmados its clearly visible she saw me and smiled. She thanked me. I was so confused why she laughed? After that we became close friends whenever I get chance I use to chat with her I asked her about her husband she said he is working in Dubai by hearing this.

I was happy definitely she will not satisfy in her sex life. One fine day I was there in my flat Sangeetha called me and asked me a favor that within a week her relatives are coming so she want to purchase things from market  she asked me to take her in bike for shopping. I was so happy by hearing this and I said  ok aunty and we started by 10 clock that was a rainy season the climate was cold or she came so close. I can sense that everyone in road started seeing my sex god.

I saw through the mirror and found that Sangeetha sari has slipped and her boobs are visible. I don’t know how to say this to her finally I told that aunty wind is more so hold your sari tightly you will feel better and she corrected her sari and whispered in my ears if we adjust our seating position it will also be good, I understood her mind but I replied like a innocent boy what seating position aunty I can’t get your idea.

She came closer and hugged me ohh my god I can feel her melons it was so soft and I enjoyed the moment and we reached the shop by 2 clock we returned to home and she asked me about my college and friends. She asked me whether I m having any girl friends I replied no aunty. She asked why? As I was not looking good no one was interested on me. Suddenly she replied are you mad? You’re good looking guy don’t under estimate you by yourself.

She went to kitchen to take something suddenly she screamed I went inside and saw, she fell down her knee was injured I lifted her by! Holding her shoulder oh god I could feel those melons but she was in pain I took her to the bed room make her lay on the bed. I took some pain balm and applied on knee she said its ok I will take care. Don’t worry Aunty I m here to help you’ll I slowly massaged her knee now she was comfortable I asked her whether she s ok.

She said in a low tone keep going I understand that she was hot I raised towards thigh oh it was so soft during massaging suddenly my fingers touched her pussy area. She moaned in pleasure sssh and she bitted her lower lips. I got some courage and I touched her pussy she moaned loudly and said don’t stop. I caressed her pussy lips I looked her face she smiled at me and kissed me like a horny bitch. We kissed like a hungry dogs after 10 minutes I undressed myself.

I opened her blouse hooks I was so tight at last I succeeded and those melons were really huge. I squeezed them hardly she moaned aaahhh I sucked her boobs like a mad dog for long time. She kissed my dick and took inside her mouth oh it was so nice I cum in her mouth. She ask me lick her pussy I went down I kissed her pussy she pushed my face in her pussy and I licked her pussy for 10 minutes she cum on my face I drank all her juices.

The room was filled by her moans and she asks me to fuck her and I inserted my dick it was so tight I inserted my half dick inside she moaned loudly aaahhhh after few strokes I went inside completely. I felt her warm inside her pussy after that I slowly increased my pace. She shouted in a filthy way en pundaiya kuthi kizhida (fuck my pussy and tear it) by hearing this I got excited and increased my pace. I fucked her for 20 minutes.

I cum inside her pussy and after we lay nude in the bed for some time again and I kissed her and asked for a second round she agreed with a sexy smile this time. I fucked her ass in doggy style and I cupped her boobs and fucked by squeezing it. That day we had 4 sessions in different positions. Now I have shifted to other place I m missing her and any unsatisfied aunties and girls from Mumbai please contact my mail id

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