Enjoying With Staff

Enjoying With Staff 

This happened few years ego. One of our Projects was going on near Chennai. I used to go there every week for a day or two to oversee works. That day I left early morning in my car to that project site, reached around 11.30 am. Whole day I was busy at site and I had planned to stay back there that night and return only next day afternoon but late in the evening.

I received a call from my office to come back same night to attend one important meeting next day. So I decided to leave around 7pm and to drive back to Bangalore our Project manager offered me his driver to drop me and come back next day because it was night driving and I was alone to travel in the night. Journey would take easily 5 to 6 hrs in the heavy traffic at night.

One of our lady officers who had gone to that project site previous day on her job was supposed to come back by Bus. To catch the Bus she was about to leave the site to go to Chennai by some other transport. As she came to know that I am also going back same night, she asked me whether she can join me. I said no problem, any way I am going back alone.

I can drop you at your residence and proceed towards my home. So we started at around 7.30 pm. We both sat in the back seat and started talking about the project. After 10 minutes she said she is having severe headache and wants to sleep for a while. I said Ok, take rest and I kept quite. I knew this lady called Usha since 4 years.

She was very friendly with me as many other colleagues of mine, although she was quite junior to me and I always used to treat all my subordinates in a friendly manner. She was around 28 years old, medium built, fair and good looking, married for 5 years with no issues yet. She went to sleep quickly and started leaning on my shoulder.

I was quite and allowed her to rest her head on me. After few minutes she got awake and said sorry to me. I said don’t worry I did not mind, you can sleep again if you want to. She looked at me and smiled. After a while she asked - can I rest my head on your lap if you don’t mind? I said no problems, be comfortable. She immediately stretched herself and slept on the seat resting her head on my lap.

I was not quite sure where to keep my right hand since she rested her head on my right lap. She guided my hand to be kept on her forehead, maybe because of her headache. I genuinely felt like pressing her fore head slowly to make her comfortable. She liked that and I kept pressing her head for some time. Around 8.30 pm driver slowed down the Car and asked about dinner.

He was almost nearby a good restaurant. I told him to stop at that restaurant for dinner. I and Usha sat on a corner empty table and ordered food. I enquired about her headache and she said it is gone now smiling at me. I wanted to have a beer, asked her whether she is

Ok with that. Surprisingly she said ok, I will also taste one glass.
We both talked about our families and other things. She was unhappy that she did not conceive yet although married for 5 years now. She expressed indirectly the same thing but she was very open while talking. After dinner along with that beer we started our journey again.

This time without asking she rested her head on my shoulder and my right hand was almost holding her waist. She sat very close to me pressing herself towards me and I started enjoying the same. Luckily our car was not having centre rear view mirror and no way could driver see us easily. She whispered - I need a baby. I said don’t worry you will have babies, there is lot of time ahead, still you are so young. She said no, I cannot wait any more and saying so she brought her lips very close to mine and brushed it.

I could no more hold on and I kissed her gently. She grabbed my lips and started chewing it passionately. I reciprocated and started enjoying. I pressed her boobs which were so soft with my left hand. She guided my right hand between her thighs and my hand started searching for g spot. She widened her legs; I stared massaging her private part with clothes on in between.

She was so excited and started moaning slowly. I closed her mouth with mine completely. After a while she shivered widely with heavy sighs and calmed down for a few seconds. She was wearing Chudidar. She removed her lower part including under wear and removed my pant zip, took out my tool which was already jumping. I lowered down my pant a bit to feel little comfort in that position.

She came and sat on my lap facing her back to me. She caught hold of my tool and guided to her hot and wet cunt and sat firmly on it. I felt her hotness inside her cunt which was really astonishing. I kept enjoying her boobs with my left hand and my right hand become busy with her cunt. I kept on massaging her g spot.

She keep coming again and again. She was moving on my lap slowly and my tool was in heaven. After one hour or so my tool blasted full load inside her and we both felt fully satisfied. She was so happy, kept my tool inside her for some more time leaning backwards, kissing me again and again and whispering thanks. Finally she climbed down from my lap and put on her clothes.

I also put my pant back. She spent rest of the journey almost lying on me, kissing me every now and then on reaching the town first I dropped her at her home and left for my house. She gave me good bye kiss before getting down from the car. After this incident she used to give me naughty smile whenever we meet.

After 4 months or so one day she came to my cabin and told me that she is very much thankful to me and so much happy for that day. I asked her why what happened. She replied saying I am pregnant and everybody at home are very much excited, happy with me all because of you. I did not say anything but felt happy because she was happy, for feedback mail me at ratan.chouhan@yahoo.com

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