My Affair With Steamy Hot Cousin Sister

 My Affair With Steamy Hot Cousin Sister

 Hi friends, my name is Jaswanth, now 25  years old. Im here to share my sexy affair which is had during my teens with my hot cousin sister who was 7 years older than me. Her name is Shoba. It was initially a very sentimental, caring relationship between us. Right from my childhood days i was very much attached with my cousin sister Shoba who lived in far away from my place. Every year during my annual holidays we visit them. Since i was very much attached to her, I used to hug her tightly and sleep like a baby, she gives me plenty of kisses. Even she was very lovable and a caring sister who cuddled me slept. But as i grew older n reached my teens, obviously what happened my dick usually get bloated when i hugged her n slept, but i controlled it and used to sleep with her. Then later as days passed by every year like this, one fine day she started the unthinkable.

Ok, first of all let me describe her. She had an attracting, seducing face cut, wheatish colour and was 5 feet 5 inches tall. she was moderately built, not thin. She is quite a chubby figure with round face, huge milky boobs, sexy curvy structure, sweet ass, thunder thighs. Must be a figure of 36'' 30'' 38''. I was quite a skinny guy, with above average looks.

Once during my school holidays, she came to my native place for a visit. i was actually attracted towards her but not in a vulgar way. But what happened was since i was so like a intimate little brother to her, she didnt mind me a lot. She used to come out from bath just with wrapped around towel showing cleavage and her thunder thighs, wears her bra turning around with back facing me. These kind things actually aroused me but i had to control my emotions. Then as usual i hugged her slept the whole holidays . then suddenly this happened.

One evening, everybody left home leaving behind myself and my cousin sister at home. That night my family went for a second show movie and would return late. After i had my dinner with my cousin sister we went to bed early. Whole house was empty, myself and her was sleeping hugging each other. No wonder my dick started to bloat, you know why, her night dress was just a cotton shorts, showing her thighs and a armless cotton shirt with bulging boobs. I was hugging her with my legs on her hips and my face planted on her boobs. I think she after a long thinking slowly touched my tummy and then touched my hard bloated 6 inch dick. I was surprised by her action, but by then she asked to close my eyes and gave me a smooching hot kiss on my lips. I got aroused and even i returned her with a sensuous hot smooch.

Then we both started caressing each others body parts. I started to press her boobs nicely, she opened the shirt buttons and asked me to suck her nipples.  when i saw her cleavage I got peak mood., pulled her bra down and started to suck her boobs like a hungry baby and also pressed them hard. Meanwhile she was jerking off my dick and fondling with my balls and i was massaging her wet cunt on top of her shorts. Then I took one step ahead and went on top of her, removed her shirt fully, unhooked her bra and released her huge mangoes. She asked me, do you want me fully, i said yes of course. She was like a sex god to me. then she told me to lick her nipples, and navel and tummy. By that i understood she wanted me to suck her cunt.

I started right from the top, smooching her lips tightly, then kissing her neck, boobs, slowly lifted her arm and kissed her arm pits. I loved her scent of sweat and moved down further. I kissed her tummy, sucked her navel, she pushed me down. I pulled down her shorts fully and saw her totally wet panty. the  smell was pulling me. Then i lifted her thighs , split her legs and started to kiss her cunt. then i put aside her panty i saw the first wet cunt in my life. then i sucked her cunt, the juices and fondled it with my long tongue. she was moaning and told faster faster.

then i used my finger and slowly caressed her vaginal lips and made her crave for sex. she told come it and rub, i slowly rubbed her cunt with my thick long middle finger in and out and she was moaning and screaming. after she reached kind of peak, i took my 6 inch dick and slowly left inside her pussy. she said shit there is no condoms but its ok we can buy a pill. that gave me confidence and planted my dick inside her big wet pussy slowly and started to fuck her in and out. It was a heavenly experience, fucking an elderly woman, who was your childhood fantasy.

then I cummed inside her pussy and even she felt totally exhausted. Then we both were so tired , hugged each other nude and slept for sometime. Then quickly before my parents came we dressed up and were sleeping like one lovable little brother and sister together. From there my sex journey started with her. Later by god grace i got a medical seat in her native place and i went ther to study. whenever i stay in their place we both do foreplay except sex every night. I used to suck her mangoes, come down and suck her cunt and she used to give me the most expert blow jobs. She was really a sex god. then days passed, she got married and went abroad and i went finished my studies and have gal friend with whom i have car sex then and there.thank you

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