So I thought I would let you know that I've finished working on MC6, in a comment I made to Fas, I said I was up to image 60 something, that number is 63, the comic was going to be longer around 100+ again but after talking to a mate of mine, I decided to split this arc into multiple parts again, this allows me to have a rest and decide what to do next.

The remaining 20 images have become MC7 with a slight origin story and an introduction to one of the worst monsters that Mina has to deal with in New Castle.

This decision also has another side effect which is the real news I wanted to mention, I'm currently in the process of working on another comic, this one based on NightFall/Allan, this is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but never really had the time, by limiting my time and image count for Mina to around 50-60  pages a comic it allows me to work on it, however it is still in the planning stages, as I've got to come up with a new set of characters, Allan is set in stone obviously but unlike Mina, he won't be battling demons and monsters, he deals with the human filth and as such will not be based in New Castle, he will be in the fictitious city of Dark City, I know it's somewhat simple and old fashioned but hey why not.

I'm also coming up with a new origin story for him as in my original story he was in his teens, this will take place in his 30's thus allowing me to use the model I've already created.

I have got an outline for the first issue worked out but I've just got to get all the planning done before I can progress with it, thus it might be a few more months before I even have it ready, however if I create any wip that I think you would enjoy to see, I'll be more than happy to post them.

Till then here is nice picture of Allan in his natural environment.

And with a nice aggressive expression for YmomY. :P

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