Rekha Ki Office Mai Chudai

Rekha Ki Office Mai Chudai 

She was the fair-complexioned girl with a figure, 40-38-44, I had always eyed her from the day She joined; office. I used to see her as her working place was in front of me. We used to have eye contact with each other. She too was interested. We needed an opportunity. One day when everyone was busy in the production line and the other female office girl had not come to office. Rekha went into MD’s office and asked me to follow her and I followed her and she pulled me in the washroom and bolted the door from inside. Fuck I was in a shock, Rekha started kissing me and my tool started to harden and she had sex on her mind and needed my dick, they can’t you fuck me some way, I need to feel something inside me and that is what I had been waiting for. Rekha, I know you are apprehensive about me fucking you in the pussy but hey you got a lovely ass and I would love to fuck you there and I was sure she would say No but instead, she said that ummmm

I think that is a great idea you sure you won’t mind me letting you only fuck my ass and ok is all I could say are you sure dear cause it can give you some pain Rekha just plainly said please go ahead and fuck me in the ass. I need to get something inside me! Saying that stripped of her shirt and her bra. I moved across and put her nipples in my mouth. I chewed them roughly and she seemed to only moan with approval hmm bite them on hearing these words.I came to understand that pain gets her excited. I bit harder but just hard enough not to cause them to bleed oooh and she moaned gracefully. I was mauling her tits with my hands as I kept licking and biting those lovely firm tits. Are you going to keep eating my tits or are you going to fuck my ass too and she sucked all the pre cum clean and made my cock wet with her saliva, I just held her head down and tried to push in deeper into her throat.I could hear breathing get heavier and her eyes fill up, oh suck it Rekha; she just complied and used her other hand to cup my balls and pull and squeeze them, Heaven was here and now then slowly she lifted herself and stood again, and this time stripped her panties. Waved them in the air like some pole dancer and threw them aside.    

I pressed Rekha facing the wall and open her shit hole, applied some saliva to it and to my penis. I then slowly stared to insert my penis in her ass and I whispered in her ear not to scream as it was office and she agreed and asked me to fuck her hard in her ass hole. I placed my penis head on her asshole and opened her asshole with my hands so that it enters her easily. I gave small trust and my pole head went in her asshole. I held her massive boobs with my hand and started kissing her on her back, ear lobes and slowly pressing my penis in her asshole. It went further in, but with pain.I pulled it out and put some more saliva on her ass and to my penis and placed it once again on her asshole and placed my hands on her hip so that I could penetrate her in full length this time with full force I pushed my penis in her asshole and it slid in her ass to 80 %. She was in pain, but being office washroom could not scream and I stared fucking her by moving back and forth. Now my and she seemed to be relaxed too and finally looked back at me and smiled is it all in idea.

I just smiled and replied, Not fully dear but I guess you better get used to this a little, I hope it’s not paining; I moved slowly and kissing her neck, my cock felt incredible, the anal muscles seemed to be tightening and loosening with her breath, and damn Rekha, your ass feels so good. She just smiled and let me fuck her slowly in the ass, soon she was extremely comfortable and moaned with pleasure as I kept rocking on her and I put my hands around her and grabbed her tits.I was feeling my cock go in at least 2 inches more with ease ahhhhhhh, she moaned. I took the opportunity and pushed in deeper, she did not seem to mind, my cock was buried deep in her ass now, and she loved every moment of it. Fuck me hard, you ass fucker, come on fuck my ass what could I say as I started pulling out and in with long strokes, My other hand was on her cunt rubbing her clit and she was letting out little yelp of pleasure, after a few stroke.

I grabbed her waist from the sides and started fucking her cow-boy style and hard deep strokes, and boy this was heaven seeing your woman love taking it in the ass, I fucked her harder and could see the ass cheeks shake with every thrust, I pulled open her ass cheeks so I could go in even deeper, God I could now see my cock go in and the entire 7 inches, and her asshole seemed to swallow it all up, I could feel my load building up and felt the need to release.I am about to cum, she only whimpered and said, cum in my ass, that was all I needed to hear as I thrust in one last time and exploded deep in her ass and spurts of thick gooey cum went flying into her ass and coated the walls, my cock twitched with every spurt, Rekha just stay like that, letting the cum flow into her ass aaaahhhh, I moaned as I pulled out, my cock was totally wet with a mixture of cum and ass fluids, as I pulled out the cum spilled out as the ass muscles worked to throw out the deposits, it was one nasty sight.

This was just the beginning of our wild sessions together; eventually I had sex with her in both her holes, she would never refuse me and I hope that you all like this true story of mine. Please send your reply on Thank you

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