Sponsored Site Reviews | February 2013

Another month, another Sponsor Review. College has been going in full swing for me, so this review will be a bit briefer than others. But rest assured there are good things happening in the world of impregnation porn!

The people over at WarmKiss have been edging along with not much happening as of late. Since the last time I covered the site there has been some improvements in the members video layout and a small behind-the-scenes clip of the most recent movie released, but not much else to speak of. Updates and innovations are consistently promised however, and once they arrive I will be sure to let all of you know about it.

In the meantime you can support and encourage WarmKiss by sending positive emails to them at warmkiss@warmkiss.com to encourage getting things rolling. The webmaster is generally great at keeping up with and replying to emails, so you’d likely get a reply soon enough. Perhaps that would translate into more to speak of for next month? Only time will tell.

As ever, Lelu is cranking out porn production like no one’s business. There have been a few good creampies for the month of February, and even a few of our impregnation fantasies have worked their way into some. I think all of us here could agree that more impregnation themes the better! So lets encourage our Lelu enthusiasts to request even more of these themes, since watching Lelu getting knocked up again and again is too much fun to pass up. Nonetheless, here are some samples of her latest work for you all to enjoy:

Taking your Fiancée’s Place

A long-time lover get jealous of her love’s fiancée, and decides to make her move. She’ll stop the wedding one way or another, either by convincing him that she’s such a better fuck than his fiancée by taking his bare cock into her wet hole. Once he has filled her fertile snatch with cream, there’s no going back to his fiancée ever again.

1stTime Nervous Creampie

A man’s first time with an experienced and sexy woman. Not shy about telling him what to do, how to please her, how to fuck, she instructs her virgin to fuck her bareback and to give her a nice deep creampie. And as everyone knows, an excited virgin always pumps extra cum into a tight fertile pussy!

Cowgirl Reverse Missionary Doggystyle Creampie

After getting shot down by a barista at the coffee shop, this lucky guy gets a date with Lelu. When the dinner date turns out way better than she expected, she decides to add a little cream to her desert. After riding and being ridden, she begs for his cum, as the only way to make this first date even better would be to have his baby right then!

Likewise with Lelu, Fobbs over at Illustrated Interracial has been keeping his pace with comic-making. While the latest-described comics are still in production (he spreads his work out evenly you see, and there is a lot of spreading happening in more ways than one…), he has added another to the mix named Blacked Soccer Mommy. The title describes itself honestly, and in its early stages all that can be said is that a proud, conservative, and fertile white mother is blackmailed into devious acts with a black man by her own husband. It is touted as a Member Story, as Fobbs has a very good habit of making full-length comics from the interracial stories that he particularly likes.

But don’t think because no works have been completed in February means there is a lack of content available on Illustrated Interracial! Here are a few more titles that might perk the interests of some of you breeding enthusiasts:


A happily married couple decides to fulfill their fantasy of having a black man replace the husband as the man of the family. Inviting a black client into their home for dinner, the new master of the house eagerly takes his place in the wife’s white pussy. It doesn’t take long for him to fulfill his manly duties, and soon it’ll be obvious just who owns this family…

Ruined White Ass

A short tale about a cheating white wife’s dilemma with her first anal. While the beginning of her dark tryst was all fun and unprotected sex, she naturally got knocked up. When the pregnancy advances too far for normal fun, she offers her virgin ass to her black lover, who doesn’t show her any mercy. A fun twist on most of the stories, since our heroine is knocked up by the end of the first panel.

The Class

In the halls of Shadybrooke Catholic Highschool, Mrs. Goodwell teaches her innocent students in ‘proper’ sex education and human reproduction. Comparing the virility of white and black men, she shows her students that there is no competition: Women are made to breed black. With fun pseudo-science and some more extreme measures to ensure her students are only breeding black, The Class is one of my favorites.

Black Bitch

A refreshing short comic taking the opposite side of the interracial coin. Tonya Johnson is a dictatorial boss who loves to keep her underlings groveling. But when George discovers she has been doctoring documents to win her judicial cases, she has no choice but to give into his lusty demands. Though plotting to grass his ass, she soon falls under the power of his white cock, at least for the time she’s getting plowed on her desk. I’d love to see more comics with these ‘reverse’ themes in the future from Illustrated Interracial, especially if they were fun like Black Bitch is.

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