Still Alive! Emily's Investigation Preview

I'm not dead... yet. Turn's out this year is probably going to be the biggest year for me with work and other away time from my PC. So here's an Update for people who don't like text or excuses:

This is from the upcoming set: Emily's Investigation. Just thought I should stop working on 20 different side projects and focus on the one I've had on that list the Longest. Bad News is It's going to be another 2 or so weeks away from the computer and then I'll be at work again so I have about 2 or 3 spare days in the next couple of weeks that I'm hoping to get something done with. I'll definatley get some finished sets sometime this year... I promise.

Also I'm going to extend the voting on the Rape/consensual poll for one of the other sets I'm going to start working on sometime this century.  So make sure you Vote!!! Also leave feedback, It's much appreciated and motivates me!

Until then, Cya!

~ Jimjim

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