Manak The Necromancer

"Back in the Dark Ages this was the man to stay away from if you were a member of the dead/undead community.

While he lived he ruled an army of 100,000 dead and attempted to rule over the Isle of Britannia before moving onto Europe.

In an unprecedented event God and Lucifer and their armies fought against Manak in an attempt to defeat him, with each Demon and Angel that fell Manak gained another soldier, until finally God and Lucifer launched an attack against him in person, his army was powerful enough to halt the two mighty beings but not Manak himself, after his defeat Manak was cast deep into the dark depths of Hell, where he exists in complete isolation lest he begins to take control of the dead souls that call Hell their home."

Entry from the forbidden book 'Beyond Mortal Bounds'

This picture turned out far better than I expected and I think I got the lighting right, the background I think puts it off a bit since it's only a picture and not an actual prop set.

This is another of my old story character come to life and I'm so happy when I found the right content to make Manak, and even though I had to accept that I couldn't give him his completely correct appearance I like it still the same.

Remember 17 more comments and I release MC earlier than the release date so don't forget to drop the comments.

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