New beauty: Kelly

Welcome to my new young beauty, Kelly. Hope you will like her i've redone her face with a custom body shape (intentionnally skinny!).

I've bought recently the new toy for Poser: Reality 3. What i think about it ? Honestly i think this render engine is more longer than Octane but less heavier in resource (you can't do anything when the Octane render engine is launched). Another thing i've expected textures will be automatically well converted ... It's not the case, some trouble around "lashes" & the "eye surfaces". 
In conclusion Octane still better at my eyes, maybe less stable but sooo faster compared to Lux. That's why to speed-up my render time, especially with HDRI, in Octane i've bought a 2nd graphic card. In the hope the 2nd GC will do my renders in Octane more efficient.

Let's, now, have a look on my beauty Kelly ;).

More to come with her, here's a sample.

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