No More Sets?

So while I was at work I got to thinking, after all what should you be doing at work except think, but besides that, I was thinking about no longer making the image sets, now I don't want you too freak, I will still do pinups and wallpapers of the lovely Ladies and the handsome Gents.

And while they don't actually take me much work to make, I figured I could spend more time on MC and maybe NightFall(Still WIP) if I reduced time working on sets instead of the comics, this means that they should be out ever 2 or so weeks, depends on the Fates.

Now I want your opinion, would you miss the sets despite the fact that I will still post singular images of the characters and maybe sometimes multiples, but spend more time on the comics.

Or do you think I should keep making the sets along with the comics?

There is no right or wrong answer, I just want to know what you think.

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