Slowly Working, New Ideas, Dinosuars!?

Hey guys, still working slowly away at the Zombie series, still short for time, not sure when It will be completed but at least it's slowly moving forward. In the mean Time I took a bit of spare time to test out a really wacky Idea I've been having Lately... Inter-species Human x Dinosaur Porn! Not Sure why there isn't more of it out there so I've been tinkering with the idea of making some my self. Does this count as bestiality? I'd say no, but who am I to judge!

So I started working on a huge Dinosaur, a "Brachytrachelopan" to be specific. And by working on I really mean giving him a big ass penis.

Speaking of big asses, I decided to show him off in a size comparison between him and our curvy, animal loving, elf friend: Sally!

While he looks happy to see her I haven't quite figured out how she's going to handle this one. Though I'm sure she's up for the challenge.

I'm sure It will all cum together somehow ;) And for those of you thinking, "Well Jimjim, this isn't very anatomically correct, Lizards don't have external testicles" To which I respond. Mine do! Ha! Take that! Besides these are horny dinosaurs, an entirely different breed that have hot blood and an interest in hot women and fast cars (Kidding, only hot women).

So does this count as bestiality? Is this something anyone is interested in or is Jimjim just weird? Will these Prehistoric giants actually fit inside any of our gorgeous girls? Will Jimjim ever stop teasing us with new stuff and finish a damned image set already!? Hopefully Someone can weigh in, in the comments bellow.

Seriously I'd like to know people's thoughts on this

~ Jimjim

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