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It has been a busy time in college thus far, and it will be getting busier again after this Spring Break is up. Apologies about the lack of many updates as of late, but education is a demanding subject. On top of that the whole of Blogger has been acting up for the past week, stopping me from posting any video files (We'll fix that in the future I hope). But never fear, I have a little free time to queue up some posts in this small break, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out what our lovely sponsors’ sites have been up to.

Lelu Love

Another good month for creampie films, as well as all the rest. And just last month I learned from Lelu how the subjects of her videos are determined, and really how her whole site concept works. Even non-members can purchase a custom video for Lelu to act out! They receive a copy once it is made for their personal use, without necessarily having to join as a full member. The benefits of membership however are access to all the movies that everyone has purchased, to the webcams with Lelu and other lovely ladies, and all movie purchases are 50% of the non-member cost. So if you just want to see a single movie of Lelu taking a huge impregnating load you can order it, or you can join fully and see the dozens and dozens of creampies she’s taken so far plus everything else, AND get that impregnation-film half-off! It’s a pretty cool system that benefits members and non-members alike, and I thought sharing would be interesting.

Now for the goods of the month of March. Here are some that caught my eye: Note - Video uploading seems to be buggy right now, so I'll add them in at a time when blogger works again...

White Leggings POV Creampie
A straightforward title – Lelu teases the viewer wearing nothing but a pair of tight white stockings, then becoming so horny after getting fingered by her lover’s hand, she can’t help but suck him to hardness and then let him fuck her, bareback. It isn’t long before she’s begging him to fill her vagina with a hot load, and he makes sure not a drop escapes her belly.

Your Virginity POV Creampie
Oh if only everyone’s first time could be with a hot and experienced Lelu. Excited over the prospect of being a virgin’s first, Lelu easily seduces him and breaks him into fucking her tight pussy. Of course she wants that virgin load deep inside her, and from the way it spills back out of her you know that it was a huge one. The first of many for sure… The start had such an adorable reaction from Lelu that I just had to include two samples.

Closeup Penetration Riding Creampie
Lelu gets right down to the down and dirty with this riding creampie. First measuring her steed’s valiant member, she sinks herself down onto him and starts riding away, of course without anything to shield her from all his sperm. Lo and behold she takes a load nice and deep inside her, but not too deep as to not leak out of her needy pussy when she gets back up. Perhaps in a few months it won’t be the only thing coming back out…

Premature Ejaculation Surprise Creampie
Nothing is quite like getting a baby planted in her belly quickly and unexpectedly. Lelu is excited about fucking all night long, and after sucking him to hardness she urges him to fill her and start the whole night’s fun. The only problem is ‘all-night’ can also mean two minutes for a guy. The fucking might not have lasted long, but the nine months following will be long indeed. Also, Lelu makes an adorable face when she gets the cream, so definitely worth checking out!

Illustrated Interracial

Fobbs has been chugging along with updates for his armful of current comics, each one getting a nice dose of additions over the month of March. Some seem to be wrapping up, hopefully with delicious bellies swelling with the consequences of their dark affairs, but more comics will certainly be coming right after. There is great promise for it still, and of course still a ton of great content built up already, including…

Horny Mothers

Horny Mothers is about horny lonely housewives getting black cock for the first time. The first story has our lonely housewife seducing her son’s shy black friend. After getting accidently soaked, she takes it upon herself to not only change out of her clothes, but help Joshua as well. Discovering he is a rather gifted youth, she can't help but seduce the black boy and take his bare cock into her adulterous pussy. The unsuspecting virgin can’t stop cumming all over and inside the sultry wife, and of course she wouldn't mind having his black baby. The story ends with the potential for more some day. I'd enjoy that, as the genre of mature woman and younger boy hasn't been explored much yet, and certainly deserves it.
The second story actually was made into two comics due to popular demand. Rebecca is a happy and devoted wife of four years who takes in her old black neighbor Mr. Jackson after his house burns to the ground. Manipulating her pity and good nature, Mr. Jackson turns this innocent housewife into his personal fucktoy, increasingly training her into more and more depravity. The second chapter continues to follow the debauchery as she takes on more black cocks than just Mr. Jackson’s. This story did wrap up entirely, but it has remained one of the more popular ones on Illustrated Interracial. Will there be more Horny Mother stories in the future? I think so. At the very least there certainly is a great deal of potential there.

Runnin’ a Train

A short series about Christy, a recurring heroine in Illustrated Interracial, who in this story is in desperate need of cash. Needing a ton of money fast, her ex-boyfriend decides to run a train on her, where she will be fucked by a line of black men one by one until she has served them all. The black train does its work, and by the end poor Christy is not only exhausted and pouring cum from every inch of her body, but she’s addicted. It isn’t a surprise after being filled up and covered in so much cum that she finds herself pregnant, but will a second train convince her to keep the black baby growing inside her white womb? While this series was completed quite awhile ago, I think it would be interesting to see what her exploits would become after she made her decision - one such comic was made exploring that idea, and I certainly would enjoy seeing how she "progresses", so to speak.

The Hotel

Reminiscent of ‘Old Boy’ where our protagonist is trapped in a strange motel for most of the story, Tabatha is a bank clerk who is caught fucking the ugly manager and embezzling from the vault. To punish her in a most fitting way, her boyfriend brings her to the Motel where Tabatha will pay off her sins by being black bred. Unable to refuse, Tabatha reluctantly agrees and is constantly fucked by one black man after another. After delivering her first black baby, it isn’t a question of if she will be bred again, but how many times…? A great little story with an interesting premise. The idea of The Motel is a very flexible one worthy of exploration - why does it exist? What else is it for? What other women are there, and what are their stories? I for one definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more plotlines find their way into The Motel series in the future.

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