Unexpected Coil Activation

Nadiy went to the old junk yard as requested. Yet why? By whom?
Oddly, the old Tromornian coils were energized! How? Why? Hundreds of these old antiques had been discovered, yet neither humans nor elves had ever understood the coils, how they worked, why the worked.
Yet it was working now! So, why not start to undress!  Very logical, yes?
 Yah, go USA!
 Oh My! Who could it be? A Tromornian war party?
 Nope - just Yidan!
 Hmm, what could she want?

The usual, I guess!

Credits: [PP12, GIMP][Head is Nadie for A4][Violet Hair][Dublin Skin, with Tan Lines by Red Viper][Lali's Bits at Renderotica][Angie-Lee clothing by Val3DArt][MyMai-D bike by shukky][DM Tunnel Unit][RDNA TerraDome][LisaB Dead Trees][Jepes SteamZ][Rocket Ship Retro][Chamber 2 (chains) by davo]

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