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It has been quite a long time since I've had the time to post a video thread on here, and with the video uploading problem fixed I'm free to post without fear of crashes. So enjoy an extra large dose of the hottest impregnation porn I've found as of late!

Forced To Use Vibrator While Handcuffed

Strangely enough these first two are not necessarily breeding related, but god damn do they make me want to inseminate them! This first one is a short and sweet one - some guy has handcuffed his girlfriend to the banister and rigged her with a vibrator stuck into her tight little panties. She starts off pretty calm and collected, but as the tape rolls you can see her start to crumble. Eventually the pleasure gets to her and she drops to the ground, forced to cum. She shakily stands saying, "Okay okay, I'm done - I'm done!" but the vibrator keeps going, and she sinks back down as her punishment continues. Definitely going on my to-do list when I get a sexy girlfriend to play with...

Oh Shit Shake That Ass Baby

Silent stripshows can be fun too. This one is another non-breeding but hot-as-hell video of a sexy girl stripping for the camera. I've seen her in some other little stripping clips too, but by god is she skilled at what she does! There is a particular motion she does where she waves her hips and pushes out her tight ass just so that does it for me. Put some sexy music to it and I bet it would fit, because I find it difficult to think of a more sexy stripping clip I've seen in a long time!

Pregnant Cam Girl Before and After

Now this one is quite special! Finding before and during pregnancy picture comparisons is a bit of a challenge, let along finding movies of it. But this is a simple but great example of the latter. You get to see this particularly hot camgirl go from a fertile vixen to an impregnated MILF in the course of a few minutes. At the halfway mark it has a delightful cut to six months after the first movie that shows off immediately just how much her breasts have swelled with squirting milk. Too bad we didn't have the impregnation scene to see as well!

Mom Wants a Baby

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A great little incest scene. A mom surprises her son at work wearing a very revealing and very sexy fishnet dress, and convincing him to fuck at work she goes down on her dear son before riding him at the front desk. Right as he gets into the throes of orgasm, he asks her if she'll get off before he comes. She laughs and says no, and more, that she's taken a test that morning - and she's ovulating. It ends a little abruptly right after that sadly, but I've seen this pair around in other movies, and I'm certain they'll be making some more impregnation porn to discover later on.

Mother's Friend Wants a Baby

All these mothers and their baby-wanting! I think this will be one of my favorites. A mother's friend comes to her complaining that her husband isn't giving her the baby she wants. Obviously it is his fault, and she is desperate for a baby. Not wanting to spend the money on artificial insemination, the mother suggests they use her son to knock her up. So the pair sneak into his room and seduce him, lying to him that the friend won't get pregnant from him blasting his load deep inside her. The banter and dialog is fairly impressive, and of course the action is very well done - and done in many ways!

Breeding Lil' Zoey

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Now we get to an extra-long breeding scenario in our extra-long video post. I've actually had a fantasy like this before, so seeing it in film is kind of cool. Zoey is working out diligently, and for quite awhile the action is focused on her in some gym clothes doing exercises rendered sexy by her mere doing them. Then at 5:18, with a droll punk theme song, we are introduced to the man who immediately snatches up our little Zoey and throws her onto his bed for a hell of a lot of bareback fucking! Fitting with the exercise theme, they get quite flexible and creative in that. By the end he fills up her little cunt nice and deep, and forces her to wear her little gym shorts over it and finish her exercising with all their combined juices staining them. This is some great breeding material just as the title suggests, and it is pretty uncommon to see such a deep insemination in a high-budget film like this one.

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