MC 8 Update & Pg 22 teaser

Just thought I would let you know how things were progressing, I'm up to page 35 so I've done 14 pages since I posted on Saturday, unfortunately it isn't finished yet, I'm guessing around another 10 to 20 pages more before I'm finished.

There were some things I had planed to do in this issue but I'm going to extend this arc for one more part that way I can get it released, at the same time the one thing I mention I wanted to add was to bring a character we haven't seen for awhile back, but that will also be put into the next issue as it was supposed to be the climax of this arc and start the next.

Currently working on a sex scene and after that's finished it will be 2 or 3 pages after that, that it will be finished.

So enjoy the little teaser, it doesn't give anything of the story away, but I thought I'd post something.

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