Site Updates: The Coming Summer

       Greetings once again to all my loyal impregnation enthusiasts! Postings have been slow in coming thanks to the rigors of finishing up my senior year in college, and I must apologize for that. But with the last of my Finals work just submitted and only Graduation to concern myself with in the short term, I have time to inform you all of the plans I have for this breeding blog.

      Better yet, since my future is currently up in the air, I'll have more time than ever to devote to Impregnation Erotica, and in different ways as well. For starters, I must announce my plans to post a new story called "A Sibling Secret". It is the story of Kit, a college student returned home to visit her family and especially her dear brother Thomas. Sneaking in her college boyfriend late one night for a sultry rendezvous, she discovers her frustrated debauchery has been witnessed by her younger sibling. Soon Kit learns her little brother harbors more than just familial love for his big sister, and what transpires late that night between them is the kind of secret that only siblings can keep.

       Originally this story was created for a site competition on The ImpregNation, but after posting there other projects distracted me and it became buried in excess work. Having rediscovered it and realizing I had yet to post it elsewhere, I decided to renew my efforts and edit it into the story I desired it to become. Currently that project is well on its way, so be sure to check here often in the coming days to discover what comes of this brother and sister’s sweet and fertile incestuous love.

       After that editing project, I have two particular plans I want to begin exploring. The first involves a story concept that has been mulling around in my mind for about a year. Ever since writing the first chapter in Ashley's Dark Awakening, I've been anxious to try writing a 'White Breeding' story. In my experience, very few interracial breeding stories involve a white guy and a black girl, and those that do rarely touch on the raw racial themes that the Black Breeding stories do. It has led me to become curious whether I could craft an interracial tale with a white male protagonist with the roughness of a black breeding story. Can such a story carry the same feel as the Black Breeding subgenre? It certainly will be a creative challenge, and if I succeed I'll have added one more story to that rare group to be potentially enjoyed.

       The second plan involves more visual arts than literary. My captioning skills have been languishing in idleness lately. I've been occasionally building a few complex captions, but I feel at the same time I should return to my roots as well. Sometimes creating a sexy story for a single picture is more gratifying than using an entire panel to do so. So this summer I will be making more new captioned pictures on varying subjects, both complex and simple. Most of this work won't be technically seen for awhile - basically all the captioned pictures on the blog so far have been dredged up from my stores stocked years ago. But I'll be sure to post a few new ones when I fancy it, maybe as little in-site rewards for useful and interesting comments... We'll see.

       Finally, now that my college experience is drawing to a close, I have been thinking about various pursuits to generate capital, and possibly making a little money on the hobbies that I so enjoy. Don't worry, it's not like I'm thinking of putting a wanking toll on my blog (how much money that would be…). If I could I would put up some tasteful and interesting adult ads onto the site to get some revenue that way, but I don't know of any sources currently that would work, and AdSense doesn’t like adult blogs. So I say there is a fresh captioned picture reward for the fine lady or gentleman that points out resources for great pay-per-click erotica ads!

       However, my major money plan is to get in on the online story publishing business and advertise my premium book(s) on this blog. I've thought a great deal about how I would go about publishing, and these are my thoughts: First and foremost, I'll still write free works to post here and on Literotica. They are the way I have accumulated all my fans and viewers and have given me great pleasures creative and otherwise, and I intend to continue making those free works for those ends. And those works that are currently free will continue to be so without exception.

       So now that many readers have released their goodies from that fearful deathgrip they just gave them, I believe that a premium work of mine would have to be novella-sized upwards of 20,000+ words (~40 pages or more), jam-packed with excitement and sexiness and interesting storyline, which I would sell for... Well, I don't know what price to sell such a work for. The new poll I made along with this post will give me some insight as to what people would pay for  such a thing. If I would make an anthology of some of my current works, which I like the idea of quite a bit, the premium edition would have more careful edits and bonus content (i.e. sidestories, extra scenes, etc...) compared to the free versions. I would price those according to how much fiddling around I would do, but in all I don't feel like I would charge a great deal for any of these books. Input from my viewers in the poll or otherwise would be of great help in this regard.

       I am discussing publishing options with a few friendly fans already, but I am always open to more information on how one goes about getting works like these published. When I do publish a story I will definitely make a post about it on here, with some previews that only my blog viewers would see, and then make a banner for purchasing it on the blog. How it would work out as more were published I am not quite sure of yet, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Any comments or suggestions about any of the publishing business would be greatly appreciated as well!

       Aside from all these things, I plan on adding much more regularly to the blog than I have been this last semester. Stay tuned for those coming posts, and remember as always to breed responsibly. Or not.

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