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A bit of a late installment for my Sponsored Sites, but better late than never! The issue with posting video has apparently been resolved thankfully, and there have been a few updates of interest to my fellow impregnation fans.With college wrapping up I've been and will be quite busy for awhile, but soon enough that will change. With that, on with the update!


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On the WarmKiss front we have… not much progress still. My astute readers may have noticed updates for WarmKiss have been every other month or so, and the reason is that updates for the site haven’t panned out very quickly at all. Since the original update with their newest movie starring Reagan and her boyfriend there hasn’t been another original production finished and posted. The major update these past few months has been more announcements of production delays and a newly released version of the most popular movie on the site, Kaydence’s early pregnancy. In fact, to foster more interest in the whole series they released this movie for free on their main page for anyone to enjoy! So that is an update worth everyone’s attention.

The comments on the movie foretell the goals of the future WarmKiss, which are to have more impregnation themes and even potentially more real impregnations. Very interesting indeed, and if you would wish to support them financially you can easily join up and see their current library – But be warned it hasn’t been significantly updated in over a year, and with delays upon delays it is unknown when new content will flow again from WarmKiss. That being said however, I mention WarmKiss for a reason, and that is it is a great series with a ton of content already and potentially even more great content still! Supporting their efforts with constructive comments and inputs is always encouraged by those are WarmKiss, and I would too encourage my readers interested in seeing more from that site to show what an audience they have to entertain when they get regular production flowing again.

Lelu Love

Lelu Love has been as prolific as ever with her movies, a new one each day published for her members and those who specifically order that dream girl to act out their fantasies. Not too many creampie movies for the month of April however, which is simply just that our fellow insemination lovers haven’t been ordering too many movies lately. Never fear, I am sure there will be more coming soon enough. In the meantime here’s what we had updated in April!

BJ Cunningulous MASSIVE Creampie
Lelu certainly isn’t lying about the massive part – After getting her just-dumped friend in the mood with a sultry ‘mouth hug’, she wastes no time cumming to his eager tongue or his slow-pumping cock. By the time he’s ready to blow she is wailing for his cum in her tight pussy, and he certainly delivers – deep where it belongs! Absolutely awesome how it slowly oozes out of her fresh-fucked body too – something worth seeing for sure.

Car Suck Fuck Creampie
You know those road trips where you just get too horny and have to fuck right at the wheel? Well Lelu gets randy on a little trip and had to pull over before she gets caught driving while taking cock deep inside. It’s a tight fit riding her man at the steering wheel, but never underestimate a horny woman’s need to be filled with cream. Don’t worry – most of the cum stays inside her instead of dripping onto the leather interior!

Illustrated Interracial

As ever, Fobbs and Christy are manning the steady course over at Illustrated Interracial. Updates have been regular with a pair of new panels every three to four days, though to keep himself from boredom and stay inspired these updates have been distributed amongst the six current storylines. So given that plus the fact that most have gone well beyond the 20 panel stage in length, all the new comics are all still ongoing as of right now. That is actually pretty encouraging since these stories are turning out very interesting, and certainly doesn’t deprive users from enjoying the delights to be found in the finished library of Illustrated Interracial’s works.


Donna is a micro-story – only four panels long with no foreseeable continuation to her story. There are a few of these in the Illustrated Interracial library, but for some reason this one gets to me. Very simply, Donna stumbles across an innocuous-looking site called Illustrated Interracial, and never having dabbled in interracial decides to join up. Soon enough she can’t help herself – her fingers aren’t enough, and she needs black cock. She goes out and gets it easily enough, fucking unprotected and begging for his black sperm in her fertile white pussy. Short and to the point, I only wish there was more of Donna sometime in the future.

Slut Breeding Series

Ahhh, I bet Donna’s storyline would fit in well in this series! Slut Breeding is a collection of short stories only related by the theme of inseminating and impregnating eager white girls with black babies. Quite varied in storylines too – One has a thieving courthouse hottie being blackmailed to fuck a convict unprotected, another starring a recent divorcee looking to be impregnated by a gang of black men. Each story is fairly short but some of the best on the site, and it is definitely a series I would heartily encourage Fobbs to continue adding to when he feels like making a short and hot comic for his site. It happens to have my favorite pregnancy-discovery scene I’ve ever found in an erotic comic too – so extra kudos for that!


An older work in the Illustrated Interracial collection, Hunt is about a husband and wife getting caught illegally hunting on an old black couple’s property. Mike and Christy are quickly caught by Jethro and his wife, whose strange notion of fairness for the killing of a 12-point buck is to be paid back by breeding Christy in turn. All in black-and-white, it is a work that is still high quality, leading me to wonder if Fobbs should make more black-and-white comics sometime in the future if it would increase his rate of production… Just my thoughts though – either way it is a hot addition to the site!

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