Story | A Sibling Secret

After long hours looking over and editing, A Sibling Secret is finally complete. If any of you read the former competition edition on ImpregNation, you'll find this one slightly different than before. For those of you who haven't read it before, you're in for a treat: It is the story of Kit, a college student returned home to visit her family and especially her dear brother Thomas. Sneaking in her college boyfriend late one night for a sultry rendezvous, she discovers her frustrated debauchery has been witnessed by her younger sibling. Soon Kit learns her little brother harbors more than just familial love for his big sister, and what transpires late that night between them is the kind of secret that only siblings can keep.

One of my very first and perhaps most treasured erotic stories that got me into impregnation and breeding was an incest story between a brother and sister. Though in that story the brother managed to knock up a girl before going after his sister, A Sibling Secret reflects a few memorable phrases that story had amid a very different plot. It was a delight to write, and so without further adieu I present A Sibling Secret for all to enjoy.

A Sibling Secret
       Kit nudged open the front door, exhausted but pleased. It had been a long day, and after all the stores and appointments she looked forward to just relaxing the rest of the evening. Laden with shopping bags she bumped the door quietly shut with her back, not wanting to wake the rest of her family. Sneaking in late at night wasn’t a problem for Kit – she’d done it many times before, and with more incriminating companions than cans of soup. She didn’t make a sound as she laid down the groceries and tip-toed into the livingroom.

      Thomas was waiting for her. Well, to a degree. The highschooler was passed out on the couch, his scrawny limbs dimly lit by the flickering of the tv’s static. Kit covered her laugh. Her younger brother was so worried about her, about the doctor’s visit today, that he’d tried his best to stay up despite himself.

      “He never was an all-nighter kind of guy…” she hummed to herself, sneaking up beside him. His sandy-brown hair matched her own, though hers went halfway down her back. People often said they could tell immediately they were brother and sister, and it really showed. It might make things a bit difficult after graduation, considering what Kit learned today. But for right now he slept, attentively awaiting his dear sister’s return in his dreams.

      Kit carefully slid onto the couch and slipped the remote from his loose hand. The static flickered off, and everything quieted again. The place was just like it was a few months ago when she had snuck her boyfriend into the house while their parents were gone. Just two young bodies pressed close on the black cushioned couch, overlooked by the upstairs ledge and stairs. All alone. Thomas yawned and stretched, brushing his hand along his sister. His fingers stopped just above her lap, and it sent a chill up Kit’s spine – a light touch, just like the night they found out how they really felt about one another.

      Things turned out differently than she had planned for sure, but as for how it turned out…

Four Months Ago

      The front door swung open as the two college students stumbled inside, too busy kissing to be subtle. Kit and her boyfriend Allan had been going steady for a few months, and things were just really starting to heat up. At college they’d gone at it a few times already, but being back home made such naughty excursions almost impossible.

      Not today though. Kit’s parents were off on a business trip and only her little brother Thomas remained home. Tonight he’d be studying for his finals, which Kit knew meant he’d be out like a light by midnight. And that meant she and Allan could have fun however they pleased.

      And pleased they did. Allan’s tongue danced with hers as Kit pulled him backwards towards the couch. Her giggles muffled against his lips when his petting hands seized her behind. They omphed onto the couch, falling back with Allan pinning his wriggling girlfriend to the black leather. Kit kicked over a nightstand, but she couldn’t care. Their stealth couldn’t hide the brief escapes of their laughs, hums, then groans as they tore off the other’s clothes. He peeled her cotton shirt off, she loosened his tight jeans, and soon enough their clothes mingled together on the floor Allan’s rubbed his tented boxers against Kit’s silky panties, already wet with waiting.

      “Mmm, god Allan,” Kit whispered when she could catch a breath, “I’ve missed this so much…” She nuzzled her hips towards him while stroking his naked flanks.

      “Oh yeah, I can tell,” He replied, nipping her neck, “Think you’ll scream for me tonight, Kit?”

      “Mmm-mmm,” Kit shook her head, “My brother is still here. We can’t be too loud, remember?”

      “What? I thought you said you had this place to yourself tonight.”

      “I do, I do. It’s just my parents that are gone though. Thomas should be asleep now. He’s been – mmm – studying for tests,” Kit arched up to meet her boyfriend’s hand, the one that slipped up under her bra and shucked it from her tits. “But we’ve got to be quiet, okay? Oh just like that Allan…”

      “You say that, but you’re the one moaning so loud,” the boy smirked and kept teasing Kit’s little nipple, tugging on the small pink nub just like he knew she couldn’t resist. “Maybe we’ll give a show for your little bro, hmmm? Show him what a horny slut his sister really is.”

      “Allan!” Kit hissed through her teeth, “Don’t say that!”

      “Say what? That your brother would love to get a piece of his horny big sister?” Allan laughed. Kit scowled.

      “I love Thomas, but not like that. Don’t say things like that! Just… ooh, just fuck me Allan!”

      “Shhh, we don’t want to wake up your little bro now, right? He’ll have to miss out while I fuck his big sister…” Allan slid Kit’s panties down to mid-thigh, not bothering to take them off her before the familiar crunch and crinkling of the condom wrapper filled the silence. Foreplay never was something Allan wasted time with.

      “He’s not little. He’s graduating in just a month…” Kit mumbled to herself, laying under her occupied boyfriend. It wasn’t worth getting into an argument over, despite the instinctive desire to do just that. Thomas was a good guy, sometimes too good. She had to defend him in elementary and middle school from his tormenters who always called him ‘Kit’s Cat’ and ‘Tom Thumb’ for being small. But in high school he outgrew those names and even his big sister, and she wasn’t short by a long shot. But he always had called her ‘Big Sis’, and he still did…

      “Ahhh, there,” Allan said finally, stroking his wrapped-up cock a few times before recalling Kit her from her memories. “Yeahhh, time to show you what your brother only wishes he could do.” The dark room hid Kit’s frown, but it melted away when Allan’s hot member slid between her folds.

      “Ohh god…” Kit moaned as quietly as she could, “Please… please go slow. I don’t want to wake-” Allan cut her off by driving hard into her. Kit hardly bit back her yelp as his condom-smoothed cock jammed inside her. His cotton boxers chaffed against her sensitive mound, and his loud grunting both enraged and aroused her.

      “Q-quiet! Oh, ooh, oh!” The couch’s leather squeaked as Allan’s force nudged her forward bit by bit. Kit grit her teeth, trying to keep quiet and to bite back the pain of his rough pounding, but her moaning still slipped past her lips. “If Thomas is awake…” She thought, “He’ll know what’s happening down here for sure.”

      “Like that, huh?” Allan growled, ramming harder into the squirming girl.

      “Ummm, oooh, not – not so hard Allan.” Kit looked up at his hard face, wondering if he could see her bitten lip and clenching eyes. Probably he couldn’t, but still she gently tried to push his hips back.

      “Ugh, fine – you do it then.” Allan pulled out completely and flopped onto his back. Kit blinked and propped herself up on her elbows after an awkward moment. She eyed her boyfriend’s cock. Even wrapped in the condom it made her mouth water, and her friends agreed she was lucky to have such a well-endowed guy all to herself.

      “Well?” Allan huffed, “Come on – ride me like a good cowgirl.” She wondered if she really was that lucky…

      “Let me just cover up first…”


      “What if Thomas sees?”

      “Then he’ll know his sister has bangin’ tits.”

      “I’ve got to be careful in case he wakes up,” she reached for her bra, but Allan grabbed her wrist and held her down.

      “Nu-uh. I want to see these bouncing just for me, babe.” His other hand fondled her bare breasts. She knew he loved them – he said they were her best features. He palmed her firm tits, letting them overflow around his fingers, as if weighing and appraising them just as he had done every time her shirt came off. Kit wasn’t so sure, but the look on Allan’s face told her she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

      So she slipped off her panties entirely and inched forward to straddle his hips. Grabbing the base of his cock, she guided it into her waiting pussy. She tossed her head back and groaned as she slowly sunk down till his balls nudged her bare ass.

      “Yeahhh, that’s good…” Allan groaned, petting his girlfriend’s ample hips, “Now show me why you’re my bitch, Kit.”

      Cautiously, Kit began to post up and down. Lifting her ass and sinking back down made her pussy tighten and quiver so much better than Allan’s ramming. But instead of focusing on the pleasure, she glanced at the upstairs banister. It was too dark to see much, but Thomas’s room was the first door on the left. Door closed and light off, but still Kit worried. Every downward slide shook her breasts, a sheen sweat gleaming from them in the dim moonlight. Normally she’d never take such a risk, but she had been without Allan for so long, and she always got so horny around this time of the month. She didn’t want sex - she needed it.

      “Mmmmm, finally getting into it are you?” Kit leaned forward just so, gripping his hard chest and letting her hips work his cock. She didn’t answer – just thrust her chest out over her boyfriend’s face and tantalized him with those low-hanging fruits, yearning to be picked.

      He didn’t pick at all though. Rather he just reclined his head against his folded arms as she pumped faster and faster on him. Finally the girl felt the beginnings of that familiar knot tightening deep inside her stomach.

      “Ahhh yesss,” She hissed, tossing her long hair and arching up against him. Her whole body tensed, readying for what she’d been craving for weeks. She was almost there. Allan got there first.

       “Oh shit babe, I’m gonna cum!”

      “No no, wait!” Kit pled, forcing her hips to slow. But he grabbed her hips and slammed her down. Despite her desperate squirming or perhaps because of it, he pulsed and shot into the thick rubber sheath.

      “Nooo…” Kit mewled, grinding her hips on her boyfriend futilely, trying to bring herself off. But he grasped her hips tight, cock still twitching and pumping uselessly inside her. The tightening knot in her belly loosened, and soon all that was left was Kit’s panting and Allan’s satisfied groan.

      “Oh yeah, that was good baby,” Allan sighed, giving her a little thrust from below. The condom caught all, but even the warmth of his load radiating from it didn’t do anything for Kit’s desperation.

      “I was so close…” Kit moaned. She grated on him, milking his softening cock inside her tight pussy, struggling to revive Allan’s shrinking member. Lifting her he grabbed the base of his cock and slipped the condom off.

      “What’s that look for?” He said when he finally stopped groaning and opened his eyes, “I thought you were cumming with me, fucking and groaning on me like that.”

      “Weren’t you listening to me? I told you to stop but you came anyway!” Kit leered down at him with clenched fists.

      “When you grind on my dick like that, you know I can’t stop. Don’t blame me.” Allan casually rolled Kit onto the couch and started pulling his boxers back on.

      YOUpulled me down!” Kit hissed through her teeth, “I tried to stop, but you wouldn’t let me!”

      “God damn it Kit! I don’t get what your problem is. You were horny, we fucked, and now you’re mad? What the fuck did I do!?”

      “You-! Whatever. I don’t want to do this here.” Kit covered herself up with her arms while she groped for her clothes. Allan was already dressed by the time she abandoned the search and stood up.

      “Where are you going?” Allan asked.

      “To my room. Probably to get off like you just did.”

      “Fine then, I’m not fucking dealing with this again.” Allan threw on his coat and tromped out, leaving the front door wide open in the cold night air. Kit charged the door, raging as his engine roared to life.

      “You forgot your condom, asshole!” She reeled back and threw the spent condom at his smug face behind the wheel. But her gooey missile missed entirely, arching over the car and flying into the black unknown. She had imagined it splattering like a water balloon all over his windshield, but at least it wasn’t around to remind her of the selfish dick who made it.

      It was only after the headlights disappeared around the corner when Kit realized she was standing naked on her porch, yelling and throwing condoms into the night. She couldn’t have run faster the way she backpedaled then, face getting even hotter as the rest of shivered from the cold. She breathed hard, fisting away salty tears and gulping back the sobs when she heard a shuffling.

      Kit froze, then whipped around and crept back into the livingroom. She arrived just in time to see Thomas’s door close nearly shut.

      “Did he see that? Did he see me? Oh god! How much did he see!?” Panicked, Kit crawled to her panties and bra and threw them on before sneaking upstairs. How much had her brother seen? She couldn’t know. Maybe he woke up just at the end and didn’t see anything? Kit tried to convince herself that was it, but her heart seized when she heard her name through his door. Hardly breathing or moving, she knelt down and peeked into his room.

      Thomas’s dim bedside lamp illuminated the room as well as his occupied bed. He certainly hadn’t been studying. Pictures scattered over the sheets, some spilling onto the floor, and many more cluttered in a nearby shoebox. He lay amid them, back turned to the door, moving just so slightly under his sheets. He was definitely awake though, and Kit leaned in to hear him whispering.

      “You deserve better than that, Kitty.”

      Kit recoiled and tensed to leap back. But he didn’t turn. Instead he continued muttering, “You always bring back guys like that. Why? Why do you always sell yourself short? God damn it sis…” He rolled onto his back, and Kit glimpsed the picture in his hands. It was her.

      It hit her. Kit took a closer look into his room and found herself in every photo lying around. Some were normal, her smiling with friends or posing for the camera. But the most worn of them were different: One taken at the beech a few years ago when she got a new string bikini. Another when she dressed up for Halloween as a pirate wench, skimpiness flaunted. And then there was one of her just coming out of the shower, towel just barely covering her still-dripping body. That last one could only have been taken from Thomas’s doorway.

      Kit’s heart started pounding. “Why… why does he have all these…?” The more she looked the more secretly-taken pictures she discovered. Many of them showed off her casual dress in the house, the big t-shirts hardly covering her panties and the sports bras with workout shorts. Thomas had been taking them all these years, she realized – he always carried his camera around and developed lots of great pictures, but he never mentioned the ones now strewn about his room.

      “Kitty…” Thomas sighed, commanding Kit’s eyes back to her brother. He had called her Kitty since he was little, and he was the only one that Kit allowed to do that. He engrossed himself in a particularly worn picture in his one hand, but where his other one was Kit couldn’t see. That is, until he pulled back the sheet.

      “Mmmm,” Kit’s brother groaned, stroking his cock to his big sister’s picture. Kit’s mouth fell open – Thomas thought that way about her!? Thankfully her voice froze along with the rest of her, so Thomas kept stroking his hardening cock and staring at Kit’s picture. “I’d be so much better to you, sis…” he murmured, his precum shimmering and dripping down his knuckles. He had been masturbating for awhile.

      “That fucker!” Kit screamed in her mind, “How can he say that!?” Kit had half a mind to bash open the door and beat his senses back into him, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t move from the spot, or even close her gaping mouth. Her eyes trained on her little brother, particularly on his far-from-little cock as he coaxed it to life.

      “What a fucker!” Thomas growled, fist gripping around his shaft, “He didn’t even care about her. Didn’t even try to feel up Kitty’s thighs… her pussy…” His pumping milked another bead of precum from his engorged member. Kit watched transfixed as it spilled down his shaft. “I bet he never even ate her out… none of them did. Sis would taste so… sweet…

      This wasn’t real. Kit rooted to the spot, listening to her little brother say such dirty things about her. Things he shouldn’t have known. It was true none of her boyfriends ever offered to go down on her, and she honestly thought she didn’t want them to. But when Thomas said it like he did, with that lusty growl in his voice, anger flared up in Kit’s chest at all her ex’s for never trying. But her brother… He wanted to. He wanted to taste his big sister.

      “God Kitty,” Thomas breathed. His pumping sped up. “That asshole was right – I would fuck you. Better than him, better than – ugh! – all of them!” Kit’s head spun. He really had seen the whole thing. Seen her with Allan, seen him take her, seen his sister riding him. That was why he did this now, Kit realized. He wanted his sister. He wanted to fuck her.

      Kit found her hand in her panties before she knew what she was doing. Allan left her hot, but Thomas was making her boil over. A part of her demanded she stop. She knew how wrong it was to get turned on by her own brother, but she couldn’t help herself! Her panties were soaked – Allan didn’t even have that effect on her when he was fucking her. But her little brother did, just with his words. And his cock. She’d seen bigger and smaller before, but none in her eyes were as mesmerizing as Thomas’s cock while his hand polished over it.

      “God bro…” she breathed hotly, wondering what it would be like…

      Thomas seized up and whipped towards the now wide-open door, “Wha - S-Sis!?” His eyed fixed on Kit’s, and time stopped. Kit’s hand ceased burying itself in her panties, and Thomas’s hand petrified around his twitching cock. Neither moved, as if the scene would go unseen by them both.

      Finally Thomas took the initiative, “Kitty! What the hell – what are you doing there!?” He threw his sheets on, as if he could still hide the fact that he was wanking to his sister. It didn’t help that he dropped the photo he was staring at onto his lap. Kit stood up and recovered her hand from her moist panties.

      “Um…” she said, “I heard something, so I came to… came to…” She shook her head to stop herself from staring at his cock tenting the sheets. Regaining her composure her hot flush of anger revived all at once. “I mean, what do you mean ‘What the hell’? What the hell is all this!?” She threw her arms out over the picture-strewn room. Thomas shoved what he could back into the box, but the damage was already done.

      “I – I uh, I was-” he stammered, shoveling pictures wildly. Kitty stomped forward.

      “They’re all of me, huh!? God damn it Thomas! When did you take all these?”

      “Here and there… I guess… Hey!” Kit snatched up the one he was staring at so intently before he could stop her, determined to see just what a pervert her brother really was.

      It showed her laying passed out on the couch downstairs, her shirt bunched up under her breasts and shorts crumpled from a night of partying. Her hair splayed out every way underneath her, and she was fast asleep. That was all – it wasn’t even revealing beyond that, and its focus was on her peaceful face, a little smile crossing her slightly-open mouth.

      She remembered that night in bits and snatches. When she was a senior in highschool she snuck home after getting really hammered, and must have crashed on the couch. When she awoke the next morning, she found herself covered up in one of her soft blankets. She thought it was her parents who did that, until they found her and naturally chewed her out for being so irresponsible. All these years she believed she simply forgot wrapping herself up that night, but the blanket wasn’t anywhere near her in the picture.

      Someone brought it to her that night. Taken care of her. The edges were worn down from so much handling, and Thomas sat still, his head sagging as his sister looked at his most treasured photo.

      “You… took this?” Kit asked.

      “Can I have it back?” Thomas didn’t lift his head.

      “Why… why not one of these?” She lifted up one where she was just out of the shower, the towel only barely hiding her bare body from the eye of the camera. “I mean, you were looking for something sexy… right?”

      Thomas breathed deep and spoke to the covers, “Those ones… could be anyone. I’ve got lots more like them. But I wanted… I wanted to see my sis, not anyone else. You’re -” Thomas looked up, but was stopped from the look on Kit’s face. “I’m sorry! I’ll get rid of it. It wasn’t right of me, I…”

      “Stop it.” Kit said. Thomas quieted down. Being a big sister had its perks and Kit took full advantage of them, “You were getting off to this? My face?”

      “Y-yes – but no! It’s not just your face, it’s… uh… you.” Thomas always talked in artsy nonsense when he got flustered, but Kit felt it this time – like it wrapped around her heart, making her want to breathe in deep to give it room. “I… I saw that guy.” Thomas clenched his jaw, but quickly stopped, “I mean your boyfriend. And he –”

      “Ex-boyfriend now,” Kit corrected.

      “I kinda figured,” Thomas said, “But I saw you two… And he didn’t give a shit about you, Kitty. He didn’t even care that he was hurting you, or that he wasn’t pleasing you! And it made me so… so mad.”

      “You jack off when you’re mad?”

      “No!” Thomas retorted, “Well, not usually. But I saw you when you were on top, the way your face looked before he fucked it up, and you were so beautiful and sexy and – and it just made me mad that it wasn’t me with you!” Thomas paused before his face fell again, “Er, wait – oh fuck. Wait wait, I meant to say that I, you…”

      “Shhh,” Kit said, stepping towards her brother, “It’s fine. I get it.”

      “You… you do?”

      “Yeah, I do,” She climbed onto the bed.

      “Wait, sis-?”

      “Shhh, it’s okay little bro,” she pulled back the sheet and straddled his hips. Thomas’s blush spread through his cheeks like wildfire as his half-naked sister leaned over him, and he fought in vain to keep his eyes from roving over his gorgeous sister’s body.

      “K-Kitty? What are you do-?”

      “Shh! Jeez Thomas, do I have to spell it out for you?” Kit edged her hips down and met his. The moment she felt his half-hard cock nestle along her thin panties, a hot shock electrified up her spine. Thomas groaned with his wide-eyes trained on hers, and when she caught her breath she looked back down.

      “I’ve never thought about you like this before, Thomas. I mean it. But when I saw all this… When I heard you saying those things about me, your big sister…” The phrase made her heart skip a beat, “I… well, I liked it.”

      “Liked… it?” Thomas asked in a small voice.

      “Yeah… I liked it a lot,” Kit felt a smile creeping onto her lips. He brother really was kind – kinder than any of her boyfriends ever were. And talked so dirty about her, his sister! It felt so wrong to be like this with him, but having her little brother’s cock pressing against her felt so, so terribly good.

      “Liked… how?”

      “Oh my god Thomas! Like this!” Kit clued in her clueless brother by grinding her soaking crotch over his member. He stiffened and let out a yelp that degenerated into a moan. Kit wasn’t immune herself – she felt her brother’s cock grow taut and jut against her, and she bit back a moan herself. “You turned me on, idiot!”

      Ohhh- I did?” Kit didn’t stop, and Thomas couldn’t hide his pleasure from her.

      “Does it feel like you did? Ohh,” Kit angled herself so his cock nudged her panty-covered clit.

      “Oh god Kitty – you’re so wet!”

      “You made me like this bro,” his breathy sibling replied, “Now do you get it?”

      “Y-yeah, oh god…” Thomas arched up, pressing harder against his sister’s eager snatch. Kit pressed back. Another strange shockwave possessed her. She wanted more. No – needed more.

      “But it’s Thomas…” one part of her said, “You can’t fuck your brother. It’s so wrong!” But her body screamed otherwise. Thomas tore her between being the responsible big sister she was supposed to be and the horny young woman she knew she was. She couldn’t decide, even while teasing her little brother till his bare cock plowed along her silky panties like a spade.

      “Sis, ughhh,” Thomas arched again, “Are we going to…”

      “I… ohh… I don’t know… Maybe we should-”

      “Kitty!” Thomas gasped to cut her off, “Let me taste you!” Kit’s heart flipped in her chest. The request stopped her hips dead where they were. She sat stunned, feeling her pussy spiking with heat. Now was the time to be a good sister and stop before their act went any further.

      “Umm… Okay.”

      “Okay!? That wasn’t doing the right thing!” Kit’s mind screeched, but she was already rolling onto her back. Her mind raced as the sheets rustled beneath them, and while she was still reeling from it all her little brother was looking down at his nearly-naked sister. More than looking – feeling. Feeling all along her bare arms, her shoulders, her chest…

      “Can I…?” Thomas tentatively fingered the straps of her bra.

      “Yes...” Kit breathed. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath, but Thomas deftly unfastened the front anyway and slowly opened her up. It was chillier than in the living room, but the heat from Thomas’s palms quickly warmed her soft breasts. He handled them so gently, as if he thought they would break – petting and caressing, and pressing his fingers just so. It felt good, and soon Kit let out a bated breath and allowed her body to entice her brother’s hands.

      Thomas breathed deep, focused entirely on his sister’s bare chest. “God sis, they’re beautiful,” he murmured, petting along her bell-shaped globes.

      “Mmm, that’s good…” Kit stretched and relaxed. She didn’t realize how tense she was before from Thomas getting on top of her. But he wasn’t like Allan. Not at all.

      “You know,” she said, “they’re not going to pop or anything. You can be a little more – ohhhh!” Thomas didn’t hesitate in palming her firm pillows, gripping and sliding from base to tip. Nor did he wait long before tonguing her hardening nipples. Allan hardly ever did that, and definitely not as hungrily as Thomas. Only a few seconds of it and she was already hooked.


      “Y-yeah, just like that…” Kit found herself rubbing her thighs, not knowing what to do with her hands. She didn’t want to distract him, not when his tongue swirled so nicely around one taut breast after the other. His lips smacked on her skin, suckling, tasting. Just as she really was getting into it, her nipple popped out from his eager lips, and her little brother started kissing down her ribs…

      “Ooooh god Thomas, that felt so…” But this felt good too, Kit thought. Her sibling’s tongue danced over her belly, tracing the subtle curves of her toned midsection, slipping around her little belly button, and then teasing the borderline of her panties. When she felt his teeth rake along the silky material, she gushed a little as her pussy quivered.

      “Thomas, have you done this before?” She watched her brother’s head migrate while he tugged her panties down.

      “Just a few times,” he said before planting more kisses on Kit’s trimmed mound.

      “What? I thought you didn’t have a girlfriend…” Thomas had troubles getting good girlfriends. Kit watched a small parade of them while she was living at home, and not one of them lasted more than a month. They were never good enough for her brother though.

      “Umm… parties…” Thomas answered distractedly – Kit’s moist panties clung to her mid-thighs, and her little brother’s hot breath breezed over her bare pussy. She shaved just for tonight, giving herself a trimmed landing strip above her well-waxed sex. No doubt he could see how wet she was now being so close. That thought make the knot in Kit’s stomach tighten.

      “How – how many girls?” Kit breathed, staring down at her little brother between her legs.

      “I don’t know... Uhh, three. Maybe four… I was kind of… distracted,” he slid her panties off entirely and spread her legs. His big sister didn’t resist. Suddenly Kit felt embarrassed – none of her boyfriends ever got so close to her pussy like this. The longer Thomas waited the more nervous she became. After a few moments of lip-biting she spoke up.

      “I’m sorry if it isn’t… I mean, I wasn’t expecting Allan to-” But she couldn’t finish before Thomas pressed his lips to her moist sex. Kit gasped and couldn’t stop a squeal from breaking out. The jolt that ran through her caught her off guard, but Thomas didn’t let up. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her hips and kissed all along her slit, his tongue snaking out to taste his sister’s forbidden flower.

      “Fuck! This is… why didn’t I ask for this before?” The girl couldn’t help but squeeze her little brother’s head between her thighs. His tongue felt like nothing she’d ever experienced: He was the first to taste her like that. The first – her little brother. Thomas slipped his tongue into her tightness, and Kit squirmed beneath him. “Thomas is eating me out,” she thought, “My little brother is eating me out…!” The dirtiness of it all ignited inside her, and she gripped her brother’s messy hair hard, and pulled him closer.

      “Oh fuck bro!” Kit wailed, thrashing her hips after just a few minutes, “So good! Mmmm!” Long laps and tiny lashings – back and forth her brother’s tongue punished her pussy, making her gush against his face. His fingers joined in, two sinking into her tight channel, and Kit felt the knot ready to burst inside her. “Yes! Yes yes yes – lick me bro! God yes!!” The girl tightened and tensed and without more warning let loose her long pent-up orgasm. Arching her back and gripping his head tight, Kit creamed and watched stars dance along the dark ceiling well after her tremors calmed down into her afterglow’s shivers.

      Only then did she relax her thighs and let her hands drop to the bed. Thomas breathed hard, shaking too. Kit dully wondered if she’d suffocated him when she came, but he breathed in deep between her thighs before speaking up.

      “Better… Better than I thought… God…” He licked her still-quivering lips, along her slit in one long motion, and Kit yelped and bucked from the pleasure.

      “How… better…?” Kit panted. Her brother stared up at her with a look she’d never seen before. She shivered.

      “You taste so fucking good, sister,” he growled. Kit lost her breath again. She’d always seen her little brother as a gentle person, kind and a little bit shy. But that person was gone now. There was something feral about him now. His eyes leered into hers, his face shimmering in the faint moonlight with beaded sweat and her still-warm juices. He crawled up on top of her, keeping her legs spread with his knees. His iron-hard cock brushed along her flat belly.

      “Have a taste,” Kit nearly choked when she felt her brother’s lips press against hers. They were soft and wet – wet from her moist pussy’s cum. And she tasted strange – she’d never tasted herself before, but either from the flavor or because she tasted it on her own brother’s lips, she loved it. He gripped her head and kissed her hard, and she opened her mouth to let him in. He toyed inside her mouth just as he had done to her pussy, and she sucked her own cum from his tongue. She floated there, lost in the feeling of her brother’s lips and hands on breasts as he ground himself along the line of her tummy.

      How long they made out like that, Kit didn’t know. They only stopped for breath when their dry humping became wet, when Thomas’s bare cock moved down and sawed between his sister’s wet folds in their heated kiss. Kit played her fingers along his back while they both panted, aroused beyond imagination.

      “Oh my god Thomas,” Kit’s eyes fluttered open after they broke apart, “I’ve never been kissed like that before… Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Fuck, why don’t you have a dozen?”

      “Because…” Thomas said, pausing a moment but only slowing his dangerous grinding a bit, “I guess because they never measured up to my big sister. That’s all.”

      Kit smiled. She felt proud: Proud as a big sister for being so important to him, but also proud as a woman who beat out all the others in his eyes. Her brother’s eyes… She stared into them. They were blue, just like hers. They both got it from their mother, and least that’s what Dad told them. Now she was staring into her brother’s eyes as his sweat-slick body rubbed against hers and his naked cock teased her tight opening.

      “Oh brother, I love you…” Kit sighed. Then she realized the problem. “Oh, wait – Thomas, do you have a condom?”

       “I… I didn’t think of that,” Her brother replied, “I’ve never… I mean, I haven’t gotten this far before with anyone.”


      “You’re a virgin?”


      “But you were fingering and eating out girls till you lost count?”

      “That’s the gist of it.”

      Kit could hardly believe her little brother hadn’t lost it yet, especially after the magic his tongue worked on her. She couldn’t hide her grin as she petted down his tense back.

      “That’s okay bro.”

      “Are you sure?”

      “Oh yeah. Just means your big sister is going to take her little brother’s virginity,” Her giggle warped into a little satisfied moan as she felt Thomas’s thick cock twitch against her pussy.

      “What about the condom? Are you safe sis?”

      “No, not right now. Definitely not right now. But you’ll have to learn how to pull out sometime. Best to start with your first time.” Kit knew today was among her worst days to be going bareback. But her body wasn’t going to let her stop now, now with her brother’s cockhead catching perilously on her soaking opening with every pass he made.

      “Oh… okay then, I’ll pull out Kitty,” he said, starting to pant again when Kit wrapped her fingers around his dick and guided him towards her.

      “That’s a good boy,” Kit purred and lined him up between her folds, “Now be a good brother and sink nice and slow into your big sis…” Her heart beat wildly as she said it. She’d never been so excited before in her life, seeing her brother’s cock nudging her entrance. With her heels spurring him on, he slowly pressed in.

      “Ughhh, sis…” Thomas groaned, sinking his virgin member into his sister.

      “Yeah, yeah that’s it – mmmm! Keep going bro…” Kit watched his grimace, his pleasure-twisted face as he stretched out the first pussy of his life. His sibling’s pussy. And stretch he did – Kit instinctively tightened around the invading flesh, capturing him in a hot velvet grasp. She’d only gone bareback a few times before, but her brother’s bare cock beat them all.

      Her little brother’s balls pressed against her moist lips, and his pelvis rooted against hers. Thomas quivered and moaned, and Kit could feel him already twitching hard deep inside her. He filled her perfectly. Where others had come up short or been too long or thick, her little brother fit her lock and key. Kit rounded her hips and Thomas grunted and growled through his clenched teeth.

      “Don’t,” he managed, “Move. Sis.”

      “Hehe, going to cum right after being deflowered?” Kit grinned wide. Despite how composed and suave he was masturbating, her pussy was almost too much for him to take. She angled her hips up and down ever so slightly, just to keep her brother on edge as he tried desperately not to fill her pussy right then.

      “Stop mov- ugh god,” Thomas whispered in a husky voice.


      “Make me,” Kit teased.

      “Fine,” Thomas pressed down and pinned her roving hips to the bed with his own. She tried to grind up on him still, but his hands gripped her waist too tightly.

      “Ooooh, brother…” Kit groaned, “You like taking charge of me, don’t you?”

      “… Yeah,” he said. He’d regained himself in the meantime so that his tense shivers turned into a humming excitement.

      “Then fuck me,” Kit licked her lips and gripped his sides as she spoke so dirty. “Fuck your horny big sister.” This time he didn’t wait. Before she could even finish he started, slow at first, but more and more his strokes grew until the firm rhythm tattooed on her hips. “Oh Thomas…” Kit murmured, digging her nails into his sides, “Harder… fuck me harder.”

      He did as he was told, and did it gladly. Kit realized where she was, in her parent’s house getting fucked by her little brother on his bed. The fact that is was bareback made her moan even louder when his thick cock kissed the depths of her pussy. The bed began to squeak beneath them, and Kit’s voice grew louder with it.

      “Yes! God, fuck me just like that, bro. Fuck me!”

      “You’re tight sis,” he grunted, plunging in hard.

      Ahh!You’re so thick bro – ohhh…”

      Fucksis, I can’t hold on...”

      “Let me get on top,” He was twitching hard inside her, and even as he pulled out she felt his precum squirt onto her hot pussy lips. Dangerous, Kit thought. She rubbed it into her pussy as she mounted her brother, just like she had done for Allan a mere hour ago. But rubbing her brother’s bare cock against her wet slit felt a thousand times better. It was still twitching in her hand when she plunged down onto him.

      “Ughh, sis… Be careful,” Thomas groaned, arching back and hanging onto her hips as Kit slowly posted up and down on him.

      “What’s that?” Kit said playfully, “Little brother getting close? Going to cum so soon?”

      “If you keep doing that…” he moaned. Kit sat down on his lap and danced her hips about, keeping her brother’s cock nestled deep inside her sex where it belonged.

      “There, see? Big sister will take care of you,” Kit grinned devilishly. She couldn’t help herself now – the idea just boiled her blood and made her want to be naughtier every time she mentioned their taboo coupling. Thomas wasn’t unaffected either. He groaned and bucked up, lifting her just slightly and nudging her cervix deliciously.

      “Watch me. Touch me,” Kit urged breathlessly, starting her rhythm again. Thomas’s eyes trained on his devious sister. Her fair skin glowed in the dark room, the shadows cast from the window across her breasts and belly flickered back and forth as she pitched and rocked on him. Kit watched her brother feel up her working hips to her undulating belly, caressing every inch of her as if she were a dream that would disappear any moment. His wild eyes made her tense again. She’d been building for so long now, kept on edge by her brother’s near-misses and heavy jerking inside her. Now she was ready to cum for her dear brother again.

      Thomas wanted more too. He pulled against her lower back and brought Kit low. Leaning over him now he planted his hands firmly on her ass and kissed her hanging breasts like Allan refused to. Kit moaned and offered herself, though her hips moved faster and faster as he suckled his sister. Their hot breaths mingled, just like their sweat and cum, mixing together between their bodies in their taboo act. Brother and sister drew closer, and desire drove them towards the greatest taboo of all.

      “God bro, fuck me!” Kit wailed. Her voice filled the empty house, filled her brother’s ears. He grasped her hips and thrust up into her wet pussy, adding to her cries the squelches of her wet cunt taking his full length. “Thomas! I’m gonna cum soon – Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum on my brother’s cock!”

      “Me too - Fuck! Sis, I’m gonna cum too.”

      Kit’s heart pounded. Her nerves thundered. Her pussy quaked. She felt her brother’s cock, his beautiful cock, jabbing deep inside her, sheathing inside her so perfectly, so completely. She’d always loved her brother, from the moment he was born she loved him. But now her love grew beyond what she ever imagined it could be. She loved her brother like a sister shouldn’t. Like she always wanted to, deep down.

      “I love you bro! I love you so, so – Mmmm!” Sweat poured down between their rutting bodies and Kit arched and howled as the tightness in her belly twinged and threatened to snap any moment.


      “I love you sis!” Thomas cried back, “I’ve always loved you like this!” His balls slapped her ass in his abandon, and he thrashed her soaking pussy. They both felt his throbbing, her tightening, and knew it was now or never. Kit didn’t stop posting when she held her brother’s face and stared into those familiar eyes.

      “Cum in me.”

      “Kitty? But you’re -”

      “Cum in me bro! I love you – I want you to cum in me!”

      “I can’t, ragh! – I can’t hold back sis! What if I get you-”

      “You will! Ahhh! God you will! Yes!! Give me your cum Thomas. Oooooh! Give me your baby, bro!”

      They came. Kit screamed and thrust down just as Thomas rutted as deep as he could inside her unprotected body. Hot cum erupted deep inside Kit, spraying her belly full of his brotherly seed. He grasped her hips tight and held her still as she screamed and shook, keeping her pussy gripping around the base of his cock as his balls launched all of his load against her inner walls. Kit felt his potent sperm splash against her cervix and wailed, another wave of her climax washing over her just from knowing her little brother was filling her womb with his cum.

      By the time Kit had collapsed onto her brother’s chest and his cock twitched out the last of his pent-up load inside her, the bed had become soaked with their sweat and cum. Kit gasped for breath, reveling in the afterglow of the best sex she’d ever had, and Thomas did the same. Before long they were kissing again, holding each other as they did.

      Eventually Kit rolled off to the side and laid on the bed, still panting from their hot exchange. Thomas laid next to her, staring up at the ceiling.


      “Yeah, Thomas?”

      “Are you… did you mean it? What you said about…”

      Kit thought on it. Risking that with her brother was insane, sinful even. But at the same time… Kit ran her hand over her belly, feeling it slowly lift and drop from her deep breathing. Below her hand she could feel Thomas’s sperm, hot and thick, oozing inside her and drooling out over her pussy lips like thick syrup. But so much more was right in there, doing its work inside her sisterly womb.

      “Well…” Kit said, still looking at her belly, “…Yes.”

      “Yes? To what?”

      “All of it.” Kit rolled her head to the side and met her brother’s gaze, “I love my little brother, more now than I knew possible. And…” she stroked her flat belly, “I would have your baby in a heartbeat, Thomas.”

      “God…” Thomas stared at his sister, mouth agape. Then it curled to a smile.

      “I love you Sis.”

      “I love you too, bro.” Kit smiled back just as wide. Cuddling closer though, feeling his cum squishing out between her thighs, she regained her naughty grin from before. “But you know Thomas…” she said.

      “W-what? What’s wrong?” Thomas asked.

      Kit wrapped a leg around his, rubbing her messy pussy against his thigh as she whispered, “You’re going to have to give me a lot more cum if we’re going to make a baby, dearest brother…”

Four Months Later

      And he certainly did, all through the summer. Kit nudged Thomas gently, trying to keep quiet as their parents slept upstairs. Slowly his eyes opened, and he looked up hazily at his sister.

      “Kitty? Oh hey, you’re back already…”

      “Already? I’ve been out all day!” Kit huffed. Thomas rubbed his eyes and sat up, though he kept his hand where it was. He was looking there intently.

      “So… what did they say?”

      “Oh, the usual. Eat right, exercise, brush my teeth. But then I had to take off my shirt and… well…”



      “Well, they found this,” Kit stood up and lifted her loose shirt. There, amid her toned and slim midsection, was the slightest curve just below her navel. A little bump even? Thomas touched her gently, running his hand over his sister’s belly while looking up at her.

      “And? What did they say? Are you…?”

      “They said she’ll look just like her Daddy,” Kit grinned, watching Thomas’s eyes light up and his hand pet over his baby nestled inside her belly, “At least, that’s what I bet they’ll say when they find out.”

      “Awww, what?” Thomas scowled, “What do you mean? Are you pregnant or not?” He was staring at his sister’s tummy the whole time, as if asking it for the answers. Kit giggled.

      “That’s my little secret, bro,” Kit said, smirking down at her frowning brother, “Pfft, you’ll find out soon, one way or another. You have been fucking me without a condom every night when Mom and Dad went to bed, you know.”

      “Sometimes more than that,” Thomas reminded. His palm circled that spot, right below my navel.

      “Oh yeah… Well, I’m saying don’t worry – we’ll be off to college next week, and you’ll be moving in with me.”

      “But wasn’t I going to move in with-” Kit gave him a look that cut his words off mid-stream. She arched her eyebrow and rubbed her belly to give some added emphasis.

      “Nope – you’re sticking with me, brother dear,” she said sternly, but her eyes betrayed her severity. “I’ll have to make sure my younger brother does well in college while he’s trying to knock his sister up, don’t I? And besides…” Kit peeled off her pants and smiled devilishly, revealing her lacy thong to Thomas, whose cock was nearly bursting from his pants already.

      “Siblings know how to keep a little secret, right?”

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