Veronika and Sue 01

It's almost been a week since my last post, and it's been a month since I posted my last issue, I have the weekend off and am hoping to get it finished, I'm up to page 21 and that doesn't include the cover.

So to ease the time a little I thought I'd do a pic of the two people who wouldn't mind doing a photoshoot, none other than Veronika The Whore and Sue The Model, will these two meet in the comic, currently I don't have any plans for it, so enjoy and cross your fingers that I get it done this weekend.

On a plus my work hours have gone back to normal, so things should be back to normal again.

Also on a side note, I just calculated the total amount of times MC has been download, the total for all the comics is: 1628 times.

That's incredible. :D

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