Woman of Mystery!

Red Viper (over at ShareCg) has released a new Aiko4 outfit ... err, sort of an outfit: an "Emergency Suit"! This set has a lot of his stuff.

Now this dress is instead the "Class Uniform for Aiko4", which may be one of Red Viper's older outfits deleted from ShareCG. If so, there is a torrent of his old stuff out there - seek and ye shall find.
Nadiy is getting more comfortable.

She likes some restrictions in her life!
Ah, now here's the "emergency Suit", which the promo claims is an outfit a gal can piece together in an emergency - should a gal find herself short on clothing while out in public!

Hmm, and it's good to see that Nadiy warms up suitably before her dance exercise! It would be dangerous if she came at this too tight or dry.
Finally, some nice knee bends on a stiff buzzing ram-rod. No wonder Nadiy's so good at dancing ... or, maybe she's not ... because this is all she likes to practice!

Credits: [PP12, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Violet Hair][Earings by Inception8][Dublin Skin, with Tan Lines by Red Viper][Lali's Bits at Renderotica][Dress/Jacket from Class Uniform by Red Viper][Socks/Shoes from Track Suit by Red viper][Emergency Suit by Red Viper][Rotor/vibrator by Red Viper][Dance Studio][Quonset Hut Fuck Stand by Davo]

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