Is my butt too big?

One of the many critical questions every man lives in fear of being asked.

Now if you're a woman, you'll be asking why, it's a simple question.

Yes it is, but it can have some grave consequences if answered wrong, from her not talking to you for an hour to not getting sex for a week, or even break up.

I often hear that women are more metal and men are more physical when it comes to appearance, however if she is worried that a part of her body is unattractive to her boyfriend/husband or any other man she will be devastated.

Me personally I try to be honest when it comes to women who ask me such questions, and with that I was the same with Sue.
"Yes Sue you do have a big ass, not as big as some women I've seen, but Sue your all curves and that's what makes you beautiful."

But in all honesty from me to every woman that reads this, I don't care if you're as skinny as a stick or as large as an elephant, there is a man in this world for you, if you want to lose or gain let it be your choice and no one else's.

Now the question:
What would you say to Sue if she asked you?

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