Old and new.

With new commision coming up
and one still in progress i didnt have much time
and whatever sapre i have i use to improve my CG workshop :)
I finally upgraded my software and i like the results.
I allso had this idea for a Sci Fi comic but i never had
the time into doing it.
Well i did manage to make some characters for it, i allready
showed the cyborg girl in may post.
Enyway here are some results of my testing.
First new Tera with fantasy and Sci fi version.

Dammit i still cant make those pics stand next to eachother :(
In new version skin finally reacts to lights unlike my old textures
and i allso tryed to get more toonish look.

Here is one of new character for the comic i made.
Her name is Clair and shes a weapons dealer and she LOVES

Biger gun the beter!

There are allso other improovements in my charactes :)

Zero photoshop correction here.
Opinions pleas!
I hope i will find the time to actully make this comic..

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