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Today is a special blogpost, one of a series of semi-random blogposts I would highly enjoy writing for Impregnation Erotica. Since I like to start any new project off on a strong push (like so many other things…), I want to talk about the most interesting impregnation-themed erotic game I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across: Project Lagomorph.

In short, Project Lagomorph is about horny hyper-fertile bunnymen impregnating as many women as possible. After a failed incantation a Lagomorph invades this world, a being of immense fertility and a propensity for rapid reproduction.  Luckily for it, this world is teeming with human women more than suitable for breeding. This escape wasn’t planned by the minions of the underworld however, so the forces of Hell’s Labs attempt to recapture their wayward inseminators at all costs.

The core gameplay revolves around the lagomorph player finding, seducing, and inseminating as many women as possible while building up enough of an offspring army to defeat the stage’s boss. Originally this process was going to be straight rape, but that has changed into a charm-based system instead – goes easier on the hearts and minds of players enjoying watching these girls get gravid with demonic spawn, and likely will better appeal to women as well as men.

Now the ladies become rather willing accomplices to their dashing demon, and once charmed will obediently follow the lagomorph back to his lair and be summarily bred. That is, unless their boyfriends or husbands have any say in the matter - Or worse yet, the minions of Hell Labs bent on putting down the horny lagomorph infestation. But if the player is successful in their sneaky mating, it won’t be long before their lovestruck lady will show the fruits of her impending labor. Depending on the amount of care she is given, she will produce a litter of lagomorph eggs destined to hatch into the most adorable Minimorphs – tiny bunnies with bright futures in breeding their own ladies in due time.

If the player manages to avoid detection long enough, they’ll soon find their lair teeming with freshly inseminated ladies, tight and bulging bellies, and fresh batches of eggs and Minimorphs popping out to further their sexual domination. Control of the lair’s occupants, the breedees and the soon-to-be-adult lagomorphs are to be guided by the player through general commands like “Go Breed!” or “Follow Me”. Eventually the lair will become a burgeoning colony, and if managed very well will begin producing female lagomorphs – sexy bunnygirls designed to breed like crazy and key to producing the forces necessary to overcome the level’s hellish hazards – not to mention put those boyfriends and husbands to work breeding too! Eventually the player’s efforts will make an army of lust-crazed bunnymen and women, and with that force will be able to subdue the Hell Lab’s minions and overseer, and thus secure the area for perpetual breeding and impregnation!

Project Lagomorph is currently in early planning stages and is being worked on by two enterprising fellows over at PregChan – PH Levels and CoderPreg. What they are most looking forward to is not only creating a cute and erotic game, but also one fun to play. None of this half-assed gameplay you see in so many flash porn games on the web. Given their plans, Project Lagomorph will be fleshed out and challenging enough to be entertaining not only as erotica but as an actual game. To that end they are looking for feedback into improving their ideas, adding new thoughts and suggestions, and overall positive criticism to encourage its continued development.

The game is currently projected to be created in Flash, so just about anyone with a private computer will be able to play it. Flash also lends a fluid and dynamic art style, and seems perfect for Project Lagomorph. On top of that it will be composed of original pixel artwork and animation by PH Levels throughout, who has a style that I particularly enjoy. Its grand themes will obviously be demon-human breeding and impregnation, but with other related topics like lactation, inflation, and pregnancy in fruitful abundance.

As one can see from the artwork, the game is meant to be not only erotic, but funny and endearing as well. The transition from rape-based play to charm-based really allows the cute cartoonishness to play out better, and the option to play as either a male or female lagomorph could make this game appealing to both sexes. Another alteration moved from flat 2D sidescroll perspective ala Mario or Terraria platforming to 2.5D perspective seen in games like Earthbound or pre-3D Zelda games. The choice in an isometric view greatly improves the prospects for the game, and further allows for a great deal of user customization and potential modding.

For a more in-depth look at the various game mechanics, artwork, and development behind Project Lagomorph, PH and Coder have a publically commentable design document that I will include at the bottom of this post. I highly recommend checking it out if you at all intrigued! If it becomes popular enough, they have plans to open up an even more freely-accessible document for crowdsourced ideas, suggestions, and comments.

Also, if you have skills in programming, artwork, or other videogame-related fields and are interested in lending your support to Project Lagomorph, I would greatly encourage you to contact them post-haste! And if you are like me and simply a highly interested fan, be sure to let them know - Like the authors of any work, getting compliments and hearing how excited people are is highly inspiring and encouraging.

I greatly look forward to soon posting again about the progress Project Lagomorph is making, and thereafter showing off its progress first-hand by directing my viewers to its alpha-demos that will be coming out for public play-testing. Help make this project a reality by supporting its developers, and soon we’ll all be enjoying the rampant breedings of these delightful infernal bunnies!

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