The cyborg project


Hey folks, today i show you a new project that i'm working on: Cyborg character. With the release of Lavinia (@rdna) i'm converting the cyborg tex to fit my own beauties.
I've spent my whole tonight on the head, just see. I have to do Limbs & Torso, then she will be finished!

I've test some different stat of displacement, found these two are very nice but don't know which one to choose :D.

Default Displacement:

Displacement increased:


Today i present the left arm & hand cyborg, default displacement used.


Today i was working on the torso mat 30-40% finished, i will continue tomorrow.
I still have something to show you, the right cyber hand.


She's almost finish, still have to do both legs & right arm then adjuste some details (add "mechanic" parts) & she will be ready!
Here's the torso part.

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