A Shy Lady Takes a Leisure Day

Accountant Nadiy takes a walk on a fine summer day.
Accountant Nadiy is shy, so she is wondering why I am following her. It's a free world, right? She has a nice swagger.
Fortunately, I can see through the door. Accountant Nadiy is ... I guess ... preparing to go swimming. Since she's so shy, it will be interesting to see what she wears!
Oops. I guess I don't have X-ray vision. I guess Accountant Nadiy forgot to close the door! Well, nothing she can charge me in court for.
 Uhm. This is the swim suit of a shy accountant?  She wears it well! Hubba! Hubba!
But her shyness causes her to run into the water.
Ah, Accountant Nadiy now has a problem. It seems her swim suit looks great, but isn't good for running ... or splashing in the water.
Mister, are you helping? Are your looking for my bottom! My bottom!

Oh, I promise, Miss Accountant Nadiy. I am looking for your bottom with eagerness! Your bottom! Much eagerness! Damn!

Credits: [PP14, GIMP][Nadie for A4][TootsieRoll Hair][Tan Lines by Red Viper][Lali's Bits at Renderotica][Everyday 1930 Dress][Petit Bikini][Sandy Bay][Fantasy Camp]

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