Captioned Pictures | Various Authors #1

      Hello my fellow insemination-lovers! Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of Luke345 probing the depths of Hypnotics Collective, I now have the great opportunity to share with you the works of various caption artists of the mind control variety! This series of posts will feature fertile captions created by various authors and artists aside from myself that deserve to be shown off to our hungry eyes.

      If at all possible I will be attributing the authors who made them, though as we know not all caption authors are easy to find online... Nevertheless their works ought to be appreciated, and I have little doubt that my viewers will find many of them quite enticing. So without further adieu, please enjoy the mind-control works from the artists over at Hypnotics Collective!


 J J Swat

Karel Capek

Lee Ann Wilson


Scifi Scribbler


Various Authors
M Caesar

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