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     High time for another update to the blog, and what better update than a collection of sexy movies? Well, maybe there are a few more interesting posts possible, but certainly we don't mind seeing some lovely ladies getting some hot loads pumped into them, or the results thereafter, right? Lets get right to it then by showing of some of the films I've scoured up from the net.

Diamond & Emotion

     I'm surprised I apparently haven't put this video up on the blog yet, despite it being one of my favorites in terms of minor-plot and rarer subject matter. The tiny bits of plot one can derive from this white-guy on black-girl movie is that Emotion is busy getting fucked by her boyfriend for half of it when Diamond, their mutual friend or fuckbuddy of some sort, wanders in and gets turned on herself. Diamond is already pregnant, not too far along, so the sight of Emotion with her big belly must be inspiring for her, especially since she's craving some white cock. Threesome delights ensue, and in the end the boyfriend cums all over Emotion's ebony belly. At the end, the secret is revealed - He's the father of Emotion's baby. Big surprise, right? Well, I do like the idea of planting white babies in black bellies myself, and you just don't get to see it much in lots of porn.

Real Slut Party - She Asks Me 4 Creampie
Click Link for Movie (Warning: Possible Pop-Ups - have antivirus ready)
     Now this is a short but sweet recent find of mine. No set-up needed either - it's a party girl getting fucked, belly down to the bed in front of a mirrored headboard. She's naturally smoking hot, but that's not what is particular great about this clip. About twenty seconds in she starts dirty-talking, telling the guy to knock her up and give her a baby. Normally in porn if you even get that it is kind of half-hearted, but the way she looks into the camera as she says it, the way she is obviously getting off to the idea, and of course how she makes him pop in two minutes after saying it, it is special indeed. I'd love to get into contact with her - If ever I was to make an impregnation-themed film, she'd be absolutely perfect for a role. Besides, I wouldn't mind seeing her get her wish either...

Mommy Fucking Black While Baby Cries
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     To be honest, the title adds most of the sexiness to this movie and makes me post it here. The film itself is amateur, a fixed camera showing a lovely white girl servicing a black guy, and she's definitely into it - really sucking him down and riding and not caring how loud she is. Halfway through you can hear a baby crying, but she completely ignores everything as she gets off on some black dick. The title makes my mind wander though while watching it - she's so into this guy, so did he knock her up with that baby crying in the background? Maybe she is his little white babymomma and she's been waiting months to ride the dick that knocked her up the first time? Anyway, not exactly related to breeding aside from this context, but it's worth a watch to see her enthusiasm!

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     ALL CAPS PREGNANT! Well, it shouldn't be a surprise, given that our lovely-accented UK girl is in her last trimester. Mostly a movie for the bits of dialog exchanged, with her being a very seductive and in-control mommy-to-be. She gets undressed and takes a shower, the cameraman following her around like a lost puppy, and she toys with him until she decides she wants a little fuck. She puts on a tiny black dress before leading him to the kitchen, lays down on the table, and gets him to fuck her pregnant pussy. He finishes up on her belly, and she rubs it in like a lotion - just another guy to please her after all.

 Copulation and Insemination - Pregnancy After

     Now this is a rare treat indeed! A simple but well-edited compilation making a rather believable little storyline of a girl getting fucked, inseminated, and showing the fertile results in the end. The author of this work, a user by the name of SkyLiberty on PornHub, combined clips from a high-end porn film, a BBC documentary showing an internal view of fucking and insemination, and a solo-pregnant masturbation film into a rather convincing film. The transition between the insemination and pregnancy clips is especially commendable for the line-up, and not knowing any better you could swear it was meant to be a single film. Very hot, and exactly what our genre of fetish needs honestly! He has some more works I will likely cover in other updates, and I sure hope he will be making even more in the near future. Makes me want to try my hand at it - God knows I have enough porn to do it!

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