Mina Chronicles Special - Spotlight on Emily

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Well everyone it is finally finished, after just over a month it is done.

Surprisingly this isn't the largest or longest issue I've done, that honour still belongs to issue 5.

But this is the first time I've had so many different locations and used more than 2 or 3 characters in a scene.
My new computer has helped a lot and that is why it didn't take me another month to finish it lol.

There's not much to tell about this issue that most people who visit the blog don't already know, but I hope this shines a light on a decent amount of Emily's life.

I could have added a lot more but for sake of time and wanting to get it finished I cut some of it, not major story parts, just extra sex and punishment scenes.

I've also completed Rina's latest request and am just waiting for her response before I post that, so until then...


I'm going to relax for a few days before working on something else lol.

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