Sponsored Site Reviews | August 2013

       A Sponsor Review post actually one time? What madness! Well, it is the end of August, and so it is time for another update on some my of favorite cool sites out there. I'm excited to get to it, so here we go.

Lelu Love

      Not too much in the creampie department this month of August, but still a nicely varied bunch of movies have been diligently posted throughout the month. Lelu said she's gotten at least one more impregnation video request awhile ago, so one can plausibly hope that more have been coming in the meantime and will soon grace us horny breeders and breedees with delightful inseminations and babymaking dirty talk!

Big Closeups Penetration Creampie

      Like the title says, it's all about the close-up fucking and creampie of Lelu Love. Plot is thin, just that they've fucked before and Lelu can't wait to have him pumping inside her again, and quickly they get down to business. Unlike lots of professional porn creampies, her virile costar doesn't even try to pull out - he drives right in as he cums, and fills her deep. I'm certain quite a few of us will appreciate that performance!

Sensual Massage Closeup Sex Cumshot

      This sensual massage is quite sensual indeed. Slow-paced and quiet, Lelu constrains her normally loud wails into little moans as a massage turns into more. While not exactly a creampie video per se, as he ends up painting Lelu's sweet pussy with his cream, it's close enough to a creampie movie to count in my book. As we all learned in sex ed, even sperm on pussy lips might knock a girl up, so... yeah!

Illustrated Interracial

      Now here we've had some major progress with not one but two story arches completed, Ghetto Teen and Blacked Soccer Mommy. These completions along with the likewise recent completion of Prison Story will greatly set Fobb's pace forward on his ongoing comics Manza, Emptiness, and Flag Girls, as well as allow him to take on another new project soon enough. Expect some faster story additions in the next few months, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more great stuff very soon. For now, I'll recap how those two recent works turned out!

Ghetto Teen
      Sarah McGuire is a rich stuck-up bitch who gets lost in the wrong neighborhood. What was supposed to be a routine shopping trip turns into a harrowing ordeal as she totals her car after irritating and insulting just about every denizen of the grungy neighborhood. When she comes to, her saviors are looking for a different kind of compensation than money - they want to fuck her, and hard. Despite her innate racism and disdain for the lower classes she cannot refuse when they threaten to call the police on her. After being dressed as a common whore she's taken to be fucked by any black man who wants her, and so many of them do! By the end, she gets to leave the ghetto, but she doesn't leave without a womb full of potent cum...

      The story is one originally written by Kyng Kooba, and the comic rather faithfully follows its events and scenes, often to the letter. As a whole it is a fun story with a rather unwilling girl for the most part, and of course she's pregnant by the end. Since it was an adaption of a story, I can't really complain about the pregnancy mentioned being so shortly covered, but I always like seeing the development myself. Overall a great addition to the Illustrated Interracial library, and worth checking out sometime.

Blacked Soccer Mommy
      This story our married Julia is getting tricked by her husband into getting fucked by a black guy. Julia is a housewife with a loving family, but her husband craves to fulfill his secret desires. So he tells Samuel the church janitor that dear Julia is guilty of stealing and sets up his wife to be not only fucked, but bred. Taking refuge in the closet, we watch as Julia gives in. She begs Samuel not to make her pregnant, but we all know how well that turns out in these stories. In the end Julia comes to terms with being blacked, and her satisfied husband will simply have to deal with all the darker babies she'll be breeding from then on.

      Created from a specific request from a viewer, the tale does seem to end a little abruptly as Prison Story did, but that is not to say it is ruined for that. Far from it - the story is one of the better I've seen, with a simple but somewhat unique storyline and some great sex scenes. I really liked the higher emphasis on birth control and the risk, which isn't often seen in other stories. As ever, I'd love to see a more gradual progression of pregnancy, at least more than one panel long, but nevertheless we get many great scenes of inseminations, messy creampies, and the works. Definitely worth the time to make it, and I hope to see similar breeding scenarios in the future.

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