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Hello fellow reproduction lovers, and welcome to another Sponsored Site Review! Of our three sponsored sites, Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial are moving along the content-generation way very nicely, while WarmKiss is still immovably and completely stalled for new content. Updates to Impregnation Erotica have been a tad bit slow in coming as well, but new posts are already in the works.

So lets get to what Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial have been up to lately:

As ever, Lelu’s site is busily pumping out more videos of all varieties, and creampies are not an uncommon sight there. I did hear some encouraging news for our particular tastes in that a specialized ‘Get-Me-Pregnant’ video is soon incoming again, and I for one am hoping for lots of dirty-talk and some delightful creativity in the little plot. For the month of July we’ve had a fair number of bareback creampies, some of which are sampled below.

POV Premature Ejaculation Again
Another round of sex, this time going for gold at lasting more than a minute! Our hero screwed up last time, and Lelu remembers quite well. After reminding him how embarrassing that was, she gets him nice and hard and then takes him in. The good news is he lasted longer this time – the bad news is it was for about ten seconds longer. Babymaking at its quickest.

Riding Virgin Ever After Creampie
In this sultry tale, Lelu and her man start off right where the action is. Both naked, she takes the reins of her virgin mate and starts riding him. Teaching him a bit about sex, how to play with her tits and grab her ass, she tells him it’s okay to cum inside her early since she’ll be riding until she cums herself. How long can he last after that? I assure you Lelu gets what she wants in the end!

Cheater Finally Goes All The Way
Lelu is tired of waiting to get fucked by her hesitant accomplice, so she lets him know the deal – Either he goes all the way this time, or he leaves and never comes back. He can use a safeword, but if he does she’ll tell everyone what a chicken he really is. What’s a man to do then besides become a cheater? Lots of nice dialog with her taunting him till he gives in and cheats on his unknowning wife, and on top of that cums in his mistress’s tight adulterous pussy.

Finally! After taking on a huge workload for the past few months and juggling six stories at one time, Fobbs has finally come to the point of wrapping up a few of his sultry tales. The first one to be completed has been Prison Story, and he has plans to finish up Blacked Soccer Mommy and Ghetto Teen soon in the coming month. While he has designs on another story, a plate of four stories is much more manageable than six. With updates coming every three or four days, there is going to be a lot more progress in the coming months for sure. So then, a bit of a recap on Prison Story and then another look at more of the Illustrated Interracial library.

Prison Story

Andrea is a loving and faithful wife when her husband is imprisoned for embezzlement. Not a man of great physical prowess, he finds himself under the sway of his cellmate Brute, a black man puts his sights on Mr. Bernard’s lovely spouse. Not able to endure the suffering Brute and his thugs put him through, Andrea gives into the black man’s sole request – To fuck her just once. Turns out just once becomes more than once, and soon enough she find Brute, newly released, in her husband’s bed.

But that isn’t the end of Andrea’s story, as Brute has friends – lots of friends. With no place to go save for Andrea’s mansion, the once faithful wife begins to realize her true calling in life isn’t for her embezzling husband, but for helping these freed prisoners get back on their feet – as well as into her pussy. Culminating in a gangbang after many steamy scenes of black seed gushing into her white womb, Andrea finally accepts her role as a black cock slut and turns her mansion into a halfway house and kicks her husband out when he finally is released himself.

Overall it has some great scenes, some of the best Fobbs has recently written. Everything from straight-on fucking to double-teaming to a great gangbang, there is tons of hot cum gushing into and drooling out of Andrea’s fertile body. Needless to say she does get knocked up, though personally I wished that aspect would have been explored more than it was. Nonetheless a great story, and its completion will allow for other stories to come to the fore – hopefully with even more interracial impregnation to enjoy!


This story is a very early work in Fobb’s collection, and one of the more simple storylines that constitute some of my most enjoyed works of his. A wife and husband visit a truck rental agency to move their furniture into their new home. The newlyweds want to start off their life together. But unbeknownst to the husband, his wife Debbie has a thing for certain kinds of men. Black men. When the mechanic Mack spies her, the happily married woman sneaks off to the bathroom and beckons him in. They fuck of course, and in the end when she walks away with his cum dripping down her thighs, they both know she might just have gotten knocked up right under her husband’s nose. The sex scene itself could have been longer, but Fobbs has been improving dramatically on the front since Rent was drawn up, and as far as plots go it wasn’t shabby at all.

White Bitch In The Hood

An interesting comic for the fact that most of it has no dialog at all. The story is simple enough to interpret however: After an argument with her boyfriend, our heroine is kicked to the curb in the rundown section of town. It isn’t long before the tight-dressed beauty is dragged off by a group of thugs to an equally rundown shack where they and all their friends take turns fucking the helpless woman. The final panel reveals that it wasn’t chance that snatched our heroine that evening, but that her boyfriend made a deal with the thugs to have her fucked. Now with a pile of pictures and videos of the whole event, he happily leads his oblivious and now very pregnant girlfriend off to destinations unknown. I believe other very similar plotlines have been explored with Christy as the heroine, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was another scenario with that lovely lady getting her dark just deserts again.

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