Sue, YmomY and NightFall/Fas/Eote73 12

As you can see we have 3 different pics this time.

Sue, YmomY and NightFall:

This is the first pic suggested by YmomY, a pic in the same style as the last 2 only this time NightFall has joined in.


The next suggestions by YmomY, this time she said that since both her and I had models here she wanted to see something with Fasdeviant's avatar, so I found this mouse and made Lucy and Meg Futa's for the pic.

I hope you enjoy this one mate.

And last but not least:

EoTe73 12

After some time I have finally head from EoTe73 again, apparently he has been very busy with work, so he enquired to me the other day, asking what other Monsters I have in my arsenal, after giving him a very short list, he decided on Cat being used by 2 Brutes, taxing her body to some extreme limits.

So that's it for now enjoy.

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