The Librarian Cometh!

Guard Nadiy sees the approaching stranger. She flexes her postures, warning all of her imperial duty to prevent unauthorized passage through the gate. This district was under quarantine due to political foolishness.
Indeed, the Emperor himself had charged her squad with keeping the treacherous local Baron isolated in his puny domain.
But the stranger has an official document! From the Imperial Library! It seems Guard Nadiy has been remiss in her duty - she has an overdue library book! A library book?
Oddly, Guard Nadiy doesn't remember ever visiting the Imperial Library, let alone borrowing any holy scrolls. She can't even read! Why would she borrow library a book?
But Guard Nadiy knows her duty. She opens the gate for the Honorable Imperial Librarian.
Then she shows the Honorable Imperial Librarian the place of punishment, for one who fails to return a library book on time certainly deserves punishment!
And Guard Nadiy, subservient to her Emperor, agrees to be punished as decreed ... despite the odd requests that he get naked.
Guard Nadiy is bit confused by the demands. Is this how one must pay their fines for over-due library books? Apparently so.
But Guard Nadiy is a merely a speck of dust in this holy universe. If the Honorable Imperial Librarian from the Sacred Imperial Library decrees that this is the appropriate punishment ...
... who is mere Guard Nadiy to refuse?
The task is large ...
... and the Honorable Imperial Librarian pushed in deeply, a bit forceful.
The eruption was grand. Yidan's sauce was powerful magic - blueberry-cream flavored and a powerful aphrodisiac. Iy was best applied orally, but even vaginal application of magical medicine was suitable. Yet that had been merely the Imperial library overdue fine, there was still the compounded penalty phase.
So the penalty phase was extracted smartly. Whack by whack.
Yet the action was moving along well. Yidan's personal lusts were being stoked. Least you not know the history, Yidan was greedy for cash and dabbling in magic. For some older cash-paying task, Yidan had used magic to make her female-self into a male. Then due to diverse unexpected occurrences, Yidan had seduced a true-female for sex, the female quietly radiating discord for the she-he's modest penis size. So Yidan had fired off a second magical spell to create a large, more filling penis. The sex had then been great, yet when Yidan attempted to undo the primary spell, it became obvious that the two penis-oriented spells had complicated. So Yidan had returned to her natural feminine self, yet the clitoris-turned-penis refused to recover its natural form. Ultra sensitive, the stubborn penis goaded Yidan to stick it into as many throats, vaginas, and anuses as possible.

The penalty-phase, complete with smacking paddling enthralled Yidan's erection solidity. Given her contracted task was still incomplete, she needed to distract this feminine guard for a bit longer.
Distraction ... and joy ... and completion ...
Then the contracted task unfolded, allowing a skilled team of samurai babes to escape the isolated district. The means of their escape was unexpected ... but business woman Yidan was accomplishing her goal, enjoying her work, and anticipating cash payment. The inconvenienced guard was wondering where the Imperial Library was, and how she could create another overdue library book, to suffer more punishment like this!

Credits: [PP14, GIMP][Nadie for A4][Cinfy Short Hair][Yoshiko][Tan Lines by Red Viper][Lali's Bits at Renderotica][Iyeyasu Tom gate][Yidan with custom morphs][Wynter and Misue Hair][Domino Clothes][Amurai Girl for A3]

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