Tomboy ?

Well ,i've closed the poll due to some suspicious activity ... Kaylee/Kelly/Ksenya/Sophya have almost the same votes number while yesterday for an example Sophya was 6-7 votes. Jump in one night from 7 to 37 ?!! I'm not sure that's possible. I don't understand what is the fun to nullify the work of others. Boring people(s) ...

Based on the result of yesterday it seems Elfy is your most favorite (she was around 49% of votes), follow Kaylee (20% if i remember) then Ksenya & Kelly. Sophya & Paris received very few votes.

Thanks for those of you who votes ONLY one time & being honest on this poll. Currently ANY new poll will come, not before i've found a "secure" way.

Here's some new renders featuring Elfy, enjoy.

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