Amy: Photoshoot session

"Hey boyz & girlz another of my journal entry.
I told you about my 1st passion, my hobbies ? I think not, during my free time i play to be a model.
I work in some style like fashion model or erotic style *laugh*.
Speaking of that wooaah my photographer is so sweet, i'm wondering if i could get him in my bed *peal of laugh*.
More seriously i'm very grateful to him without him i was not able to do few castings, nothing huge but still my 1st step in this world.
I remember the 1st casting i've did: they say me "you're too heavy" i've watched them with my googled eyes i've told them "go to hell" *laugh*.
Honestly i'm really proud of my body but you have NO IDEA how HARD is it to keep my body as it is, especially with all of these temptations *laugh*.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate *laugh* bad thought! *laugh*"

Cya next time

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