Fall Queen Poll

Time to elect last queen of the year. Fall Queen and runner-up will both shoot an extra hardcore pictorial. Fall queen will run for the Queen of the year title against Alcione, Nabilla ang Georgia who are yet qualified. .Number 3 and number 4 will shoot a girlie hardcore set. Here is a reminder of the 8 babes involved in the poll. Poll ends 31 of december.

 http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/09/spider-lady.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/09/do-you-recognize-me.html 
   http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/11/art-addict.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/11/springful-schoolyard.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/09/red-on-red.html

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