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      Well! If you read the last post about the Movie Drive, you will be pleased to know it was quite the success. The required funds for the movie being made were raised in the first day, and by the end of the drive the contributions reached $265 total. Considering that came from just 6 donators, that is rather impressive! I think that once this film is made and people get to see it (either the trailer I will certainly host here, or the full version on Lelu Love's site) any future drives I decide to conduct will be even more successful, and hopefully will have even more participants involved!

      Now then, to a post all about videos that you don't have to pay a dime to see. Lets enjoy some of my recent finds, shall we?

Copulation, Inseminate Me - Pregnant After Creampie

      It would be more accurate to say this is a combination of two main movies with various clips between, starring the same lovely lass. Made by the same editor that created a previous compilation film I posted here, it depicts our lovely Christaliana performing a rather sexy bareback scene where she gets her first and very nice creamy filling. Some internal shots tactfully and skillfully placed during the moments of insemination, and a fade to black at the end. Six month later the next film begins with our lovely lass six months pregnant and craving a good, hard fucking! Why there are not more films like this, where we have the before and after impregnation I do not know. But SkyLiberty is one I have to take my hat off to and applaud for his efforts. Great stuff!

Rare Tiffany Thompson - Cumming Marathon

      An amateur clip of one of the sexiest girls I've ever seen fuck. Personally, she's absolutely my type - Petite, voracious sexual appetite, graceful and seductive movements, and of course a very adorable way of cumming. This is sixteen minutes of breeding gold right here, only missing the finale with him pumping her full of fertile spunk. Throughout Tiffany is so eager to play and fuck, pulling him in for kisses or raising her ass high for him to grab onto and slap. What a charming personality! And of course a steaming hot scene worth watching again and again. Damn, speaking of which, I need to watch it again!

 Sister Helps Brother Impregnate Mom

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      We don't get as many family-fucking flicks as I would like on here, so this one was quite the find! To sum up the kinky drama, a sister and her brother are busy getting it on, no doubt a pattern with the two. After some playful banter he gets his sister to suck his cock when they discover their dear mother is watching from the door. Instead of being embarrassed they invite her in, and flustered she walks into the room where her offspring fuck. Sister had heard that her mother and father were trying to make a baby but having trouble, and so daughter proposes that her brother can do the deed. Though reluctant at first to have her own son's baby, she gives in by degrees and lets her children give her the fucking of her life. They are the same genes after all, right? A very hot scene right up our alley, and I'd love to see even more like it in the future!

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