Nadiy Moon-lights as a Fashion Model!

Once a week, Yidan lets Nadiy work as a fashion model for one of their neighbors! How nice. Of course Nadiy is still a novice, so her pay is in free lessons. No money yet ... but someday she will be good enough to get paid to model.

I wonder why the camera is not even plugged in ... it probably runs on battery. That's it.
I think she could do quite well in this trade ... err, if elves were tall enough to wear fashion clothes! I am not sure where the neighbor gets the stylish clothing, but Nadiy never wears any clothes for very long during her fashion photo shot.

Yowzah! A nice full MOON seen during her moon-lighting! Moon-pie anyone? Nadiy looks good enough to eat.
Oh, I should add, lately Nadiy has been training in team posing. Here comes her normal team-mate, Mister Smith, who apparently works as a city police detective or something ... a friend of Yidan, I guess. Not sure why a detective wants to learn to be a fashion model. Any ideas? Maybe someone owes someone favors?
Nadiy likes Mister Smith. Mister Smith likes Nadiy. They make a great team!

Of course, elves are smaller than humans, and one could wonder if Mister Smith might be a bit rough on poor little Nadiy Elf. She certainly doesn't mind, and experience shows that Nadiy rather likes some rough handling.

Just flop her on the bed, and Nadiy is ready for the photo-shot cum video session! Nadiy really likes modeling with Mister Smith!

I mean, she really REALLY likes teaming up with Mister Smith. One might wonder how that "man thing" could ever fit in her small elvin "lady place" ... but a lifetime of magical meddling and sexual usage by half-sister Yidan insures that Nadiy stretches out well, and even snaps back to shape like new.

The only hard part ... the first pose of the session ...

But after the first pose, Nadiy can relax and let Mister Smith do all the posing work, insuring the photo shoot a success!

She does feel guilty about making Mister Smith doo all the work, but Mister Smith insists her skills are great already, that it is he who needs the practice.
Proof Mister Smith actually does fit in there ... somehow.

Nadiy and Mister Smith both enjoy their weekly team fashion modeling.
Another fine training session cums to an explosive end!

But team-modeling sure tires out poor Nadiy Elf, who needs a nap after the dozen orgasms Mister Smith's powerful practicing inflicts upon her. She is a real trooper ... I hope Mister Smith appreciates his team-mate!

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Nadiy = mix of Matilda/Akemi/Nadie for A4][Erogensis Gens][Alanis Hair][Inception8 Jewelry][X Touched plus custom latex mats][Nike Art Corner][Camera/Lights by Fober-Action ShareCG][Freak 4]

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