Sponsored Site Reviews | October 2013

      Greetings once again to our monthly Sponsored Site Update! This time I have an additional announcement to give after the normal updates, so read on to learn about that. Aside from that it has been a nicely productive month for our sites of interest.

      A small update on WarmKiss. No, sadly no updated content as of yet, but Ryan did create a small update movie that members could see speaking some about the progress that has been occurring. Granted he said he couldn’t say much, but from what he did say we can gather that there has been activity behind the scenes, new permanent cast members, and a newer direction in their ideological focus. Given previous updates about them moving towards impregnation themes given the huge popularity of their Kaydence films (cute girl who got knocked up on film, and performed while pregnant too), I can venture to guess where they are going with their newer direction. We’ll have to see however, and once WarmKiss does have new content you can rest assured you will learn of it here!

Lelu Love

      Some nice updates from Lelu Love this month, as well as her participation in the latter announcement to be spoken of at the bottom of this post. As for her regular movies, there are a nice collection of nice ones to show!

Dirty Feet Suck Fuck Creampie
      This is pretty much straight-forward – Lelu and her lover have been barefoot all day and thus have smudged feet, but that doesn’t stop them from going at it. A fairly quiet film actually, a lot of concentrated fucking, and of course a big load in and on her bare pussy in the end.

POV Secret Suck and Fuck Impregnation
      That’s an enticing title, isn’t it? You come by to see Lelu, and she admits she’s got a crush on you. Well, at least that she can’t stop masturbating to the thought of you taking her. Clad in sexy glasses and looking like a naughty librarian, she seduces you with her pink-painted lips and takes in just the tip before having you fuck her all the way. She reveals her true intensions as you pound her pussy when she screams for you to make her pregnant though! And she promises not to tell who did it as her pussy oozes your huge load out onto the floor…

Illustrated Interracial

      Fobbs has been busily adding more panels to his existing projects. With three on the plate right now and a fourth somewhat-shorter work inbound, there have been a nice spread of updates on the site to enjoy. Recently I approached him with an offer to edit, and I did a few panels that a rather observant eye might be able to see in the recent additions. But my services may no longer be requested in that regard, so we’ll simply have to see. In any case the works continue, and there are more to share besides!

Black Alley

      Kathy is getting fucked tonight. After discovering her husband with his youthful mistress, Kathy decides that she’ll have her revenge. Dressing in a short red dress and black garter and stockings, our heroine gets picked up at a club by a young lad who ends up to be just as much of a cheating asshole as her own husband. Dropped off in a strange neighborhood in the middle of a storm, Kathy takes refuge with the only hospitable gentlemen available: a group of black homeless men. Once they convince her that there’d be no better way to get back at her husband than to give in to them (and to give them as much of his money as she can), she does and has the most memorable night of her life – the first of more to come…

      A rather nice stand-alone storyline adapted from a Kyng Kooba plot. While there is no overt mention or depiction of her wanting to get knocked up by her cohorts, one can certainly get the feeling that ultimately that is part of her plan to get back at her husband. And truly, even if the original author didn’t have a sequel, it easily could have one. With all that cash she could have those homeless grungers turn into the ‘respectable businessmen’ she normally associates with, and bring them back to breed her right under her husband’s nose… But alas there is no sequel to it, yet.

Klan Roast

      Running with the same KKK theme as Klan Fuck, this one is a bit more eccentric. Our hero has been captured by a psychotic KKK member who has tied him to a crucifix naked and is intent on tormenting him before lighting it up. And upon revealing herself as a woman, she taunts him with her luscious white body and the fact that he’s never been with a white woman before. But our hero is in luck! While she sucks him off the ropes loosen and he is able to overpower his sexy evil captor. With the tables turned he takes the opportunity to fuck, taking her ass first before tying her to the cross in turn and fucking her tight bare pussy. After teaching her that hard lesson, he flees and eight months later runs into the same woman – now eight months pregnant with his baby.

      This is the only KKK-themed comic aside from Klan Fuck that current reside on Illustrated Interracial, which is somewhat surprising given how versatile the plot setting is, not to mention how almost comedic they are. Obviously I enjoy this one for the racist turned mommy aspect, and as far as plot go there are only two characters to worry about, and basically all of it is straight to fucking. Somewhat refreshing really! I think there ought to be more lighthearted KKK-themed comic romps penned, since they are in the same ‘universal villain’ category as Nazi’s and Zombies, thus nearly everyone enjoys seeing them get their just deserts. And I must applaud Fobbs for turning away from the original plot ending proposed by the original ideaman and deciding to have her converted and knocked up rather than burned promptly thereafter. I’m a sucker for happy endings after all!

Special Announcement

      Alright! I wanted to announce that I have been racking my brain for ways to create more interesting impregnation-themed content for all my fellow impregnation lovers out there, and so I began the first Movie Drive on the ImpregNation.

      Basically explained in the passage below, we would be raising $100 to commission Lelu Love to make a custom video about the impregnation-plot of the community’s choice. All ImpregNation members could contribute their ideas for plots while donators could not only vote, but gain a free week-long pass to Lelu Love’s site when the movie came out to enjoy it plus the myriad of other videos she has to offer – downloading encouraged.

      The major update is the first goal to reach $100 was achieved on the first day of the Drive – so there is no doubt anymore that the movie will be made! What is left now is the voting on the plotline and getting more donators to have their say. Three suggestions have been proposed so far, and between Novermber 5th and November 7ththe donators will be voting on which will become the plotline for the movie.

      Any donator will be able to vote, and if you donate $10 or more you will get to commission Lelu for a personal photo – pose and message (like my lovely picture here). Moreso if we hit our goal of $350 by November 7th, Lelu will invest it in a fairly realistic pregnancy belly prop that will be useful in this movie and those that come after!

      If you are interested in becoming one such donator, read the original description below and follow the instructions. For this one you’ll have to be or become an ImpregNation member, but since that is free there ought to be no problems (It is so we can ensure you receive your free week pass).

      I hope you highly consider this opportunity, because it is the first of its kind for Lelu or the impregnation community in general, and the more of a success we can make it this time, the better our chances of making it an even more regular event!

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