You Can Do It!

At the Yidan Institute of Health Technology, you too can become a certified Ultra-Sound Tech. Not only do you step into a high-paying career in high demand, but you get to wear a cute sexy uniform ta' boot! Students have ample hands-on practice in the art of mixing big things with small, tiny places to coax out large impressions. Skills also include proper numbing and lubrication, plus why a cold probe maximizes tissue interaction, and therefore image clarity.

Err ... however ... over-cooling the probe does NOT improve image clarity.

But students be warned, since you practice your blossoming skills on your fellow students; they practice their skills on you ... payback can be a bitch!

The girls were just kidding! "Payback" is one thing ... physically crippling such a sensitive moist fun-hole is something else!

 But payback is still on the schedule.

I sense a conspiracy brewing!
I see ... the syringe wasn't pussy-numbing juice; it is memory numbing juice. A private cocktail brewed up by another student, to be injected into a soft fatty tissue to let the body absorb slowly.

It will make the victim cooperative, yet unable to remember anything from today ... well, mainly nothing. She will remember some vague dreamlike nonsense because what is the point of payback if the recipient remembers nothing?
Girls gone wild. I guess. :-]

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][nurse = Matilda/Akemi/Nadie for A4][patient = Scotlyn for A4][Nurse Set][MadLab4][RDNA Syringe]

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