Elf Rumble - Stay Tuned!

Coming next to Papa-San's Fantasy Elf Dress-Up Theater: Elf-Rumble, School-Girl-Special!!

(Betting online at Vegas-Events dot something or other ... remember to drink and gamble responsibility, but only after helping out poor Angie and Nadiy with their school expenses!)

Just a silly render series I dreamed up and will post in a week or so ... the gals battle it out in an arena of red leather and steel! Watched by millions! Focus is key!
Lets just say that Papa-San's Theater ain't exactly up to Shakespearean standards, and of course the elf-gals involved are over 18 ... in their 20's even ... although given elves live to be 250 that means ... err, never mind.

If you attend the rumble in person, the warm undies will be auctioned off for benefits (fine-print: benefit  of the gals involved! Minus a modest handling fee by Papa-San)

Is it a fight? Sort of. Who will triumph? Who will cry uncle first (or more likely, cry "Oh, I'm cumming!")

Place your bets. Although Angie is favored to win nearly 4-to-1, Nadiy's fans have been bidding to give her an edge in the match.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Traditional Sailor Uniform and Cheap Lingerie for A4 by Red Viper/Sharecg][Inception8 jewelry][Luxury Pinup Scene]

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