Emily's Investigation Part 1

EDIT: 29/JAN/2014

Complete set can be found in this post along with download and online view here.

Original Post:
Unfortunately I'm out of town for a week so i won;t finish this in time for Xmas sorry :(

However, I thought since the first 30 or so images are just build up with no actual sex I'd post them here as a sort of huge teaser to all the sexy sex that's coming up in the second part some time in January. So without further ado here is the first half of the Zombie set with Emily.

WARNING: The images are out of order here in the image viewer thing. The order they are in below is the correct one but blogger likes to screw up my image order in the viewer so I'll try to upload somewhere else. Until then you can try to view them by opening them on at a time to get the right order, sorry about this. :( 

EDIT: OK For better viewing experience (the right order) try here:
 View Online

So that last image is the first image of the set that's using lux render instead of the default daz one and a preview of what the rest of the set looks like. I know what your thinking, 31 images an no sex? you tease! Sorry I got sort of  carried away. But I guarantee the second half of the set is straight up sex so check back here mid January for images 32-70(or however many there end up being).

Also please vote for your favourite girl. (The favourite girl will get a short set)

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. See you in 2014.

~ Jimjim

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