Happy new year !!!


Some of you are already in the new year & some not yet, i wanted to tell to all of you a happy new year & all the good things that'll be to have (health is the most important!).

The coming new year will have add his change too.
I will change soon my workspace, new computer to improve my renders & make them faster as ever!
Trying to release more comic & building a story featuring my girls & boyz.
In general improve my whole work!

A totally unique girl is on way, i've commissioned one of my acquaintance for this work, i'm very impatient to see the final result :).

I hope you will be more to join my blog (i'm stacking to 30-35 members !!! ^^) & you will take much take pleasure or more !

A slightly sadder note: these the blog is the target of a "spammer" which want that someone upload my paying sets on another platform.
I know nobody can't escape this, i'm a user of the free download, who is not ?!
But not here! Not on the place where i share my work oO.
If it's continue i will be forced to block the comments to the anonym peoples ...

Btw, have a nice night without too much excess :).

Cya soon in 2014!

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