Interesting Free resource - Davo

Nadiy is as ready as she'll every be!

Ran across an interesting free resource ... the home web site of sir Davo (as of Renderotica prop fame) :

He offers a variety of free stuff, including; cow tags & bells, horse parts, spikes and syringes, bamboo restraints, easy-pose tentacles, and some other fun & deadly stuff.
Umm, the beast is giving Nadiy a hug. Yes, a hug. Holiday seasons greeting and all! Just a hug. Nothing more.

Honest. A hug. Damn it, just a hug!
Ignore this image; it is not of importance!
That was kind of a sneak-attack! But Nadiy doesn't seem to mind.  I mean, when a female with horns loiters around a pasture of male herd-beast, then she needs to anticipate some such surprise attacks!

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