Library Fines: enemy number one!

My, my, it looks like we found Mia-Elf. Seems that you have an over-due library book!
Reply, "oh my, can't be me! I am a good elf. I always return my library book before the due date!"
Sorry, DNA doesn't lie. Since a history of over 263 over-due fines shows that a monetary fine does not correct you, Librarian Mrs Matilda Crombee has authorized ... more extreme collection methods.
Now this is nice scenery! Better than our special-action pay ... err, don't worry guys, but we'll still claim our pay.
Now all we need to do is wait ...
There we go! Will this solve elf Mia's tendency to not return books on time? Only time will tell.

(Historical note: do young adults today even know what a library book is? :-] )

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Misao Hair & Clothing][Erogenesis body tweaks][Primitive Bondage Ropes][Vent Room][Fuck machine vib]

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