New Section, New Poll, New Body for Sydney!

Let me start by saying that I've just spent that last 3 hours re uploading and formatting images on this blog and half of them have for some reason been re uploaded in crap quality even though they are the same as the ones that were uploaded last time. The reason I did this was because I found out that Google+ was synced with my old blogger account so it wanted to share the images I posted here and obviously I didn't want that! So I had to delete all the images and then make a new blogger account and then swap the admin rights and  kick my old account from the admin position so I don't keep posting 3dx onto Google+ (thank god I don't actually use it or have any friends but you never know). Then re upload all the images and format them into all the old posts. So nothing has been lost except the quality on some of the old images so if you see that happening then that's why. It shouldn't be a problem for new images though. I guess the moral of the story is upload to an image hosting site not directly onto blogger.

ANYWAY... Enough of me ranting

Onto the Update:

So I added a new "The Girls" section which you can access above on the bar thing. Eventually I'll add "bios" and "stats" for all the girls but for now it will do as a showcase of what the options are. I plan on doing a similar section for "monsters" and "men" or something along those lines to help people make informed suggestions or requests.

Which brings me to the second part of the update, the new poll! Yay! *Confeti*

Nothing too special about this one, just want to know what people think of the fine selection of women available. Who's your favourite? I would say something like whoever gets the most votes gets a special set but since not all of these girls have had even their first set yet it's sort of biased, or not, idk. Plus it takes me forever to render sets since I'm always working on like 6 sets at once even though I have no time for one. But maybe I'll find time for a miniset and it will help me priorities who gets more sets later on. Please Vote!

But enough of this text! You're just here for titties. Big titties you say? We'll you're in luck because I recently finished modifying Sydney to be 10 times more plump and voluptuous. Check her out:

So yeah my reasoning behind this decision was that I just love how plump she looks without being fat. I don't know maybe I'm weird. Sorry to those of you who like her old body but I'm sure you'll come to love her new one even more. And to help you do that I've been working on a small 10 image set that will be released in the next 2 days featuring Sydney as a knight negotiating with a Giant (take a guess at what will happen ;)

So remember to check out all the girls in the new section and vote for your favourite, and stay tuned for a short and sexy set with Sydney and a giant soon!

~ Jimjim

P.S. Yeah I'm still working on all my other sets but seriously Emily's investigation is about 4 images away from being done so expect that soon as well, for reals this time.

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