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I wish i understood the Poser material room better, and I guess i am slowly learning more.

As of Poser9/PP2012 there was some change in the std shaders. Maybe my problem is I like this old 4blueeyes IBL lighting set designed for Poser6. I suppose i should work harder to find a newer 'stock' set, but these are an old comfortable fit.

Not sure what changed, but to the left is my stock beloved Nadie for A4 rendered in PP2014. Hmm, even if I wanted to call her Obama's elf-cousin, that skin color isn't very good anymore.
First very simple fix - I apply RedViper's SSS (sub-Surface Scatter) from ShareCG, which uses Python so I assume is Poser only. This of course increases rendering times due to the separate SSS render steps, but the result is more as expected.

However, the eyes seem milky and a bit dead compared to a modern A4 'morph/texture set' like Akemi for A4.
So first cheat, with little pay-back ... I apply Akemi's blue eye mat to my stock Nadie A4. Hmm, clearly the texture-map changed, but the eye deadness is still true. So the Akemi eye mats assume some portion of the material tree is set by the skin MATS pose.
So here I used the Poser material room to first 'select all' in the 7_EyeSurface material tree, then delete it.  Selecting an Akemi object (which fortunately I have in this scene), I can 'select all' again and then copy/paste it over.

The result is the darker eye pupil and brighter reflection high light.
So here is the result (with some minor postwork in GIMP to increase color/saturation).

The right elf is Nadie for A4 with the above changes, while the left elf is Matilda for A4 with Akemi MATS applied.

The sailor suit / school-girl outfit is from RedViper at ShareCG.

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